Grammarly Review: Pros, Cons And Benefits Of Premium Version

Grammarly Review: Making errors is human nature and it is valid for each and every one. There are a lot of typing mistakes that people make. So what is the solution of correcting these mistakes effectively? Well, there are a lot of applications available on the internet which can make your work simple. Grammarly is one such application. We are going to explain the uses of this application and also review it.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an amazing application or tool which helps us in rectifying all the typing errors in a given paragraph. It is a very effective tool to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. One of the best thing about this tool is that it is available both on desktop and Smartphones. You can install the Android application of Grammarly and it will attach a new keyboard to your device which will show all the grammar and spelling mistakes while typing.

Similarly, users can add the Grammarly extension on Chrome or other browsers in order to have a handy tool. It will automatically search for grammar and spelling mistakes while you are typing. Hence, you do not have to do anything manually. Moreover, the application does not automatically replace the wrong sentences. Rather, it displays the suggestions and it is up to the user if he wants to make the change or let it remain the same. Hence, it is a great tool.

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Grammarly Review

Who Frequently Requires Grammarly?

Grammarly is used by anyone who is involved in frequent typing activities. It includes various typewriters as well as bloggers who have to write multiple articles in a day. It is not practically possible to go through each and every sentence of the article to rectify the mistake if any. Hence, this acts as a great tool. Here awesome people who must have this application installed on the device.

  • Bloggers
  • Content creator
  • Content writer
  • Students
  • Journalists

Is Grammarly Free To Use?

It is free to use the tool and the Android application is also available for free. However, the users who frequently use it can try upgrading to the premium version. Grammarly premium version has some added features which are not available for the free users. Let’s have a look at the features of the free and paid version.

Free Version

  • Allows users to find out spelling and grammar mistakes only. Suggestions and corrections are applied as per the user.

Premium Version

  • Find out all grammar, spelling, punctuation, and context related errors in the text.
  • Upgrades vocabulary
  • Gender-specific style of checking
  • Detect plagiarism by searching through more than 16 million web pages.

Grammarly Review


  • Easy to use software which helps in creating error-free content. The text or any error is highlighted automatically and all you need to do is tap on it and check out the suggestions.
  • The online software has greater accuracy and track record. It is daily used by millions of people across the world to create content, check plagiarism and other mistakes.
  • The premium version offers a plagiarism checker. This helps the bloggers to maintain a level of uniqueness in their content.
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  • The free version offers only spelling and grammar, mistake checker.
  • Google docs are not supported by Grammarly. However, it is expected that the developers of working on this.
  • Advertisements are displayed many times on the screen if you are a free user.

Final Verdict

Grammarly is a great software and is also available in the form of application. It is a very helpful tool for bloggers and other people who frequently write articles. The accuracy of the software is also very high and this makes it even more suitable. One can upgrade to the premium version by paying $139 annually.

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