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MyLowesLife Login: Lowe’s Companies, Inc. doing business as Lowe’s, was founded way back in 1946, it is an American retail company specializing in home improvement services. Lowe’s is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, and the company functions as a chain of retail stores in the United States as well as Canada.

Lowe’s and its related businesses operate a total number of 2,015 home improvement as well as hardware stores in North America, as of November 2018.

Lowe’s is also considered to be the second-largest hardware chain located in the United States after The Home Depot and ahead of Menards. The company is also the second-largest hardware chain all around the world, this time after The Home Depot but ahead of European retailers Leroy Merlin, B&Q, and OBI.

As of November 2018, the total number of locations at Lowe’s was 2,002; therefore they have a very large network of stores, especially in North America. Because of its large network of stores and location, the company has a very large employee base.

In order to maintain day to day work and functioning of employees in the workplace, Lowe’s has introduced the MyLowesLife portal for its employees to maintain their everyday schedule and report.

Today, with the help of this article we are going to talk about MyLowesLife, if you want to know more about it then read the following post completely and get to know more about this official employee management website portal. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started….

MyLowesLife Login


As we have earlier mentioned Lowe’s is a big retail company specializing in home improvement services with several locations, so you can imagine that there will be thousands of employees to manage and operate day-to-day activities. In order to help the employees carry out their functions properly, an online system is introduced by Lowe’s which manages every single employee, and the online portal is termed MyLowesLife.

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MyLowesLife is basically the official employee management website, where the employees can submit their attendance and can check weekly payments as well as can also check many other benefits that the company is offering.

There are about 310,000 employees working with Lowe’s Store in more than 2390 stores in North America. The key objective of the store is to help the customers in reducing the influence on the environment by using environment-friendly products as well as services.

MyLowesLife was then later introduced to the employees in order to make sure that its employees are never caught in a fix. It can also be used to get access to work-related emails, paychecks, as well as any other related information that is related to their jobs.

MyLowesLife Login

MyLowesLife Login Portal is the official website for Lowe’s Company Employees. Lowe’s store was established in the year 1946 in Mooresville, North Carolina. It is the most popular and famous for its Services in Home Improvement. Lowe’s company runs widely in Mexico, the United States, and Canada and the company has nearly 310,000 employees at the present time.

The MyLowesLife Login portal was developed in 2009 for its Current and Ex-employees. MyLowesLife Login web portal helps in accessing all work-related information in one place. MyLowesLife’s official website can be found through the web address. This platform enables Lowe’s employees to access their Accounts, view all Information, and much more. Lowe’s employees are able to view their Taxes, paychecks, schedules, shifts, benefits, and much more.

Why MyLowesLife is Required?

There are many reasons why MyLowesLife is required, in order to know what is its importance, let’s read the following article…..

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For Current Employees

With the help of MyLowesLife, the current employees can check their work timetable on this portal. On the other hand, they can also trade their shifts on this portal, if required. If they want they can also change their shifts over here.

Other than this, the employees can also check the details about their salary. In addition to that, the employees can get any other information about benefits, work-related information, and so on. The information can be obtained from this portal. In case the employee seeks to apply for a promotion then MyLowesLife then again helps them to get it done through this portal.

For Ex-employees

Talking about Ex-employees, with the help of MyLowesLife, they can check the details about their employment on this portal. In addition to that, they can also check if they are still getting any benefits from this store or not.

How to Login for MyLowesLife?

Here are some simple steps in order to login to MyLowesLife whether you are a current employee or an ex-employee. Follow these simple steps which are as follows:

Before starting the process, one must take note that you will be required to give some details on the web portal, so be prepared beforehand. Here is the list of credentials required for MyLowesLife Employee Login:

  • Employees’ User ID or Sales Number
  • Password Set by Employees
  • And, answer the security question

MyLowesLife Login

Current Employees

Here are the simple steps to be followed by the current employees in order to log in to your MyLowesLife account:

  • Step 1: At first, open your web browser and get access to the myloweslife portal
  • Step 2: Now, enter and then press “Go”
  • Step 3: After that, a new page will open, enter your User ID in the Sales Number text box as well as the password in the Password text box.
  • Step 4: As soon as you fill up all the details correctly, click on Login.
  • Step 5: You will be now successfully logged into your account.
  • Step 6: As soon as you get logged in, you have to select Part-Time or else the Full-Time option as appropriate to you.
  • Step 7: That’s it…. You are All Done! You will successfully reach your Dashboard.
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Here are the simple steps to be followed by the former employees in order to log in to your MyLowesLife account:

  • Step 1: At first, you have to open your web browser
  • Step 2: For access to the page, you have to enter
  • Step 3: On the homepage, you are going to see a Click Here link located in the middle of the page. As soon as you see it, click on it.
  • Step 4: After that, it will take you to the next page which is going to ask you the type of relationship that you had with Lowe’s Store.
  • Step 5: You have to enter all the details correctly and after entering all the asked details successfully, you will see multiple links.
  • Step 6: These links are now going to take you to the next page where it is going to describe the benefits that you can still obtain from Lowe’s Store.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed many things about MyLowesLife including its importance and how to login to your account. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial and informative for you.

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