What Is Clubhouse App, What Are Its Features? Here Is Everything You Need to Know!

Clubhouse App: Since last year, you must be hearing about a social media application ‘Clubhouse’ which is now getting huge popularity. Its unique and exceptional features have made Clubhouse as one of the popular choices and it has grabbed the attention of many and even celebrities. Many well-known personalities (mainly from Black entertainment community) such as Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Drake, and few more have also joined Clubhouse.

If you have also heard about this app and want to get complete information about it then you are at the perfect place. Today in this article we are going to provide you all the important details about Clubhouse app, so let’s get started.

What is Clubhouse (App)?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app which was launched last year in March 2020. Paul Davison and Rohan Seth are its original authors while the app has been developed by Alpha Exploration Co. one year ago. As of now, the Clubhouse has been released for iOS and Android where users can easily communicate in groups which consist of thousands of people. The communication can be held in voice chat rooms that houses groups of many users.

As of now, this is only an audio based app that hosts live discussions, along with the opportunities to take part via speaking as well as listening. It has turned out to be a unique and exclusive app due to its invite-only feature which is more like a club membership in real world.

Originally, the app was launched on iOS previous year, however, the company began an Android rollout in the United States early May this year. The Android version is now available worldwide with the download of more than 1 million in just less than two weeks of time period.

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse Supported Platforms  

Initially, the Clubhouse app was introduced to iOS by Alpha Exploration Co.’s Paul Davison alomg with Rohan Seth in March 2020. In addition to that, Clubhouse has also planned to extend the availability of the app to the public in the future by launching its full Android version in the year 2021.

Later in May 2021, the app was launched with a beta launch for the Android devices. So, currently the app is available on iOS and Android devices. Now, it has been accessible on Android all across the world.

Clubhouse can also be used on the iPad, however, it is not been optimized for iPadOS. It is going to look kind of weird in a zoomed-in size (2x) as you will using a small window to view the app. Overall, it is going to be okay on an Android tablet.

Can I Just Sign Up to Use Clubhouse App?

At the time of writing, the answer is still No. Even after its one year of launch, the users still required an invitation which they can get from an existing Clubhouse user for getting the access of Clubhouse App.

In one of the statements, Clubhouse official have stated that the app remains to be an invitation-only for ensuring that their team is capable to accomplish their user base growth, along with continuing to improve the app for supporting larger audience.

The new users get two invites initially and as they will use the app more often, they will become eligible to earn more. If your friends have one, you can ask from them to have it. In addition to that, you can also buy an invite on other online platforms such as eBay or else you can try a “pay-it-forward” invite chains. However, you must be very sure and confident about the invite as there are many scams as well, and should not fall the victim of such fraudsters.

What to listen on Clubhouse?

After you get the invitation and you finally get the access to the Clubhouse, the app is going to offer you a page that is loaded of several conversational topics that you can follow. These topics may range from world affairs to sports to tech and so on.

In every single conversational topic, you are going to find many people who are also interested in the same subject matter, and then you can follow them as well. In addition to that, the more topics as well as the more people the user are going to follow, the more chances of them getting suggestions of their desired subjects will be more. So, you can join other conversation rooms as per to your desires that suits your needs.

In addition to just listening, anyone who has joined a conversation room can also raise a hand virtually. However, then it will be up to the creator or moderator of the room if they want youto speak on the same topic.

How Many Users Can Join A Conversation?

As of now, the users’ limit to join a Clubhouse room is 5,000 at present date. It is more likely to increase in the upcoming days as well. On the other hand, the conversations are not permanent as the Conversation rooms come and go as users launch or close them.

The Clubhouse App’s Conversation Permanent?

As per to the Clubhouse, the app records conversations at the time of happening, however, it only keeps or preserves them only if someone raises an issue or complaint during the room is live. But, on the other hand if there’s no one who reports an incident for the duration of the chat, then Clubhouse removes all the recording permanently once the host closes the discussion, as per to company claims.

However, there are still many users, who somehow find various methods in order to record chats for their own personal reasons.

How To Quit The Club?

In the initial days of the app, you were supposed to email at support@alphaexplorationco.com web address for quitting the Clubhouse, however, users didn’t liked this method and after receiving several complaints, the makers simplified this process. Now, you can easily quit Clubhouse if you don’t like it or don’t want to pursue further by simply deactivating your account after going to Settings > Account > Deactivate Account.

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