Augmented Reality: Introduction, Uses, Kinds & Benefits

What Is Augmented Reality: At present one of the biggest technology trends that are very popular in many industries is augmented reality. And one of the best things you will know is that it is already started becoming bigger with the inception of AR smartphones. There are other devices also which are becoming accessible to people all around the globe. With the help of this new technology people can see real-life things like the environment, for instance, trees in the park, dogs chasing other dogs, kids playing in the park, etc. This all can happen with the help of digital augmentation that is overlaid in it. I will give you another instance of it, for example, when you see a cartoon, you can see a dog mingling with the cat, birds landing on the tree, these are all instances of AR. 

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is the Technology that lets People Superimpose Digital Content like Images, Sounds, Texts over the real world Environment. It was got a lot of attention in 2016 when the Pokémon Go Game Made it Possible to Interact with Pokémon Superimposed on the world with the Smartphone Screen. Since then AR has become increasingly Popular. In 2017, Apple Introduced its ARKit platform and Google Launched web API Prototypes later that Year. In Simple Words, AR is on the Verge of Becoming a Part of Everyday Life. If You are still Wondering what Exactly it is then You are in the Right Place. In this article, we will Explore What AR is, the Uses of Augmented Reality, its Kinds, and its Benefits.

Available On Smartphones And Apps

The AR technology e is advancing day by day. The best thing you will know about this technology is that it is available on your smartphones. There are various many ways in which this technology is being used, for instance, the Snapchat lenses in apps. Through these lenses in the apps, you can find your car in the parking lot. Then there are various kinds of shopping apps that allow you to do shopping without leaving your home. 

AR In Football Matches 

One of the most famous instances of this technology e is the Pokemon Go mobile app. This app was released in the year 2016. Now in this game, players can capture and locate the characters of Pokemon. These characters pop up in the original world. You can search online for more details. Besides the game, there are many other uses of AR. Now you can get a live view off the road with the help of augmented reality which comes in the improved navigation system. Another best thing that you will know about augmented reality e is that it is also so used during football matches. Broadcasters use this technology to divide a line on the field so that the players can analyze and illustrate during the game.

Augmented Reality

Furniture Industry 

If you want to see e how a piece of furniture looks at your home, then you can use this technology as many furniture companies are using this technology. Another thing that you will know is that it even the military fighter uses this technology e on their helmet visor. Through the projection of this technology e, the pilots can check their altitude, information, speed, etc.

AR For Neurosurgeons And Historians 

Apart from that, neurosurgeons also use this technology e e for various kinds of brain surgeries, where they do a projection of the 3D brain. It has also been found to be helpful to many historians as they can use this technology to bring the past live. For instance, what was used in historical sites like Pompeii in Italy? Also so in some airports, the ground crew members wear AR glasses to check the data about cargo containers and the loading time. So this technology e has been found to be very helpful to many people all around the globe.

Kinds Of AR 

AR images can be displayed in several devices including eyeglasses and headsets, goggles, and helmet visors. One of the common ways in which this technology is used is in smartphones and a variety of apps and games. There are two types of augmented reality. One is markless and another is marker-based. Apart from that, one of the things you will notice is that markless AR is a bit smart. If there has been no marking, then nothing has been pre-programmed in your device. Whereas marker-based uses image recognition that can help to identify the objects and has been pre-programmed in your device or app. 

Benefits Of AR 

Now, let us look at some of the benefits of augmented reality. One of the biggest benefits of augmented reality is that it creates very sui generis experiences with the consumers. The digital experience that the customers get is one in which they can get a seamless experience of both the best of the physical world as well the digital world. Plus, another best thing that you will know about this AR technology is that it doesn’t require any kind of special software or hardware for the users to savor their know-how or experience. 

Perfect Blend Of Two Different Worlds 

Some of the things that are more than enough for people to experience and know-how AR works are mobile applications and smartphones. Apart from that, there are some developments that have been made in this area and with that, there is a possibility for the users to get immersive understandings with the help of a web browser. There are many ways in which you will note that the experience of AR is different compared to that of others. We all know that there are audio-visual experiences that are still there in the physical territory and digital territory/realm. But in AR, both of these realms blends perfectly well i.e. both the realities of two different world. A mirage effect is created when the digital mechanism comes on a physical mechanism. 

Improving User Engagement 

Another thing that you will know about AR technology is that user engagement is heightened. Initially, when AR technology became popular, it was mainly labeled as a technology that is used for gaming and also in the industry of entertainment. And with the passage of time, it became even more popular and its uses also expanded. In the present year 2021, the businesspersons have only one agenda and that is to enhance user engagement. There are a plethora of benefits of user engagement and there are gains for established businesses. AR can be used in en number of ways like product label scanning, store signage, interactive ads, etc. This way the user engagement is improved. 

Final Verdict

Augmented Reality (AR) is the Technology that lets People Superimpose Digital content such as Images, Text, Sounds, etc over the Real World Environment. AR is one of the verges of becoming a part of everyday life and becoming increasingly day by day. The Most commonly used AR Applications these days rely on Smartphones to showcase the Augmented World and users can Activate a Smartphone’s Camera, view the Real World Around them on the Screen, and Rely on an AR Application to Enhance that world in any number of ways through Digital overlays.

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