British Council Scholarships For Women In STEM

British Council Scholarships For Women In STEM: The applications for the British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM are finally opened and the interested candidates can apply now. This scholarship program is held for the second year running and sees 26 UK universities that are partnered with the British Council for providing the studentship. They are providing scholarships with an aim to benefit women from different parts of the world such as the Americas, South Asia, South East Asia, Egypt, Turkey, and Ukraine.

If you are a woman with a passion for your study along with a degree in a STEM subject, then you can apply for this program. Your passion for studies could let you get this scholarship for studying for a master’s degree. If you are planning for an early academic fellowship, in a science, engineering, technology, and mathematics program at a leading UK university, then this scholarship will be a great opportunity for you. There are many female aspirants who want to know more about this scholarship program, therefore we are going to provide you with all the information in this article. If you are interested to know more about British Council scholarships for women in STEM, then read this post till the end.

Why a British Council Scholarships Program?

This scholarship will help such female students to study for a master’s or an early academic fellowship at a leading UK university in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) program. They are mainly looking for such women who have a background in STEM and can validate their need for financial aid for pursuing careers in STEM to inspire upcoming generations.

The main objective of this scholarship program is to increase opportunities in STEM for women. As per the data from the UN Scientific Education and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), there are fewer than 30% of female researchers all around the world, while only 30 percent of female students choose to pursue STEM-related fields as their higher education.

In addition to that, the enrolment of female students is mainly low in natural science, Information and Communications Technology (around 3%), mathematics and statistics (5%), and engineering, manufacturing, and construction (8%) all around the world. Therefore, with the help of this scholarship, they want to encourage female students to pursue careers in STEM.

British Council Scholarships For Women In STEM

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for British Council Scholarships Program, the applicants need to check their eligibility first before applying for the same.

  1. Only female candidates are eligible for this scholarship program.

The female candidates from the following countries are eligible to apply for this program:

  • For both Master’s Scholarships and Early Academic Fellowships, the female aspirants from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are eligible to apply.
  • For only Masters’s Scholarships, the female candidates from Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and Ukraine are eligible to apply.
  1. You must be the passport holder and permanent resident of one of the eligible countries that we have listed above.
  2. You need to demonstrate a need for financial aid.
  3. Be able to take up a study course for the academic year from September/October 2022-2023 in the United Kingdom university.
  4. You must need to meet the requirement of the English language of the UK university for postgraduate study/research.
  5. You must have not studied at a degree level or higher studies previously in the UK or lived recently in the United Kingdom.
  6. You must have an undergraduate degree that will let them gain access to a UK university on one of the pre-determined postgraduate courses.
  7. The candidate must be active in the field with work experience or have a proven interest in their subject area.
  8. You should be passionate about your study course and also willing to engage as dedicated British Council scholarship alumni.
  9. You can also check the full eligibility criteria by visiting their official site.

British Council Scholarships Program Benefits

There are a number of beneficial features that the selected female candidates get through the British Council Scholarships Program. We are listing some of the benefits of this scholarship program down below:

  1. The selected female students get academic prestige – the UK’s universities are one among the leaders in STEM subjects around the world.
  2. The eligible students for the scholarship will get economic support which consists of their stipend, tuition fees, travel costs, visa, and health coverage fees.
  3. Special support for mothers will be provided.
  4. English language support.

British Council scholarships for women in STEM: How to Apply?

The application process for British Council Scholarships Program is very simple. In the meantime, the applications should be made to the universities directly that are taking part in this program. All the latest information is going to be updated as the application procedure in every participating university becomes live. You can get detailed information by visiting their official websites.

In addition to that, the deadlines for the application process vary among different courses. However, the due date may range from 14th February to 10th April 2022. If you want to be prepared in advance for avoiding disappointment, then you must check the deadline carefully with the university that you are planning to apply.

Final Words

Women are frequently understated in STEM fields. For instance, the US Census Bureau in2019 found that women in STEM only made up 27 percent of STEM workforces. In the meantime, the number of women working in STEM-qualified professions increased from 139,000 (in 2009) to 205,000 (in 2020) in Australia. Some other report shows that women are making advancement in STEM, however, more need to be done to take this to next level. Those female candidates who are interested to apply in the field can take the opportunity through British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM. This was all about this scholarship program, specifically designed for women in need of financial support for pursuing their careers in STEM to encourage upcoming generations. Also, female aspirants need to take note that the applications should be made directly to the UK universities taking part in this program. Do note that the last date of application differs between courses, and it may range from Feb 14, 2022, to April 10, 2022.

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