Donate A Used Car: How To Donating Used Car That Is Not Drivable?

Donate A Used Car: Donating is an act of sharing what we have in surplus. It gives immense happiness to the receiver.  However, the donor also receives a benefit in return. Isn’t it interesting to know? Join us to have a look at the “Benefits of Donating Old Car to Charity”.

Families that have lower income will have financial needs that have to be met, but they will not be having proper transportation. This definitely has an impact on their living, hence we can think of the option “Donation” which helps them to get rid of the obstacles they have with their means of transport.

What Happens to Your Old Car When Donated?

The proceeding from the donation will be used for the wellbeing of families and children who suffer for aid. Since the charities don’t demand for good conditioned cars, the donors have the freedom to donate cars that are not in running condition. These cars are recycled and sold at a fair price.

Why to Donate?

  • If you have decided to stop driving
  • If there is a surplus car
  • If you want to cut back your count of cars
  • If you are tired of the process of selling used cars
  • If you are moving out of the country
  • If you have innated the car, but have no use for it
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Donate A Used Car

How to Donate Old Cars to Charity?

The donation becomes simple these days and it attracts many donors and their interest in giving others. Find the steps to Donate a Car to Charity.

Steps for Car Donation:

  • Select the charity you wish to donate and be aware of the benefit you receive out of your donation
  • Complete the Vehicle Donation Form
  • Towing agent will contact you and arrange a feasible timing for picking up the vehicle
  • Your vehicle will be sold at auction
  • Income from the sale is sent to the charity and tax return letter will be sent to you.

Documents needed for Car Donation:

Title transfer is a must when a vehicle’s ownership changes. Other details that are required to be submitted at the time of donation are as follows

  1. The date on which sale of the Vehicle is made
  2. Reading of Odometer at time of sale
  3. Create a “bill of sale”, if there is no place to mention the purchase price of the Vehicle at the back of the record
  4. Name and Signature of the Buyer and Seller
  5. Registration Transferring Certificate which intimates to transfer the license plate to new Vehicle within 7days or the registration will be cancelled.
  6. Non-Transferring Registration indicates that vehicle within the Massachusetts Registration can be cancelled.

Tips to be considered while deciding the Charity to Donate Car.

  • Make sure that you are donating to a genuine and eligible organization
  • Scrutinize well and clear all the doubts you have regarding the donation and its benefits
  • Make sure of what the charity is going to do with the donated car
  • Also, make sure that you have the title to your vehicle
  • Be more responsible for transferring the title at the time of donation
  • Keep well maintained a personal record of your donation
  • Contact the Charities Division of Attorney General’s office
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Benefits of Donating Old Car to Charity

Selecting an ideal charity is the foremost key feature that makes our donation heart-filling and pocket filling too.  The organization you are selecting to precede the donation must be credible, responsible and financially fit. It has to reliable because we should guarantee that the fund raised should directly go to the charity and benefit the needy people.  Also, it should give tax benefits to donors. A good charity should be burden reliever and not burden giver!

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