University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship For African Students Studying in English

University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship: Being one of the prestigious universities in the world, the University of Ottawa offers several opportunities to its students to follow their dreams. It is an honored largest English-French bilingual university worldwide, welcoming a diversity of international students. In order to make every student’s dream come true, the university offers an Entrance Scholarship to eligible candidates. The entrance and excellence scholarship is going to offer eligible students with a scholarship of four-year to cover up the partial cost of their university tuition fee.

With the noteworthy financial contribution to the students to pursue their education lessens the tuition fees by $17,500 to $25,000 (excellence scholarships). Meanwhile, for the entrance scholarships, the tuition fees may decrease by $12,000 to $20,000. On the other hand, the scholarship may vary based on the yearly program.

This year, the renewable scholarship is being offered to the international students who are residents of any African country and are admitted in the Fall 2022 term. The University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship for African students will be awarded to the undergraduates who are studying in English and are enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs in the fields of Engineering, Science, or Social Sciences (specified by the university). Today, we will give you all the important information about the University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship for African students studying in English.

About University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is an esteemed bilingual public research university located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Initially, the university was known by the names College of Bytown (from 1848 to 1861) and College of Ottawa (from 1861 to 1866).

The University of Ottawa is considered to be the largest English-French bilingual university in the world. The university provides a number of academic programs, that have been managed and directed by ten faculties such as the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, the Telfer School of Management, the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, and the University of Ottawa Faculty of Social Sciences.

The best thing about this university is that it is co-educational and has enrolled more than 35,000 and 6,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students respectively. The school has almost 7,000 international students who have arrived from 150 countries across the globe. This means, that 17 percent of their student population are from outside the country.

University of Ottawa Scholarship

Entrance Scholarship Qualification Requirements

Every candidate has to qualify for the University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship by fulfilling the eligibility criteria set up by the university. If you can’t fulfill the rules or standards of the university, then you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

The candidates are not asked to fill up the application, but they have to provide proof of their citizenship that they belong to African territory. Once you provide all the necessary proofs, you will become eligible to get your first installments after verification is done. All the eligible candidates are considered for this award and they are going to be notified at the period of their admission.

Here is the list of requirements that will be needed for Entrance Scholarship Qualification:

  1. First of all, the applicant must need to be an international student having a valid study permit.
  2. The candidate should have citizenship from one of the African countries.
  3. The interested students who want to apply for this scholarship program must be enrolled full-time.
  4. If you are looking forward to the Entrance Scholarship, the students have an admission average of 89.99 percent or lower once converted in their grading scale.
  5. If you are looking for the Excellence Scholarship, it consists of an admission average of a minimum of 90 percent once converted in their grading scale.
  6. The newly admitted students in one of the offered undergraduate programs in English or with the French Immersion are eligible for this scholarship program.

The undergraduate programs in English or with the French Immersion offered by the university that qualifies you for the scholarship include:

  • Engineering: Civil Engineering; Chemical Engineering
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Sociology, International Development and Globalization, Public Administration, Conflict Studies
  • Sciences: Every program apart from the Honours BSc in Physics/BASc in Electrical Engineering, Honours BSc in Biochemistry / BASc in Chemical Engineering; and Honours BSc in Ophthalmic Medical Technology.

How to Apply For the University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship?

If you are interested to Apply for the University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship, then this guideline is for you. All you need to do is to follow these instructions carefully to successfully apply for the University of Ottawa 2022 Entrance Scholarship.

  1. Start the process by visiting the official portal or you can simply apply here:
  2. Once you apply at their official portal, the University is going to receive the application and will generate a Student Number which the potential student has to use while login into the official portal of the university. After login, they can submit the results and review your documents.
  3. Once they have reviewed everything successfully, the university is going to offer a conditional admission offer including the scholarship program on the basis of their average.
  4. The interested candidates have to submit the application before the submission deadline on 31st March 2022. For all the 2022 nominations for the scholarship is on or before March 31 by 5:00 PM Central Time.

You can get more information about the Entrance & Excellence Scholarships on their official site. The web portal of the University of Ottawa is going to provide you with all the details regarding the scholarship correctly.

Final Words

Talking about the University of Ottawa entrance and excellence scholarship, it is going to provide eligible students with a four-year scholarship for covering their partial cost of the university tuition fee. This will be a great opportunity for such students who need some financial aid to pursue their studies. The students who get qualified for this scholarship program will automatically take it upon their enrolment. It is going to be applied to their tuition fees directly.

On the other hand, there’s a deadline to apply for this scholarship program. If any candidate applies for the scholarship after the application deadline, then he/she will not be excepted. Their request will be declined as they will become ineligible for the scholarship after the deadline. So, make sure to apply before the last date which is March 31, 2022, by 5:00 PM (Central Time).

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