Scientists Lay Foundations For New Type Of Solar Cell !!! A Brief Study On Solar Cell That You Might Know

March 22, 2018

SOLAR CELL-     The Solar cell is a device which converts light energy, directly from the sunlight into electric energy. It is also called as the photovoltaic cell by the mechanism of photovoltaic effect which is a combination of physical and chemical reactions. It is basically a semiconductor material such as silicon which has […]

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Wow Mystery !! Scientists Identify A New Organ Inside Humans Body

November 27, 2017

  Scientists have discovered a new organ in human body, called “Mesentery” which was previously considered as group of different structures, but it is now cleared that the mesentery is continuous organ.  Mesentery is found inside the digestive tract.  It acts as an organ which transports blood and lymphatic fluid between intestine and rest of […]

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15 Inventions To Make Your Life Easier !!!! The Last One Is Ingenius

November 26, 2017

  There are so many inventions occurred from history and directly or indirectly they all helped us all from a long time. Today with this article we are going to interact all of my readers with top 15 inventions to Make Your Life Easier. Below are the list top 15 inventions to Make Your Life […]

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Top Things You Don’t Know About LED Light Bulb – Logical Facts About “LED Light Bulb”

November 2, 2017

       A light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source which emits light. It is a chip of semiconducting material usually like silicon, unlike CFL which contain mercury. The duration of LED light bulb is several times greater than standard incandescent lamps and more efficient than fluorescent bulbs. It works on the […]

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How Room Temperature Superconductor Could Revolutionize Technology

October 22, 2017

    METALLIC HYDROGEN:                    Hydrogen is an element which on studies showed that it is a solid thing with one free valence electron behaving like an alkali metal. It is assumed that it may act like a metal (+1 charge) while we couldn’t get our assumption to be real. Metallic Hydrogen is thought to […]

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Top Ten Biggest & Fascinating Mysteries Of The Universe !! Have You Ever Heard About These?

October 20, 2017

                We know that Space and the Universe are something big and enormous which could be something beyond our imaginations. Like its size, the mysteries of the universe are also something that goes on till the infinity. I mean that some of the mysteries of the universe are still […]

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NASA’s Juno Probe Reveals Cyclones, Auroras & Surprises {“Some Mysteries Of Jupiter”}

May 28, 2017

     Recently, there are two discoveries made by scientist of NASA’s Juno spacecraft during its first few close passes over Jupiter’s poles, and scientists published online on May 25 in the journal Science. Both the discoveries about its composition, core, poles and magnetosphere are as so beautiful as the camera man who is generating […]

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Planet ‘NIBIRU’ Is Heading Towards Earth And This May Be End Of Life!!!!

February 1, 2017

 It is being claimed by the Conspiracy theorist that the End of the world is arriving in the form of a Mystery Planet named Nibiru. This planet is also called as ‘Planet X’. This planet Nibiru is expected to hit the Earth in the month of October this year which may cause the end of […]

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Top #5 Awesome Scientific Discoveries Worth Celebrating In 2016

January 27, 2017

                Many of you may not know the latest scientific discoveries which are being done. There are a lot of scientific discoveries and inventions which are being done all-time in the current days. Many papers are being published and copyrights are also being filed regularly for many new discoveries. […]

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OMG!!!!Scientists Discovered Missing Element In Earth’s Core

January 21, 2017

  The third major missing element that makes up the Earth’s core has been discovered to be Silicon. The research for third element has been happening for several years and the findings have suggested that Earth’s inner core is made up of silicon.  This discovery is based on the studies that recreated high temperature and […]

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Logic Behind Aliens: Top Facts That Prove Aliens Do Exist

January 17, 2017

   Aliens have always been a mystery in the so far history.  Millions and millions of questions will strike our mind when we hear about Aliens.  This is because of the qualm that prevails about their existence.  There are numerous theories on and against aliens.  Even then, the excitement never goes down when we start […]

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