Amazing And Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know About Dreams !!!


 A dream is a thing that would show you a story or the successive images. These stories and images are created by our own mind while we sleep. The happenings which you find in a dream could be entertaining, frightening, romantic, and also include even more emotional aspects. There are a lot of studies which are being done on the aspects of the dream. Even, you might feel mysterious when you experience a scenario in your dream that is something irrelevant to your life. Thus, there are a lot of facts and things that everyone may not know. This article is going to teach you about the famous and unknown facts of dreams.

10 Things & Facts That You Didn't Know About Dreams


  • Can we remember our dream? If so, how long can we?

Can we remember our dream

You can experience dreams when you are at the deep sleep stage. Have you ever thought of the question which is mentioned above? Yes, there is the fact that around 90% of the dreams which we dreamt will get forgotten. As soon as you wake up, 50% of the dream will get vanished and beyond you could remember only 10% of your dream.

  • Do blind people get dreams?

Do blind people get dreams

This question could be something new to you all. But the fact is, blind people will also dream. The only thing is those who are born blind could not see any image while their dreams could be equivalent with their other senses such as sound, smell, touch, and emotions. People who lost their vision after their birth could see images.

  • Does everybody get dreams?

Does everybody get dreams

Yes, each and every human will get dreams in their deep sleep. If someone says that he/she is not getting any dream, then they are seemed to be forgetting about their dreams.

  • How many dreams can one get in a single night?

How many dreams can one get in a single night

Someone might think as if the question is being mentioned above. For those, one could get around four to seven dreams that too in a single night. It is reported that one can dream from one or two hours each night averagely.

  • What about animals? Do they dream?

What about animals Do they dream

The following studies on various animals show the similarity of brain waves as if human’s brain waves during dreams. Also, if you watch your pet while sleeping, it could do some unconscious movements such as moving the paws as if running. Thus, we could assume that animals too dream.

  • Are there any inventions that got inspired by dreams?

Are there any inventions that got inspired by dreams

Interestingly, yes! We have got a list of some inventions which are inspired by dreams. It is found that dreams are very much responsible for greatest inventions.

  • The double helix spiral structure of DNA ( James Watson)
  • The periodic table (Dmitri Mendeleyev)
  • AC generator (Tesla)
  • The concept of Google (Larry Page)

The above mentioned are a mere list out of vast inventions.

  • What about the brain activity during dreams?

What about the brain activity during dreams

It is reported that the activity of brain seems to be increased while one is dreaming. It is also found that brain is more active while sleeping than being awake.

  • Which emotion will be dominant in dreams?

Which emotion will be dominant in dreams

It is found that the common emotion which you could experience in dreams would be negative rather being positive. The emotions could be like anxiety, fear, guilty conscious, and more.

  • What are all the characters which we could see in our dream?

What are all the characters which we could see in our dream

The persons whom you might be seeing in your dream will be definitely the persons whom you have met before in your life.

  • Do people snoring wouldn’t get dreams?

Do people snoring wouldn’t get dreams

It is a belief that the individuals who are snoring at deep sleep may not experience any dream. Though this is not scientifically proven, some people believe in that.

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