Logical Explanation Behind The Hindu Ritual Of Karva Chauth: Things To Know!!

   Karva Chauth is a traditional festival celebrated by Hindu married women for the well being of their husbands. In other words, the festival where a woman fasts for her husband’s long life. Sometimes unmarried women also take part in the festival for their desired ones. Normally it takes place during the month of October or November. Karva means “earthen pot” and chauth means “four” which means the festival falls on the fourth day of “Karthik Mass” as per Hindu calendar this festival ensures the love between the married couple.

Logical Explanation Behind The Hindu Ritual Of Karva Chauth


Karva Chauth, the festival expresses the woman’s thoughts towards their husband’s prosperity and longevity. Actually, the logic behind the festival is noble as the time getting older, in today’s situation the whole idea has changed. In ancient period, a woman who got married at an early age had to go and live with their in-laws separately. Their parents and relatives would be far and not reachable. So after marriage if they face any problems or if they seek support, they had no one to share their problems and expressed their feelings. So at the time of marriage, the bride would be friend with another woman, who would be her friend or sister for lifelong so that they could share their thoughts, recognize their relation and would seek solutions for problems .this bondage could be possible through this festival, Karva Chauth during the marriage. But the highlight of this festival would always be associated with their husbands.

Logical Explanation Behind The Hindu Ritual Of Karva Chauth Things To Know!!


It is celebrated on the fourth day of Karthik Mass, just nine days prior to Deepavali festival. Married women start their fasting before sunrise and stay throughout the day without taking food and water until moon rise. The traditional facts are the woman who takes part in fasting does no house works. The whole day passes by meeting their friends and relatives and shares their cosmetics like bangles, ribbons clothes and gifts each other. They receive gifts from their parents and in-laws too.

In the evening, fasting women get together is held. Participants are dressed costly and wear jewelry and henna. Women from various states appear in their respective traditional dresses. The dress colors like red, orange, gold are considered auspicious. They sit in a circle, conduct poojas and narrate stories regarding the festival, Karva Chauth. The narrator usually an older person, who live along with the husband. Meanwhile, they perform dancing and singing also. At the end of the d ay, women get blessings from old age people and their mother-in-laws.

Logic Behind Karva Chauth


The most important thing in this festival is “THALI” which means “PLATE”. It plays a vital part for performing Karva Chauth. This decorated pooja Thali contains,

  • Color Threads.
  • Holy Powder
  • Sacred Water.
  • Dry fruits like Pista, almonds.
  • Sweets.
  • Earthen Clay Pots.


There are many stories narrating this Hindu ritual, Karva Chauth.

  • The story of queen Veeravati
  • The legend of Mahabharata (Draupadi)
  • The story of Karva
  • The story of Satyavan and Savitri

All these stories revealed devoted wives of intense love and dedication towards their husbands.