Grammarly Review 2020: Is Checking Grammar Using Grammarly Worth It?

No matter whether you are a blogger, someone who just simply love to write or someone who wants to be a successful author/ writer, then the most essential thing you will require is proper grammar, without which you can’t excel in this field.

There would not be a single person who likes to have mistakes, everybody needs that perfect grammar checker that is going to help or will prevent us from making any kind of mistakes. There are many instances when we have a variety of mistakes, therefore, a software tool is must at that situation which can help out in order to make better content.

In order to ensure that you don’t make such grammatical mistakes, Grammarly can help you out in several writing activities. Grammarly helps in presenting the best version of the content. It is very useful, simple to use and all your mistakes are detected technically, therefore you don’t require any manual help to help you out for this.

Not only grammar, but it also helps out to check spellings, plagiarism, etc. Writing is an art and not all can master it, many a time we get confused with the pattern, grammar, synonyms, and much other stuff that is when Grammarly helps us.

What Exactly Grammarly is?

Grammarly is basically an app or extension that is used for your browser for checking out your grammar, spelling, plagiarism, along with more in real-time on a number of several platforms, which consist of Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, among many more. Grammarly is a very useful tool that is quite popular among writers, research scholars, as well as editors for getting help or assistance in clearing all the grammatical errors in your content.

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Some of the key features of Grammarly are as follows:

  • It helps in checking Grammar and spelling mistakes for free of cost.
  • You can also check punctuations grammar, context, along with sentence structure, however, it is available for its premium version.
  • Grammarly premium subscribers can have vocabulary enhancement with the help of this extension
  • In addition to that, it also checks the Genre-specific writing style along with detecting Plagiarism, where it checks more than 16 billion web pages.

Why Grammarly is Used?

Grammarly is available for everybody who loves to write professionally or casually. It doesn’t confine its users based on the motive of their writing, whether you are bloggers, professional editor, students or casual writers, anybody can use it for enhancing their content.

However, this tool has been mostly used by content writers, copywriters, authors, business professionals, as well as students. This tool can come out to be very useful for new writers for avoiding them to make any errors in their content and to shine out as best.

If writing is your profession, then you will require more professional view and for this, you can get great assistance by Grammarly from the one-month free trial of the Premium Version which can be used by many students as well who might have a project of work they want to check. The best part of Grammarly is that it is easily accessible and can be accessed all around the world.

Is Grammarly Useful?

Yes, Grammarly is very useful, especially for those who have writing as their profession. Wrong spellings and grammar can easily ruin your whole assignment and will bring a lot of problems with that as well. Grammarly is not only for the professionals but for all of us who likes to present the accurate work.

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It can be used as a grammar, spelling checker, as well as proofreading tool. Additionally, Grammarly can offer exceptional settings for Canadian English, American English, British English, Australian English, among many more. You can easily add the settings as per to your preferred language and use it for ensuring that your article, blog post or book is published without any errors.

This is very useful in helping the content creator to dodge awkward typos as well as errors. It can easily detect each and every little mistake from basic to advance along with providing you suggestions for making the sentence much more enhanced and better. It also gives you the recommendations and instructions on how you can correct your mistakes in the content.

Grammarly Review 2020: Is Checking Grammar Using Grammarly Worth It?

Is There Any Cost Involved in Grammarly?

The users can get Grammarly for free of cost, but if you need better assistance and much more features, especially if you are professional, then you should try its premium version, which does involve cost.

There are several different versions of Grammarly out which one is the free version which is mostly used and the other one is paid premium version of Grammarly which covers different elements and very much useful and better than the free version with added important features.

  • The monthly subscription cost of Grammarly premium is $29.95 per month
  • The quarterly subscription cost of Grammarly premium is $59.95
  • The annual subscription cost of Grammarly premium is $139.95

The Grammarly premium version provides several plans which you can get for longer terms like the paid versions. It lets you select a particular version or genre of writing for making it more precise as well as more perfect for editing business, casual or else the academic writings.

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For having access and control over the advanced errors, you must go for the Grammarly premium version which is specifically designed for detecting the advanced errors.

What are The Advantages & Drawbacks of Grammarly?

Here are the pros and cons of Grammarly which you should know in advance:


  • Easy to use interface and can be accessed globally with ease.
  • Grammarly offers Real-time grammar correction, because of which you can know right away your errors and mistakes while you are writing.
  • Overall, it is highly accurate and offers high accuracy of your content.
  • It not only detects your mistakes but also goes a step further with explanations for making you understand and improve more.


  • It doesn’t work on everything such as it doesn’t function on Google Docs
  • An unnecessary advertisement that can bother the users quite often
  • The free version of Grammarly offers very limited features

Is Grammarly Worth it?

Overall, by seeing Grammarly features and benefits, we can definitely say that this app or extension is very useful, especially if you are a professional writer as it will avoid you to get into any further problem or concern. It doesn’t limit their users because of which anyone can use it across the globe, so whether you are a student, casual writer or the professional one, it will provide you with some amazing features and with the paid or premium version you can get more benefits which every writer would love to have.

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