Study In The UK: How To Study In The United Kingdom Without IELTS?

Study in UK without IELTS: Is it possible to Study in UK without IELTS? Well, the answer is YES! It is a great opportunity for any international student who wants to pursue his/her studies in UK universities. We all know IELTS is a very important language assessment test required by many international universities across the world for admission. However, if you want to join your desired university in the UK, but don’t have enough IELTS scores, then there are still some chances for your admission. Today, we are going to tell you about all the necessary requirements for qualifying UK universities without IELTS. Read the following to know How to study in the UK without IELTS.

Study In The UK

The United Kingdom is one of the Topmost countries for Education. The UK is the country that has been actively working on its Education Systems for Decades together. The United Kingdom is also referred to as an Educational Hub of the World. College and Universities in the UK conduct a Broad Range of Programs however the Most established include Business, Arts, Engineering, and Science Related Degrees. The United Kingdom is noted as being one of the Best Destinations for Scientific research. The UK is not only a Great Education Destination but also Experiencing International Living.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is referred to as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) which is a language assessment test for evaluating international students’ language skills. This assessment is usually used by universities for students outside their country. In addition to that, the time duration of IELTS is 2 hours and 45 minutes. Mostly, the International English Language Testing System includes four sections which include Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

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There are many countries, especially English-speaking nations such as the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, etc. take consideration of the international students’ IELTS scores during the admission procedure. However, it is not necessary in every case, so there are chances of you getting a UK to study visa without an IELTS. Below here, you will get to know How to study in the UK without IELTS.

Study in UK without IELTS

How Some UK Universities Accept International Students Without IELTS?

Having a high English language proficiency makes it a highly-required factor for your study visa procedure. The Immigration Office will ask you to provide your IELTS so that they can evaluate your language skills better. In the meantime, you can avoid all this by choosing a university that waives IELTS and looks at other factors to appoint you as a student.

In spite of submitting your IELTS Scores, you can submit a document from your university which will provide your eligibility for a student visa. For this, you just need to provide some proof to your university and after fulfillment, they will provide you this document which you can use to get a Study VISA. This shows that there are other ways through which you can get a UK to study visa without IELTS.

How To Study In The UK Without IELTS?

As we have told you earlier, there are some UK universities that accept international students without considering their IELTS scores. In order to do that, these universities look into some factors that can either make you eligible or ineligible for the available college seats. We will discuss such factors below here:

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Your X and XII English Marks

Some UK universities don’t ask for your IELTS, in its place they ask their students to show their X and XII English marks. The marks that are obtained throughout these examinations are often evaluated by the UK universities for determining the language skills of the international students. If you have a minimum of 70% in these exams, then there’s a good chance of you may get admission to a UK-based university.

English As Main Medium Of Instruction In Your School

If you have attended an English medium school, then also your chances of getting admission to a UK university without IELTS become higher. This is a major factor that gives proof of your proficiency in English.  However, your scores in the final year will also matter, just as we explained in our first point. So, you have to provide them the proof that you studied in English medium schools and your final year’s marks.

University Interviews

Many of the UK universities conduct interviews before appointing you to the college. It is a part of the admission process which eliminates the need for IELTS scores for international students. The main objective of conducting this interview is to check your dedication and seriousness about getting admission to their university. However, this also lets them evaluate or test your fluency in English.

Other Language Assessment Tests

If you are not aware, students can take TOEFL, Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), the Duolingo English test, and more in spite of IELTS. So, IELTS is not the only standardized language assessment test that UK universities consider. They may require students to take a specific language assessment test and it may vary based on different universities. Therefore, you should make sure to go through the guidelines of the admissions procedure of your future potential university. In short, you have to take an exam for this, but it will increase your chances of becoming a UK university student without IELTS.

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Pre-Sessional English Course

The main purpose of taking the IELTS is to prove your excellence in communication skills. If you don’t qualify for the pre-determined mark, then the chances of getting rejection from your preferred university will be high. However, you should not worry about it as there are many UK universities that accept international students without considering their IELTS scores.

Your other best option will be to choose pre-sessional courses. Many UK universities also offer pre-sessional courses for which you won’t need IELTS. These pre-sessional courses offered by the university will improve your English language skills and your classroom skills as well. With the help of pre-sessional courses, the international students can smoothly transit to the UK education system without facing any difficulty.

Study in UK without IELTS

UK Universities Study In without IELTS

Here is the list of a few universities in the UK where you can study without IELTS:

  • Swansea University
  • University Of Warwick
  • The University Of Bristol
  • Robert Gordon University
  • London Southbank University

Final Words

The United Kingdom is one of the most pursued countries for international students for higher education. There are almost 400 universities located in the UK, having more than 450,000 international students studying in them. But if you planning to apply to a UK university without being a part of IELTS, you will still have some options that can fulfill your dream. You should keep on working on your written and verbal English language skills so that you can qualify for the admission and study visa process.

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