Five Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Some People Think Astrology Is A Science

      Astrology is believed to be the science that deals with celestial bodies that influences human living and the affairs related to earth. On the other hand, a greater part of a population is against the above statement. They claim that everything that is related to astrology is entirely superstitious.  We will discuss in this article on both sides of a coin to know the pros and cons of Astrology.

Is astrology a science or superstition?

The “for and against” arguments regarding astrology have a common base called “Science.”  It is because; anything that’s scientifically proven is believed to be the fact and truth. Some claim that Astrology is a science as it deals with the heavenly bodies such as planets, stars, etc.  However, the disparate people state that there is no reliable evidence or theory or process to prove that astrology is science.  Now, let us have a detailed go through on the predicament. Logical Explanation Behind The Hindu Ritual Of Karva Chauth: Things To Know!!

Astrology: A Science-

As we already know that astrology is the study of a relationship between the positions and movements of cosmos bodies (Planets), the astrologer and supporters of the same belief that the stars and planets have an influence on the human dealings.  It may look weird that forecasting a person’s life and their behaviour with just one horoscope, however, they calculate these happenings with the help of spiritual connection between human beings and heavenly bodies. Also, they have alleged that they have evidence of previous experience of people for whom the predictions worked to be right. It may sound strange, but astrology has attained a prominent place in this modern scientific world. Yes, you can foresee your future; calculate your birth chart with just one click on the Internet!!! (A peculiar combo :P) There are numerous sites for predicting your future with your horoscope.

Five Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Some People Think Astrology Is A Science

Astrology: A Superstition-

The main reason for insisting Astrology to be a superstition is because of the following reasons.

  1. Most of the time, the predictions made by astrologers are proved wrong.
  2. There is no reliability in the opinion given by astrologers.
  3. The results vary from one astrologer to another.
  4. Foreseeing your life may be interesting. However, it will be the wrong decision if the astrologer says something negative.
  5. The act of astrology may also lead to many hoaxes

Bottom Lines

It is an unstable state to believe that a chart with stars and diagram can predict and determine the future than any other important aspects of life. And most importantly, we should know that Astrology has different meanings, for different kinds of people in the different regions.  Here, the reliability is put to question as there is no stable database or foundation for astrology to prove right.  Also, horoscopes have yielded positive and negative results as well.  One must be mentally prepared to accept the fact that horoscope or astrology is not going to determine life. It is not funny material too. Astrology is neither science nor superstition. It is a belief from our ancestors who were far intelligent comparatively.