How To Donate Your Car To Charity For Kids; Here Are Few Facts & Benefits

Donate Your Car For Kids: The concept of Car Donation was first founded by the American Children’s Cancer Association. The idea is to dedicate love, joy, peace and hope by donating used cars, truck, boat, Airplane, Property, or Money to kids who are affected with Cancer. Children are the future hope and they are really an asset to be preserved. This donation definitely makes difference for children and families that are looking for some sort of support.

Donate Your Car For Kids

Donate Your Car For Kids

When the initiative is to donate, it should be of good difference and good intention. The donated vehicle helps to provide a customized response to an affected child’s need. This also helps the donator in a way of tax deduction.

Easy to Donate Donated car is recycled
Donator is tax benefitted    Donation in form of blessings

Areas that fall under the service coverage of car donation in North America are Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, Hawaii, Maryland, Montana, Ohio, Utah, Washington, Wyoming etc.

There are numerous organizations which help the public in donating a car to the right people. The fund raised out of the donation made by donators is used in an effective manner such as fulfilling the needs of needy children. Find some of the charities that function with a Car Donation in North America.

  • American Cancer Society
  • Cars for Homes
  • Car Talk
  • Car Donation Wizard
  • Feed the Children
  • Arthritis Foundation
  • March of dimes
  • Gloria Gemma
  • KOSU
  • KVSC
  • Children’s Wishes
  • Classical South Florida
  • Unicef
  • Ideastream
  • James L. Maher Center
  • D.A.R.E
  • JOY
  • Kars4kids
  • Donate a car
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Why to Donate a Car to Kids?

  • The proceedings from the donation will be used for the welfare of families and kids suffering from Cancer.
  • These families are assisted by educating them about the safest and effective cancer treatments.
  • The donator is offered tax deduction benefits
  • The used cars are utilized for recycling also and they are used by needy people.

There are thousands and thousands of local kids who live under the charity provided by some good-hearted human beings.  It really means them a lot. Such as, it earns them education too.

Donate Your Car For Kids

How Does it Work?

Are you wondering about the functioning of this Car Donation Companies?  It is very simple.

  • All the donator has to do is to fill the Online Car Donation Form and the Pickup will be scheduled.
  • They pick up the car within 24hours of appointment
  • 1098C, IRS Tax receipt will be issued to the donator for their record
  • Cars under any condition will be taken as a donation

These companies help donors by providing assistance such as

  • 24 hours response for donation pickup
  • Donation qualifies for a tax deduction
  • No emission check is required
  • All kinds of motor vehicles such as  Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Boats are taken for donation
  • Online donation is also available for fast processing

The Wrapping Up

Donator gives a donation, whereas it is surprising that donation pays off the donator in return too!  The donators are benefitted with Tax deductions which help them in many ways. Not only tax benefits, but it is also like you are attaining happiness out of your action.  It also builds the trust that is kept on the charity, and the process of selling the used car is eased as there is someone in between to take care of it on behalf of the donator. Do you have a surplus vehicle?  No worries donate it to kids in North America and help to eradicate the exploitation of children. Think about the kid’s benefit and not the own benefit if it is going to be a real donation. Donate and Do not dump.

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