Fat Burning Foods: 10 Best Healthy Foods To Help In Weight Loss

Best Fat Burning Foods: Every individual have fat in their body and it is not a bad thing at all because fats are responsible and also very important to give energy to our body as well as to support cell growth. However, the excessive fat in the body is quite hazardous for our health as it leads to many chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and many more. In order to avoid such situations, we must maintain fat in our body by doing proper exercise and consuming healthy food. Even if we change our diet plan we can easily burn a great amount of fat from our body and here’s what we are going to discuss. Today, with the help of this post we will share some best fat burning food that every individual dealing with extra fat should know.

Whole Grains

Fat Burning Foods

When it comes to weight loss, then cereal grains seem to have a bad name as they are linked to wider waists, but there are some types of grains such as Whole grain which are definitely healthy and quite useful. Whole grains are loaded with fibre as well as also contain a decent amount of protein such as oats, brown rice and quinoa. As grains are high in carbs, so you must avoid it if you are on a very low-carb diet, otherwise, you can consume it.


Fat Burning Foods

Some research has revealed eggs help in losing weight over time as it is low in calories and are rich in other dietary nutrients that are good for an individual’s health. Egg-based breakfasts help in reducing the hunger or cravings and instead promote the feeling of fullness for more than a few hours in overweight and obese people. Even a hard-boiled egg on the top of a salad at lunch can help in keeping you full until dinner.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fat Burning Foods

There are many fruits as well as vegetables that can help you out in losing weight. Go for the fruits and vegetables which are less in calories and rich in fibres and are full of water and nutrients such as watermelon, avocado, papaya, apple, pears, celery, carrots, Sweet Potatoes, blueberries etc.

Greek Yogurt

Fat Burning Foods

As compared to the other available yogurts in the market, Greek yogurt contains protein almost twice as other yogurts. If you want to lose weight you must focus on high protein as it takes much time to leave your stomach, which in turn keep you satisfied and full for a longer duration. While digesting protein, your body burns more calories. You must focus on non-fat, low-fat, as well as low-sugar types of yogurt to maintain your weight.


Fat Burning Foods

Quinoa is a nutritional grain crop which is not only popular for weight loss but also for many health purposes. Quinoa is grown mainly for its highly nutritious edible seeds, though it is a seed it can be prepared and eaten just like grain for instance rice. It is a gluten-free and high protein whole grain which helps in maintaining your body to be in shape. It is also rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. For making it more nutritious, you can mix in some vegetables, nuts, or lean protein to Quinoa while preparing it.


Fat Burning Foods

Kale, which is also known as leaf cabbage is loaded with beneficial compounds that are useful for our health. It is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense leafy green. Kale is rich in vitamins A, K, C, B6, calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium, among many others. It is very useful for weight loss as it contains very less fat and is very useful in reducing belly fat.

Green Tea

Fat Burning Foods

There are many studies which have revealed that green tea helps in reducing weight by burning fat. In addition, it may also help in reducing the risk of heart disease and also protects your body against certain types of cancer. Green tea is an excellent source of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is an antioxidant that helps in promoting burning as well as losing belly fat. In order to see the good result within a small time span, you should drink green tea several times a day.

Hot Peppers

Fat Burning Foods

Hot or chilli peppers not only add heat to your food but can do more than that with the help of its flavourless chemical which is known as capsaicin. Their powerful antioxidants help in reducing the inflammation as well as give protection to your cells from damage. Some research has also revealed that capsaicin that has been found in hot pepper is useful in maintaining a healthy weight. Capsaicin helps in to reduce your appetite along with speeding up your metabolism to some extent for a short period of time. Also, because of its spiciness, you eat less food thus, maintain your weight.


Fat Burning Foods

Across the globe, Coffee is one of the most popular beverages that have been loved by many and some can’t even start their day without it. Coffee helps in improving an individual’s mental and physical performance as it is a good source of caffeine. However, it also helps in burning your fat as a study revealed that if you take caffeine an hour before exercise then it can burn nearly twice as much fat as you normally burn while having exercise. Though, adding calories with toppings will not give that much result.

Coconut And Olive Oil

Fat Burning Foods

Coconut and olive oil is filled with health benefits and also helps in losing weight. It boosts your metabolism and the fats in coconut oil are generally MCTs, which is responsible for suppressing your appetite and includes some fat-burning properties. If you add coconut oil to your diet then it will increase the “good” HDL cholesterol along with decreasing your triglycerides and help you to lose extra weight. On the other hand, Plant-based oils such as extra-virgin olive oil help in making you feel full, thus credited towards losing weight. It helps in reducing inflammation because of the antioxidants, mainly oleocanthal, which is said to have similar effects on the body as compared to ibuprofen when it is consumed on regular basis.

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