The Complete List Of Best WoW Classic Addons Of 2021 – Top Options For You!

Best WoW Classic Addons: World of Warcraft Classic has plenty of addons. Players who have been playing this game since the beginning have used these addons one way or the other. Some of the Wow Classic Addons have become so popular that those got added to the game. Addons make the game a little easier and more fun as compared to the original game. These are certain improvements that are added in order to make the game simple and easy to play. There are hundreds of Wow Classic Addons available under two categories i.e. Supermarket and The Classic.

So in this article, we are going to be telling you about a number of addons that will be functional with both the versions of WoW but still you need to check it once with the right version of the game as well. If you are looking for addons then there are many sites where you can find them. Just be sure and verify before downloading because it can be malicious for your system. Once you are sure that it won’t harm your system then feel free to use these below-listed WoW Classic Addons to add more fun to the game.

WoW Classic Addons

Top Best World of Warcraft Classic Addons

Here is the list of World of Warcraft Classic Addons along with their functions, so without any further ado let’s get started.

User Interface

  • ArkInventory Classic – It is an addon that gives you a configurable bag through which you can sort, manage, categorise and filter your inventory according to yourself.
  • Bagnon – Both versions of this addon can be used in the classic version of the game. This addon is also a Bag that helps you to manage your inventory. It also helps for keeping track of the inventory of other characters as well.
  • Bartender4 – It is a great addon for keeping your UI neat & clean. It automatically hides the bag bar, Blizzard art, XP bar, etc. and keys until you move your cursor on it. During combat, it automatically brings up the keys and bars on the screen helping a wide range of controls.
  • ClassicSpellActivations – This is an add-on that helps in adding a highlight to the spells that have special activation requirements.
  • Masque – It can help you enhance the interface of your controls. It reskins the buttons to different styles which make the game look pretty amazing.
  • SimpleMap – It is a really useful addon for most of the players playing WoW. This add-on helps in reducing the size of the Map and removing the black colour from the background so that the map is easily visible. Also, it provides a fader while you are moving so that you can see the map at that time.
  • PitBull Unit Frames 4.0 – This add-on is highly powerful. Using this add-on you can customize your unit frames by hiding, rearranging or personalising.
  • Shadowed Unit Frames – This is also similar to PitBull Unit Frames. It enables you to customize the unit frames.
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Combat & Information

  • Classic Cast Bar – This add-on helps you in detecting that what cast enemy will be casting. This can be useful for you to use the correct spell afterwards.
  • HealComm – This feature is unavailable in the Classic version of the game. It enables the healers to know about the incoming heals.
  • OmniCC – This is one of the most underrated but valuable add-on. It adds a timer to your abilities. Once used, it starts showing time left for the ability to cool down for use again.
  • Real Mob Health – This add-on helps you to get actual figures of the damage done to your enemy, other than the percentage. It is useful to determine the remaining health of the enemy.
  • Spy Classic – This add-on is denied by many players playing WoW because it enables you to know the location of the enemy that is near by you. But still, many players use this add-on to get an easy win in the game.

Dungeon & Raids

  • AtlasLootClassic – It is an add-on to check all loot tables of the game.
  • BigWigsClassic – This add-on enables you to view the warnings and adding timers for boss mechanics.
  • Deadly Boss Mods (Classic) – This is also similar to BigWigsClassic as it add ons the timer and warning for boss mechanics.


  • Classic Quest for Log (Classic) – This add-on enables the easy way of navigation of quest log. With this add-on, you can view all of the quests on the left side of your screen. The selected quest information can be viewed on the right side of the screen.
  • Questie – This add-on helps in giving the location of the quest giver. It also provides the location of drops and turns in on the map and mini-map based on the level of range of the player.
  • Quest Icon Desaturation – This add-on is very useful as it enables to view the quest givers dialogues properly by marking the remaining uncompleted quests grey. It suits well with the quest frame.
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Quality of Life

  • Advanced Interface Option – This option enables you to view all the interface options that are hidden by Blizzard.
  • MapCoords Classic – This add-on is very useful as it adds coordinates to both your map and minimap through which you can accurately locate your position.
  • Peace and Quiet – This add-on disables the general and local defence channel as soon as you enter PvP instance, dungeon or raid. When you leave it automatically enables general and local defence.
  • Vendor Price – It enables you to view the selling price of an item on your game’s tooltip in your inventory. It is best paired with Item ToolTipProfessionIcons.

Auction House

  • Auctionator – This add-on is a simple tool that allows you or provides you with your daily needs.
  • TradeSkillMaster 4 – This is an ultimate add-on for Auction House. It has all the things and tools required while dealing with the auction house.

Bottom Lines

These were some of the Best Warcraft Classic Addons that every player would love to use while playing the game. By using any of these addons, the game will become more simple, more fun and easy to play. With the help of this article we have tried to cover the Best WoW Classic Addons, hope this was helpful for our readers.

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