Google Task Mate App: Working Referral Code, Complete Small Tasks & Earn Money Online

Task Mate App Referral Code: Recently Google has launched Task Mate App through which users can Earn Money Online by finishing small Tasks. currently, the Google Task Mate App is in Beta Phase and the Application providing a variety of Simple Tasks. Task Mate is limited to the Selected Testers at these moments, and Users can enjoy this application through a referral code only. Google Task Mate App is best for those users who want to Earn Money Online or want to Work From Home. In This Application, users can get the task related to the transcription of the sentence along with various other short tasks.

All those Users who want to Earn Money by this Application then they need to Download the Take Mate app or APK file from Google Play Store. But the Application will only work with an invitation code/Referral code, and without code, you can’t able to sign up. So if you are looking for Google Task Mate App working Referral Code and How To Earn Money through this Application then this article is only for you.

Google Task Mate App is the task-based Money Earning Application which is developed by Google for All Countries. but Recently the Application is only Launched in India and for other countries, the App is in under a processing. So If you are Indian User then you can take Advantages of this Application and Earn Money Online at your Home. In This Application, the Tasks let different companies or business ventures to Register on Google.

This will help Increase Google Search Results. On the Other Side Users who succeded to complete Such Tasks will Get Payment from the App Which Can Be Redeemed In Bank Account Directly. The Task Mate Application is in Testing Mode and very soon the Full Version of App will be provided to the Users. right now the App is for Limited Persons, especially For Google Employees.

Google Task Mate At A Glance:

  • The name of the Application is Task Mate (Early Access) Application by Google.
  • The last update in the application was made on 19th November 2020.
  • The application has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users
  • The application is currently available for android phones
  • The application is developed and monitored by Google.
  • There are no registration fees for the application.
  • Users can select their tasks as per their choice.
  • The registration process is online.

Google Task Mate App

What Is Google Task Mate Application?

Google Task Mate Application can be used through the referral code and without Task Mate Invitation Code Users are not able to Continue to Select the Task or Earn Money Online. Currently, Google Task Mate App is in Testing Mode and will work under the referral. The Application has Active Download of more than 100,000+ users. the Google Task Mate App is only be used through Referral Code and this because the App is currently in the Testing Phase and limited to some users. Users can have a referral code that can be used by only three users at a Time. Users need to check the codes only from trusted websites. We will be updating the codes below which can be accessed only by 3 people. Do have a regular visit to this page to know the updated Task Mate Referral codes.

What Are the Benefits Of Google Task Mate App?

Google Task mate App provides an easy way to Earn Money online by completing some of the simple Tasks on your Mobile. You need a working Internet connection on your Device for finishing the Tasks. The Payment will be withdrawn after finishing the Tasks. There is no threshold limit of the amount required to Check Out the Payment. The major advantage of this Application is that it can be used by any Users and there is no need for any kind of Technical Knowledge. but the benefit of this Application can only be taken after entering the correct Invitation Code.

Types of Tasks In Google Task Mate App

Google Task Mate App provides you with some tasks such as Capture Photos, transcribe sentence etc. When you finish all these tasks you will get paid in your local currency directly into your Bank Account. All the tasks will be based on your profile and the topics you are interested in will be given similar tasks. The Task Mate Application Provides the following types of tasks to earn huge rewards:

  • Capture Photo of Shopfronts
  • Record Spoken Sentences
  • Transcribe Sentences
  • Check Shop Details
  • Record the Sentence
  • Answer survey question
  • Translate sentences from English to your local language

How To Earn Money From Google Task Mate App?

Before Earning from Google Task Mate Application Users have to download from Google Play Store or Apple Store then they need to Sign Up the Application with Working Task mate Referral Code. After Finishing the Sign-Up Process, Users can check that the App is divided into two parts which are Field Task and Sitting Task. The Field Task includes Taking Photographs of nearby offices, Restaurants, and various other landmarks for the mapping purpose. The Sitting Task Includes a transcription of Sentences, Record spoken sentence and other works that can be performed by sitting in one place. After finishing each of the Task it will go for the Reviews. after the work is down the Amount will be transferred in Bank Account. An individual can check the Amount details on their Dashboard.

Google Task Mate App

How To Add Payment Method & Withdraw Money Task Mate?

The Task Mate Users will be paid in their local currency for the tasks that they completed and for that users need an account with a third-party payment processor such as PayPal and others. When you are ready to cash out,

  • Simply you need to Register your e-wallet or account with our payment partner in our app.
  • Then You need to Go through your Profile Page.
  • Now click on the “Cash out” button.
  • Then you can withdraw you are earning in your local currency.

Google Task Mate App

How To Download/Install/Sign Up Google Task Mate App?

Google Task mate app is available in the Google Play Store or Apple Store to Download. After Downloading the Google Task Mate Application Users need to Sign Up for earning money through it. Here Below is the google task mate application registration Step by Step Process:

Step-I: At First Go through the Official Source of Application of Just Type the Task mate On Google Play Store or Click On  Download Here

Google Task Mate App

Step-II: Now Download the Application and Enter Your Email-ID and then Click on Get Started.

Google Task Mate App

Step-III: Now Choose the Language from the Given Options. The Language will be the Interface Language.

Google Task Mate App

Step-IV: Now You have to choose your Working Language. This is the Language which will provide you with several Tasks.

Google Task Mate App

Step-V: Now You need to Enter your Working Referral Code. The Code will be in Capital Letters.

Google Task Mate App

Step-VI: In Order to proceed further you have to click on Accept Agreement.

Google Task Mate App

Step-VII: Now you will be redirected to the Taskmate App Dashboard. Choose your Task according to your choice, skill or Intrest. You can skip that task which you feel difficult. Select from Sitting/Field task.

Step-VIII: After Finishing your Task Users need to Submit, and it will go to the Review process.

Step-IX: After Completing the Task the payment will be withdrawn by the user through entering the bank details in the application.

Google Task Mate App

NOTE from Google: Task Mate (beta) is limited to selected testers at the moment. Please only download this app if you have a referral code as we are unable to extend further invites at this time.

Download Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate Referral Code Today

Google Task mate application is already available in other countries like the United States and Europe, Google has recently launched a beta version of task mate app for the Indian Users for testing and all they want your valuable feedback so that the developer can improve the app.

Google Task Mate Working Referral Code/ Invitation Code 2021

Before Putting Google Task Mate Referral Code, You should be careful and not Put the Random Codes. Otherwise, your Device can be Blocked permanently. Here below are some working Google Task Mate Referral Codes:

Referral Code 32 HGY23Q (Working)
Referral Code 31 TIQS71 (Working)
Referral Code 30 Z7MGR8 (Expired)
Referral Code 29 BH2G5F (Expired)
Referral Code 28 M86IZ5 (Expired)
Referral Code 27 6N71Z3 (Expired)
Referral Code 26 XP39BQ (Expired)
Referral Code 25 Z7MGR8 (Expired)
Referral Code 24 BH2G5F (Expired)
Referral Code 23 LT9R4A (Expired)
Referral Code 22 9FMXW7 (Expired)
Referral Code 21 7ZQKW9 (Expired)
Referral Code 20 X5GY7K (Expired)
Referral Code 19 KIMQP1 (Expired)
Referral Code 18 MKO6Y2 (Expired)
Referral Code 17 6RT51O (Expired)
Referral Code 16  JW6K2Q (Expired)
Referral Code 15  DH6U2N (Expired)
Referral Code 14  2BKHX5 (Expired)
Referral Code 13  PK2MKR (Expired)
Referral Code 12  RS4T1F (Expired)
Referral Code 11  D26BH0 (Expired)
Referral Code 10  G3HM90 (Expired)
Referral Code 9  XH54Z7 (Expired)
Referral Code 8  C90ZTF (Expired)
Referral Code 7  G9K18M (Expired)
Referral Code 6  1KBLB6 (Expired)
Referral Code 5 57HZD9 (Expired)
Referral Code 4 RS43TF (Expired)
Referral Code 3 H97YVB (Expired)
Referral Code 2 86HZE1 (Expired)
Referral Code 1 15ZIT9 (Expired)

Bottom Lines

Here in this article. we have provided Google Task App Fresh Invitation Codes, How to Earn Money and full guide about Google Task Mate App. Before Entering the Google Task Make Referral Code remember when you enter a code there is a limit for entering codes If you cross the limit, you may not able to use Task Mate App. Because Google has set a limit for this referral code which means the existing Taskmate user are able to refer up to 3 friends only. So the new users are always advised to use secondary google account for testing any invitation codes that you get from the internet. Use your main account only if you are sure that code is valid. As the Google Task Mate App is in Beta Version, It is very difficult to get a working Referral Code, but we trying our best to get as many referral codes from the existing TaskMate users. Always stay tuned to this website to get Fresh and Working Latest Referral codes.

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