How To Track UK Visa Status Using GWF Number

Track UK Visa Status: The United Kingdom has its own visa policy and according to that their Visa system operates. As per their visa policy and rules, the individual must need permission from the government at first in order to visit or stay in the UK. On the other hand, there are some nations from which the United Kingdom doesn’t ask for a visa for visiting their country. But, if you are not from such a country and have applied for a UK Visa then you can also track its latest updates with the help of your GWF number, reference number, and even the number of your passport and all this will be done online for free of cost. Below here we are providing you the process of tracking your UK VISA Status through online or through its government site.

How To Track UK Visa Status Using GWF Number

UK Visa Status

If You have submitted a UK Visa Application and waiting for the outcome to Check UK Visa Status then You can do it by visiting the UK Visa Tracking Page. Once You have applied for UK VISA, You can easily Track Your UK Visa Application Status Online using the VISA Reference number and Passport Number. However, VISA Processing time may vary from one applicant to Another. Some Applicants may get confirmation within a few weeks whilst others may have to wait for Months.

Track Your UK Visa Status Online: Here’s How To Do It

If you have applied for UK Visa and wanted to check its status then there are few methods through which you can keep a track of your Visa. Among many options, the online tracking method is used the most, and therefore we are here to provide you the necessary guidelines through which you can Check Your UK Visa Status Online.

  • Step 1: In order to start the process, the individual must visit the UK Visa Tracking page for which they have to go to its official website.
  • Step 2: After this, the individual has to click on the TrackDart option and then select the Ref Number
  • Step 3: Now, you have to key in some digits of the GWF Number. For example, if GWF047411676 is your GWF number, then fill in only 474116 by removing GWF0 and the last two digits of your number.
  • Step 4: Once you fill that in, click on the button ‘Go’ to further proceed.
  • Step 5: As soon as you will click on the Go button, you are going to get the current status of your applied UK Visa application.
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As you can see the steps for Checking Your UK Visa Status was very easy and it will also not take more than a minute. Follow these above-listed steps carefully and you can check or track your UK Visa status online. However, there are also other methods through which any individual who has applied for the visa can check its updates.

How To Track UK Visa Status Using GWF Number

Tracking UK Visa Status through Government Web Portal

As we have said above that there are other methods as well with the help of which you can track your UK Visa status, so, if you don’t want to try the above-given process then you can go for this method. An individual who has applied for UK Visa can also easily track its status by using the government website. If you need some help regarding this method process then follow the steps that we have provided below here.

  1. At first, visit the official web portal of the Government of the United Kingdom at GOV.UK
  2. Once you will visit their official website, you can easily find the list of services that have been provided by the government.
  3. On the homepage, you will have to search for the “Visas and immigration” and once you find it then click on “What you need to do”.
  4. After that select the section that says “To manage your application” and then click on the contact UK visas and Immigration that will provide you the current details and updates about your application.
  5. Now make one selection from ‘Outside the UK’ or ‘Inside the UK’ available under the “Where are you applying from?” option.
  6. You will also get their customer support details on the next page from where you can contact the officials to check on your UK Visa latest updates.
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Contact Information

If you need any help from the officials then there will be a customer support team number on which you can call and the best part is that you can contact them in different languages. Select the language that you prefer and then click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed. At last, you are going to see visa and immigration contact information like the phone number as well as the email id. Here we are also providing you their contact details so that you can easily get connected to them via the phone number or else through e-mail to ask for your visa updates.

Phone Number: First talking about the telephone number of the UK Visa Officer, the applicants must need to contact them on specified days and you will also be charged for the call. The official number to Contact UK Visa Officer through phone is 00 44 203 481 1736. The applicants of UK visa must take note that they can only contact them only on five days as their working days are from Monday to Friday. However, you can contact them anytime as their service is available for 24 hours. In addition to that, the call will charge you 1.37 euros per minute plus the standard charges of your network.

Email Option: Other than the phone number, there are other options as well, through which you can contact their government officials regarding your applied visa for the United Kingdom. The other option for the same can be done via e-mail and for that, you have to first visit the official website of the Government of the United Kingdom and the “Contact UK Visas and Immigration, you will see an option that says “Email UK Visas and Immigration”, click on that in order to complete the contact form. You must provide your full name, as well as GWF number along with the description of your reason for contacting. Just like the calling service, this email facility by the UK government is made available from Monday to Friday. Once you have sent the email, you are going to receive their reply within two days of the time period. This service is also going to charge you and for the email, you will have to pay 5.48 euro. However, these charges are only for the first email and there will be no charges involved for the follow-up e-mails on the same query.

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