#20 Wired Facts & Most Elusive Secrets Of World’s That Nobody Knows !!!

   There is a famous quote about Secret “If you told someone it is no longer a secret”.  But in reality, secrets are the most shared facts.  We have to admit that people show more interest to know secrets, let it be a general or personal secret.  Likewise, we have a collection of elusive secrets that nobody knows about it.  Are you ready to know?

The World’s Most Elusive Secrets-

    • In Japan, you can hire a handsome man to watch sentimental movies with you and wipe away your tears (Really!)
    • In the hills of northeastern India, Ziona Chana presides over the world’s biggest family. It’s composed of his 39 wives, 94 children, 14 daughters-in-law, and 33 grandkids, and all live in his four-story lavender mansion.


    • The fabled island city, a world power in the 10th millennium that vanished overnight. Two places could’ve been Atlantis, namely the island of Santorini sunk by a volcano or Sicily, which at the time was very similar to the supposed Atlantis.
    • Until the 1800’s, dentures were often made from the teeth of dead soldiers.
    • Ethiopia lives seven years behind the rest of the world based on its alternate calculations of when Jesus Christ was born, according to The Africa Report.

Ethiopia lives seven years

    • The current US flag was designed by high school boy Robert Heft as part of a school project. He initially got a B- on the project, but when his design was chosen for the country, his teacher gave him an A.

The current US flag

    • A book created in the early 1400s that is almost entirely composed of a language never before seen and never deciphered since. It comes with a collection of colorful drawings of strange plant-like creatures and celestial diagrams, but the contents remain elusive with some speculation, it might’ve been a book on early medieval medicine.
    • In the 1700s, “macaroni” was a slang term for a fashionable man
    • In Denmark, citizens have to select baby names from a list of 7,000 government-approved names.
    • A tomato plant was found on the 40 year old volcanic island, Surtsey. Scientists were surprised as to how it got there. Actually, it was from scientist taking a dump: His feces served as a natural compost

A tomato plant was found on the 40 year old

    • It’s really awesome that about 500 improvements are made every year in Google’s search methods. These are fiercely protected as they are able to detect misspellings and get the right results

500 improvements are made every year in Google’s search methods

  • The cigarette lighter was invented before the match
  • It snows pieces of metal on Venus
  • In ancient Egypt, servants were covered in honey so as to attract flies away from pharaoh
  • It is a surprising fact that every continent has a city called Rome.
  • Human thigh bones are much stronger than concrete. (Unbeleivable !)
  • A giraffe’s tongue is up 21 inches long. Sometime, they use them to clean their own noses.
  • The results of Oscars is something that temporarily deprive of sight from a lot of people around the world. But the results are kept secret until the very last moment. The way they do it is simple-by making sure that the ballot is counted and the results are tabulated by hand. Only two people-Brad Oltmans and Rick Rosas, both of whom are accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers, know of the results beforehand.

The results of Oscars

  • The amount of Nutella produced in a year could wrap around the world 1.4 times :O
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