Donate Car MA: Car Donations For Charity In Massachusetts, USA

Donate Car MA: Massachusetts is a US state which is known for colonial history. And it is getting known for Car Donations too. Vehicles that are not in good condition, non-running and junk autos can also be accepted by the Charities. First and Foremost step is to choose the Charity you desire to donate the Car. Complete the Online Vehicle Donation Form and submit online. The Towing agent will contact the donor and arrange for pick up of the vehicle. Once the car is taken by the towing agent, proceedings from the sale will be sent to Charity and tax return letter will be sent to the donor.

Donate Car MA

Car Donation Service in Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Government Denotes Car Donation as “Donating a car is a way to support a charitable organization while still reaping an economic benefit through a tax deduction”.  Also, the IRS instructs that Fair Market Value of the vehicle can be deducted on your tax receipt. The state of Massachusetts does not require a certificate to transfer ownership of vehicles prior to 1980.  Hence, transfer your title entering the name.

Title transfer is must when a vehicle’s ownership changes and the title transfer apply to the following situations like

  • Repaying the vehicle’s loan
  • Buying or Selling a Vehicle
  • Gifting the Vehicle
  • Inheriting Vehicle from our ancestors
  • Donating the Vehicle to Charity
  • If the owner changes names, the title-ship has to be updated with the new name

Find some of the Charities in MA that can support through Car Donations:

  • Abuse Victim Home
  • AIDS Action Committee of MA, Inc
  • BSA Boston Minuteman Council Inc
  • Cancer Connection, Inc
  • Children’s Room Center for Grieving Children and Teenagers Inc.
  • Creative Action Institute
  • Elizabeth Stone House
  • EMA Fund
  • Empower Her, Inc.
  • Fidelity House
  • First Parish in Milton
  • Franklin Land Trust, Inc.
  • Grand Harmonie Inc.
  • Latham Centers Inc.
  • Lifeline Youth & Family Services
  • Merrimack Valley Hospice
  • National Network of Abortion Funds
  • Newton Community Service Center
  • One Fund Boston, Inc.
  • Pathways for Change
  • Restoration Project
  • Sharing Foundation
  • The Wish project
  • Autism Speaks
  • The National Marine Life Center
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If the seller is wishing to sell his/her old Vehicle to some other person, then the seller must fill out the following information on the back of the Vehicle’s title. Like,

  1. The date on which sale of the Vehicle is made
  2. Reading of Odometer at time of sale
  3. Create a “bill of sale”, if there is no place to mention the purchase price of the Vehicle at the back of the record
  4. Name and Signature of the Buyer and Seller
  5. Registration Transferring Certificate which intimates to transfer the license plate to new Vehicle within 7days or the registration will be cancelled.
  6. Non-Transferring Registration indicates that vehicle within the Massachusetts Registration can be cancelled.

Charity to Donate Car

Tips to be considered while deciding the Charity to Donate Car:

  • Make sure that you are donating to a genuine and eligible organization
  • Scrutinize well and clear all the doubts you have regarding the donation and its benefits
  • Make sure of what the charity is going to do with the donated car
  • Also, make sure that you have the title to your vehicle
  • Be more responsible for transferring the title at the time of donation
  • Keep well maintained a personal record of your donation
  • Contact the Charities Division of Attorney General’s office

Donate Car MA

Donate Car MA: From Buyer’s Side

It is mandatory that the buyer must apply for a title and registration whenever you buy a new or Used vehicle in Massachusetts.

It can further be divided into two, namely

  1. Buying from a Dealer
  2. Buying from a Private individual
Buying from Individual Buying from a Dealer
Complete sign the Application for Registration and Title The Dealer should complete and sign the Application for Registration and Title
Details Needed to be filled: Details needed to be filled:
1. Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin 1. The Seller’s printed name and signature
2. The signed title 2. Date of Sale
3. Dealer Re-assignment 3. Car’s purchase price
4. The Car’s previous registration certificate 4. Vehicle’s Odometer reading
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Donate Vehicles in Right Charity with utmost Clarity

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