Illinois Car Donation: Here Is How To Donate A Car To Charity

Illinois Car Donation & Charity to Donate Car: Illinois is known as “Land of Lincoln” and Charity Car Donations are the best way to support an important cause in Illinois. Since Car Donation has become more famous day by day, the donors are willingly donating cars and they are benefitting by tax deduction too. To encourage the act of donation, charity organizations have loosened up the process of donation by providing various services.

There are numerous charity organizations which help the public in donating a car to the right people. The fund raised out of the donation made by donators is used in an effective manner such as fulfilling the needs of needy children. Cars that are not in running condition are also accepted by Charities. Find some of the charities that function with a Car Donation in Illinois.

Illinois Car Donation, Donate Car To Charity, Charity to Donate Car

Steps for Car Donation To Charity

The real happiness of donating is spread to both receiver and giver.  If you are really interested to donate, be a proud donor of Illinois. Run an eye through the below Steps for Car Donation:

  • Select the charity you wish to donate and benefit you receive out of it
  • Complete the Vehicle Donation Form
  • Towing agent will contact you and arrange a feasible timing for picking up the vehicle
  • Your vehicle will be sold at auction
  • Income from the sale is sent to the charity and tax return letter will be sent to you.
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Some of the Illinois cities that accept Car Donations are Abingdon, Addison, Aledo, Alorton, Alton, Anna, Batavia, Beecher, Bethalo, Bloomington, Blue Island, Carrolton, Cairo, Centralia, Catlin, Chester, Christopher, Coal City, Dupo, Dixon, Dolton, East Alton, East Moline, East Peoria, Forest Park, Fox Lake, Franklin Park, Flora, Glenwood, Godfrey, Girard, Hamilton, Hampshire, Havana, Indian Head Park, Joliet, Island Lake, Lincoln, Lyons, Marshall, Mount Olive, Northbrook, Peru, Polo, Riverton, Rockford, Salem, Sesser, Sandwich, Tilton, West Dundee, Westmont, Western Springs, Yorkville, Zion etc.

These companies help donors by providing assistance such as

  • 24 hours response for donation pickup
  • Donation qualifies for a tax deduction
  • No emission check is required
  • All kinds of motor vehicles such as  Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Boats are taken for donation
  • Online donation is also available for fast processing

Illinois Car Donation, Donate Car To Charity, Charity to Donate Car

Illinois Car Donation:

If these many services are offered by charities, it would definitely attract many volunteers to come forward and donate.  Would you be interested to know the list of charities in Illinois?  Here we go…

Some of the best charities that accept car donations in Illinois are listed below:

  • After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Animal house shelter
  • Breast Cancer Network of strength
  • Deborahs place
  • Discovery Center museum
  • Literacy works
  • Willow house
  • Autism Speaks
  • Breast Cancer Fund
  • Camp Nejeda Foundation
  • Diabetic youth foundation
  • Marine Mammal Center
  • Mercy for Animals
  • National Eating Disorders Association
  • Operation Family Fund
  • Vida
  • Youth Radio
  • CarsForKids
  • Car Donation Wizard

Charity To Donate Car

Tips to be considered while deciding the Charity to Donate Car:

  • Make sure that you are donating to a genuine and eligible organization
  • Scrutinize well and clear all the doubts you have regarding the donation and its benefits
  • Make sure of what the charity is going to do with the donated car
  • Also, make sure that you have the title to your vehicle
  • Be more responsible for transferring the title at the time of donation
  • Keep well maintained a personal record of your donation
  • Contact the Charities Division of Attorney General’s office
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The Wrapping Up

As we spoke about the tax benefit earlier, the car donation goes to benefit a genuine organization classified with IRS as 501(c)(3) non-profit. The IRS provides a Donor’s guide to Car Donations which requires the donor to determine the value of the car.

Vehicle Donation would definitely make a difference in the life of vehicle recipient. It really helps them to stand firm on their feet. Donate and Dwell in the heart of the recipient

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