Know The Logic Behind The China’s First Electric Car Dubbed LeSEE!!!

   China’s LeEco has unveiled an electric autonomous vehicle that says it will beat Tesla’s Models in ‘all aspects of performance’.  LeEco says that the LeSEE will be displayed at the Beijing auto show starting later in April. The LeSEE is not only an electric car but it is also a connected, smart and a self-driving car. Jia Yueting, the co-founder and CEO of LeEco, hopes that the upcoming car will help China’s auto industry to reach the global auto sector.

Dubbed LeSEE, the shiny pearly white sedan has memory foam seats, Knight Rider-style voice activation, an automatic driving mode and a steering wheel that fold toward the dash when the car is set to autopilot mode.

Know The Logic Behind The China's First Electric Car Dubbed LeSEE

China’s LeEco unveils its first electric car dubbed LeSEE-

This innovative concept car was engineered to be a ‘smart’ engine.  LeEco CEO- Jia Yueting, introduced the design in Beijing by commanding the car to drive out of a container and onto the stage, but with voice commands through mobile app.

The top speed of this car is 130mph and the team says that the front face is a smart screen that displays specific data about the vehicle while it’s running, states “Worldcarfans”. The screen links to a pair of C-shaped headlights, but the concept suggests this vehicle doesn’t have the traditional front grill.  The arrangement of the headlights is mirrored at the back by the taillights and there also seems to be a central diffuser.

LeSEE don’t have conventional mirrors, but instead uses cameras to see around it. LeEco is known for being one of the largest online video companies in China, but intends to bridge their technology with vehicles to make cutting-edge in-car entertainment.

Jia Yueting, co-founder and head of LeEco, said he hopes that when the car hits the market it will help China’s auto industry reach the forefront of the global auto sector.

“When everyone is questioning us over our ability to develop a car like this and is laughing at us, we are still able to be here and show you this car … I am so emotional,” Jia said at a LeEco launch event for several products in Beijing on Wednesday.  He has also said that one day LeEco cars would be offered free of charge to consumers because the company aims to make money on content and other services it sells through those connected cars. But, Jia did not say when that day might come.

China's First Electric Car Dubbed LeSEE

The Chinese government is promoting a switch to ElectricVehicle’s, which will help reduce pollution levels in the country. The efforts of LeEco and other EV companies in the country is increasing after the announcemet from Government has liberalized the auto industry and allowed high-tech companies to invest in electric cars. The Government will also offer incentives to purchasers of electric cars in China J

A number of companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi and more have financed a number of electric car startups including CH-Auto and NextEV.

Electric Vehicle makers in China are also expecting policymakers and the Government to direct public transportation providers, courier services and taxi operators to buy electric vehicles and also invest in developing the infrastructure for charging electric cars in the country.(Great Start!)