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National Grid Electric Bill Payment: Headquartered in London, England, the National Grid is a well-known utility company that is providing its services since 1990. The company provides gas and electricity supply to their customers and even some big businesses or industries. As of now, the company has fulfilled the needs of gas and electricity to more than 10 million customers in the United States itself. It is considered to be one of the major investor-owned utility companies of all time.

The best part about the National Grid US is that the company offers several methods for making bill payments. Among many options, online payment is widely used nowadays. However, if you want to make payments online then you have to get its online access. In this article, we will be providing guidelines to you for the same. So, read the article carefully to know the step-by-step process.

National Grid Online Account Creation: How to Register?

In order to make bill payments online or to access your individual utility account online, then you have to go through the registration process. Without your National Grid online account, you can’t get access to its online services and several benefits. If you haven’t registered your online account yet, then follow these instructions given right below:

  • Step 1: To begin the process, you have to first visit the National Grid US official website.
  • Step 2: On the homepage, you will be asked to select the city, utility type, as well as mode of use.
  • Step 3: After this, you will see a ‘Sign in/Register’ option in blue color at the top corner of the page, click on that.
  • Step 4: Now, you have to choose the ‘Register for Online Access’ option which is also available on the page. On the other hand, users can directly get access to the registration page to create their online accounts.
  • Step 5: Now you will land on the registration page, where you have to provide your account number of ten-digit and then click on ‘Continue.’
  • Step 6: After this, you will have to provide your personal details such as first and last name, e-mail address, user ID, Password, your Social Security Number (SSN last four digits), and so on. Also, answer all the security-related questions correctly.
  • Step 7: Make sure to read the disclaimer and agreements carefully and tick on the options before submitting the online form.
  • Step 8: Now, click on the ‘Submit’ button and your registration process is completed successfully.
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How To Log In To National Grid US Online Portal?

The login process is also very crucial just as the registration procedure. You can’t avail the benefits until you get access to your National Grid US Online Account. After you have finished the registration process, follow these instructions to login. Here are the login steps for the same:

  • Step 1: In the first step, you have to visit the official homepage of the National Grid US Online Portal through their website.
  • Step 2: On the left side of that page, you will find Sign In or Login section. Click on that option.
  • Step 3: Once you click on that, the users will be redirected to the login page.
  • Step 4: On the sign-in page, you will find two blank spaces where you have to provide your National Grid US Online account credentials.
  • Step 5: In the first option, fill in your Email Address and then your Password in another one.
  • Step 6: After you provide these two details correctly, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  • Step 7: After this, you will directly land on your account and can enjoy its online services thereafter.

Reset Your National Grid US Email Id and Password  

It doesn’t matter if you have forgotten your National Grid US Email Id or Password as both can be recovered or reset easily. However, the process for both is quite similar, but there’s a slight difference which we will describe to you below here.

If you have forgotten your Email Address, then you have to press the option that says ‘Forgot Email Address?’. You can find this option below the ‘Sign In’ button. Once you click on that tab, a new page will open that will lead you to reset your password. On the new page, your Email Address will be asked. Enter the detail correctly and submit it. Your new password will be sent to you at your registered email-id.

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Now, in the case of forgotten Email Addresses, you will have to first visit the official homepage of the site. Once you are redirected to that page, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ option. This option is also available below the ‘Sign In’ button. After this, a new page will open and you have to fill in the details for recovering your login Email or Username.

National Grid US Electrical Bill Payment Methods

There are a number of ways through which users can make National Grid US Electrical Bill Payment. Read the following to know these options:

  • Online Method: Visit the official National Grid US online portal and click on the ‘Pay Your Bill’ option available at the top of the homepage. You can also visit the ‘Ways to Pay page to make the payment directly. The amount will be deducted from your checking or savings accounts that you have registered at the time of creating your online account.
  • Automated Bill Payments: Through this, you can set up a schedule for making payments on time on a fixed date. You have to link your bank account and the amount will be deducted directly from there at its scheduled time.
  • Bank Website: User can use their bank website for making National Grid US Electrical bill payments. However, you must contact your bank regarding this service.
  • Card Payment: Select the ‘Speedpay’ payment option for making the bill payment through your Credit or Debit cards. Once you click on the option, a new payment interface will open. Also, it will charge around $2.25 as starting fees.
  • By Mail: Mail the payment at this authorized address: National Grid P.O. Box 11737 Newark, NJ 07101-4737.
  • By Phone: Dial 1-800-322-3223 and provide them with your ten-digit account number for paying the electricity bill via your bank account. Fees may apply if you use this payment method.
  • Pay In-Person: Visit the National Grid Payment’s official location and submit an offline payment form to pay in person.
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Final Words

That was all about National Grid US and its bill payment methods. However, if you need any help regarding the same, then contact National Grid US Customer Support at 1-800-322-3223. The service will be available for five days i.e. from Monday to Friday. You can also contact them online at their official website which is

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