University Of Exeter 2022-2023 ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships

University Of Exeter Scholarship: The University of Exeter is considered to be among the top 1 percent of the best universities in the world. It has strengths in economics, finance, banking, and international relations. The Russell Group is a prestigious organization that includes 24 universities in the United Kingdom, specifically known for its quality training and research accomplishments, and the University of Exeter is one of its members. Due to these reasons, Exeter has become the dream destination of many students across the world.

The University of Exeter with generous humanitarian gifts from many big-hearted donors is offering up to 9 ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships for Masters’ programs in 2022/23. The main aim of the scholarship is to provide financial aid to exceptional international candidates, or the ones who are not able to pursue their academic and career goals due to financial issues. The school is looking for brilliant students who will increase the diversity and inclusion of the University community. The awards are going to cover the full tuition fees along with a stipend for living costs.

There are many candidates who want to join this university and to even qualify for their scholarship program. But before you apply for that, you should know everything about the scholarship. If you want to know more about the University of Exeter 2022-2023 ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships, then read the complete information given in this article.

‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships [UK] 2022-2023 Details

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the University of Exeter offers 09 “Green Futures” Masters Scholarships to promising students from low- and middle-income countries. With this scholarship plan, the university is making sure to provide opportunities to qualified candidates to study at Exeter for the promising future of the world.

  • learning about the scientific, social, human, and cultural matters that are involved in the important field of sustainability;
  • being well equipped with the skills for a ‘greener’ economy as well as the imagination for providing solutions for a sustainable society;
  • developing students’ global mindset, merging wide-ranging cultural behavior along with environmental sound practices;
  • After completing their studies, contribute to the economic and social growth and advancement of their home countries.

‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships Qualification Requirements

Before you apply for ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships, you should know about the university guidelines or requirements to qualify for this program. Below here you can check out your eligibility for getting the scholarship by qualifying the requirements. You are eligible to apply for one of these awards if you follow these requirements which are:

  1. You must be classified as an international student for the fee’s purposes.
  2. You should be a citizen/passport holder of a Low- or Middle-Income Nation.
  3. You must already hold an offer for studying a suitable master’ program from the table provided by the University of Exeter for the 2022/23 academic year.
  4. Lastly, you should not have studied or worked in a High-Income country beforehand.

University Of Exeter Scholarship

How to Apply for University of Exeter 2022-2023 ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships?

If you want to apply for ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships [UK] 2022-2023, then here are things that you have to perform to accomplish this task.

After you have checked that you qualify for this scholarship program and you have received an offer, then you can apply for the same by filling up the form available at their official site. You can get the form online and you can submit it on their official site.

Along with the form, you should also need to submit a personal statement. The statement needs to be of 500 words in maximum and is required as part of the form. You have to respond to the questions asked in the form. Here are a few of those questions:

  • What is your interest in a program that you have chosen to study and how it is going to be relevant to a Green Future in your home country?
  • What are your ambitions after graduation and how you are going to stay connected to the University of Exeter?
  • How have you pursued this interest so far to support your home country’s development efforts/sustainable initiatives and projects?
  • What are you hoping to get and to contribute throughout your study at the University of Exeter and how a Green Futures Scholarship is going to support this?

The last date to apply for these scholarships is on 1st April 2022. So, all the interested candidates are going to be notified of their scholarship application results. The outcome is said to be revealed by the university on 13th May 2022.

About the University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a public research university in the United Kingdom. The history of universities can be traced back from 1838 to three different educational institutions. These institutions were existed in the city of Exeter as well as in Cornwall back in the middle of the 19th century. Its forerunner institutions are St Luke’s College (1838), Exeter School of Science (1855), Exeter School of Art (1863), and the Camborne School of Mines (1888). Exeter was in the first group of UK universities that necessitate an A* grade in A-level examinations. Admission to the university is very competitive, and there are about 70 research centers and institutes within the university as well. Exeter is one of the members of the Russell Group of research-intensive UK universities. The University of Exeter combines top-notch research with exceptional student satisfaction, from their campuses that are located in the South West of England, in Exeter and Cornwall. The university is presently placed between 10th and 12th position in the main rankings of universities in the United Kingdom.

Final Words

There are many students who are interested to join the University of Exeter due to their exclusive research with incomparable student satisfaction. On the other hand, it is not easy to join a university and for the low- and middle-income countries students, a scholarship is one of the best ways to survive in this educational institution. The University of Exeter 2022-2023 ‘Green Futures’ Postgraduate Taught Scholarships is giving opportunities to these students for their promising careers and a better future in the world. Thank you for reading!

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