What Is Best Buy Return And Exchange Policy? Here Is the Complete Details!

Best Buy Return And Exchange Policy: When a person does the shopping, before that they look for the policy of the product, like in how much time they can return it if they don’t like it. If they return it, then they will get a refund or not, and in how much time will they get a refund? So, if they are sure that the product they buy is defective after purchasing it or if they don’t like it, they can return it or get a refund. That’s why now every online site shares their return and exchange policy with their product. So, the customers read them properly and after that, they buy the product. Even for each product, the return or refund policy is different. But when the products are the same, then they may be the same or a little different.

Today, in this article you will get information about the return and exchange policy of Best Buy. It is also an online website, and they also have an in-store where anyone can do shopping. Let us first know about the Best Buy Store and later discuss their return and exchange policies.

What Is The Best Buy Store Like?

Best Buy Co., Inc. is a multinational company. This is the company that sells electronic items. The founder of this multination company is Richard M. Schulze. This is headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, the U.S. As this company is an international company, they have their work in other countries and states as well, like Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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To find out more about this company, you can visit their website as well. You will find that in this international electronic company, more than 125,000 employees are working.

They sell their products in-store and also on the online website. So the customers do shopping with them as they want.

Best Buy Policies Apply

As you are a customer, it is understandable that you first check for the return or exchange policies for the product that you are going to buy from Best Buy. That’s why in this article, you will get all the information.

The policies for returning or exchanging the product from Best Buy have differed. Even though the return or exchange time is within 15 days, for cell phones and other devices that need activation, it is 14 days, and for major devices, it is also 14 days.

But if you are an Elite member of the website, then for most devices the limit is 30 days. For cell phones and devices that need activation, you have an exchange or return within 14 days, and for major appliances, the limit is 15 days.

However, if you are an Elite Plus member of the website, then the return and exchange limits are completely different from the other two. Most products can be changed within 45 days. Cell phones and other devices that need activation can be exchanged or returned in 14 days, and for major appliances, the limit is 15 days.

Within this given period, you can return or exchange your products from Best Buy. Even for exchanging or returning the product, there are two procedures, online and in-store.

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On the Internet

For returning the product to Best Buy Online, there is an easy procedure, which is given below:

  • Return the product during its return time and the item will be in its real condition.
  • You can return the item via shipping to the Best Buy return department, by attaching your Photo Id proof with it and with the invoice.
  • You must be sure to track the item that you are posting and also confirm the shipping before returning it.


You can also return the product by going in-store. Let’s see how:

  • You can return the item in-store even if you bought it from the website.
  • To get an immediate refund, you have to take your invoice or sale receipt, or if you misplaced it, then you can take your photo ID proof or another document that shows that you made a purchase.

These are easy ways to return the product that you buy from Best Buy. Follow anyone that you like.

The Exchange Policy of Best Buy

If you don’t want to return the product but want to exchange it, you have to exchange it within a certain time. After the exchange time is over, you can not exchange it. So, the product you buy from the Online Website of Best Buy then exchanges it within its exchange period.

Even if you don’t have your receipt for exchanging the product, then it’s no issue because you can use your photo ID as proof or the document that you use to make a payment and easily exchange the product.

However, keep in mind that the exchanging or returning policy begins on the day you purchase your product.

The Refund Policy of Best Buy

As such, if you return your product and are worried about how much time your money will be refunded, then no worry, and read on to continue to know the refund policy:

  • The refund procedure takes time of 2-3 working days.
  • You did not get your shipping charges.
  • If you make payment for your purchase of more than $800 by cash or $250 by online debit or credit card, then it will take 10 working days to refund the payment.
  • For any queries, you can contact 1-888-BEST BUY.

So, all these are the Policies of Best Buy for their products. Now you know all the return/exchange and refund policies for the product that you bought.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  • The customer care number of Best Buy?

The customer care number is 1-888-237-8289.

  • Is a return or exchange possible without a receipt?

Yes, by using your photo id proof.

  • Can someone return the opened item?

Yes, use your photo ID as proof when returning the product.

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