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Flyingtogether Login: United Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States and due to its large-scale operations, the company has employed a huge number of working staff. In order to manage their employees and day-to-day working tasks, United Airlines has started a login portal i.e.

This official login portal has been specially designed for the employees of United Airlines. All the working staff who are employed at this popular airline have to login to the flying together official portal with the help of which they can check the latest updates, their paycheque details, work schedules, and can easily communicate with the company as well.

The best thing about the United Intranet Login Portal is that it is not only accessible for the current employees but also the retired flying together employees can enjoy the benefits of this online portal. With the help of this platform, retired employees can check their retiree medical as well as health benefits. You will require only two things for Flying Together United Airlines Intranet Login and those are userID and Password and after this, you can get access to your online profile.

Flyingtogether Login

Flyingtogether Login Portal is the official United Airlines Employees Web Portal. All united airlines employees are able to Sign In to the official web portal through which they are able to Check payslips Information, schedules of their work, communicate with their company, and Get the Latest News Related to Company. If You are an employee of United Airlines then You can Login to the Ual intranet website in order to Get Various Benefits. Employees of United airlines are able to check their retired medical benefits, Health Benefits, and Personal Information by Accessing the Flyingtogether Official Webpage. The Web Portal also offers more information about Human Resources Department and How to Contact or Connect with them Directly through this Intranet Portal.

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Flying Together United Airlines Intranet Login Process

United Airlines have started a new and useful online portal which is known as UAL flying together and it is specifically made for its employees as well as non-united pass rider. One must take note that the united employee login process is completely different from the non-united pass rider login. If you are a new employee or need any help regarding the login procedure then you are at the right place as we are going to provide you step-by-step instructions with the help of which you can easily login to your online account.

A) Current Employees

If you are a registered employee of united airlines, then you might already have your login credentials with you. If in case you don’t have your credentials with you then ask or contact the administrator to get your uID and Password. Once you have your username and password in hand then you can follow the instructions that are given below.

  • Step 1: In the first step, you will have to open your web browser (for example Google Chrome, etc.) on your devices such as your laptop or smartphone.
  • Step 2: Now you will have to go to the ual employee portal, the link for which is with the help of your web browser.
  • Step 3: Once you do that, the user is going to be directed to the official URL for employee login at
  • Step 4: After this, enter your uID (username) and the password correctly in their respective fields given on the page and then click on Login to proceed.
  • Step 5: As soon as you are logged in to your online account successfully, you are now going to be able to check ual payment details, work schedules, read important or latest updates, among many.

Forgot Password? If in case you don’t remember your Flying Together United Airlines Intranet Login password, then you can easily request for a new password. In order to do that, you have to go to the Password Help option and after you have followed a number of instructions that are provided on your screen, you will get your new password. The reset flying together password will be sent to you at your email address which is registered to their online site.

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B) Non-United Pass Rider

As we have said above in this article that the login process differs when it comes to the current employees and non-united pass rider. In this case, the user can also login to the ual employee’s portal via username and password, however, their account is going to be set up by an administrator who will provide your details for a successful login.

Whether you are current employees or retirees, any of these can create a personalized username as well as password for the adequate pass riders for getting access to flying together employee res. Here are the steps you need to follow for a Non-United Pass Rider login.

  • Begin the procedure, visit the web portal on your electronic device (laptop or smartphone) using a browser such as Google Chrome.
  • After that, you will have to fill in your login credentials that are username and password which are provided to you by a ual employee.
  • Once you enter the credential, click on Sign In and that’s it you will be directed to your online account portal.

Forgot Password? The flying together password rest process is different in this case. Here you can’t reset it on your own and you will be required to visit or ask the united employee who has earlier given you the login credentials. Only he/she is going to reset the password for you, however, it will be a temporary password. As soon as you receive your new password, you can easily login to your flying together account once again and create a new password right away. In addition to this, you will also have to create security questions with the help of which you can reset your password in the future.

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flying together login Login Guidelines For Downloading Mobile App

The user can also go for flying together app download and for this you will be required to login into your account at first.  Here’s the guideline for the same:

  1. At first, visit at on your device.
  2. As soon as the official web page is loaded, enter your username and password.
  3. Click on the login button to further proceed and get redirected into the official portal’s dashboard.
  4. By clicking on the ‘Forgot your Password?’ option available on the page, you can easily reset your login password.

App on iOS Devices: Flying Together App can easily be downloaded and installed on Android devices without any tricky steps, however, you will have to trust the united Airlines app developer profile after downloading it on your iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad. For this, go to the Settings then at General > Device Management, and at last trust the developer profile of the app.

Ual Help Desk Number

The employees can get help on any issue or difficulties regarding the online portal by contacting at Ual Help Desk Number which are:

  • Domestic: 1-847-700-5800, 800-255-5801 (Toll Free Number)
  • International: 1-001-847-700-5800 (Toll Free Number)

Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided the complete Information related to the United Intranet Portal. You are able to Follow the Given Steps to Get Access to Your  United Airlines Work account and Benefits From the Various Features within it. All the Employees who have an authorized United Airline login account are able to use their login credentials to access their Account. All the Employees should also note that their United user ID Starts with U, N, I, or V. Legacy Continental can No Longer Use their legacy ID. Only their United user ID can be used for the Login Process.

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