How Room Temperature Superconductor Could Revolutionize Technology


                   Hydrogen is an element which on studies showed that it is a solid thing with one free valence electron behaving like an alkali metal. It is assumed that it may act like a metal (+1 charge) while we couldn’t get our assumption to be real. Metallic Hydrogen is thought to be one kind of degenerate matter. This phase of Hydrogen is thought to behave like an electrical Conductor.

This phase is known to be predicted in the year 1935 theoretically by Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington. Later, metallic hydrogen was seemed to be observed in the laboratory at a high pressurized condition (around 495 gigapiscal) on October of 2016. Scientists from Harvard University have reported the creation of Metallic Hydrogen which is said to be capable of Superconducting at room temperature without any resistance on this January (2017).Scientists believe that this metallic hydrogen which they created is the holy grail of the high-pressure physics.


They describe this element to have, such an incredible properties which seem as if it was predicted before. Creation of this superconductor is assumed that it could bring a lot of difference in the mankind’s life. Though, some of the dissenters think that this discovery might be happened based on errors and also they state that the thing created by researchers is not the metallic hydrogen but may be the aluminum oxide which also has the characteristics of withstanding the high pressure. But if the researchers do confirm their creations in the upcoming days, it could be an awesome breakthrough that can bring out revolutions in the Technological fields.


                   Generally, superconductors are the conductors which are considered to be conducting the electricity without any resistance when it is maintained at a very low temperature. But bringing out this temperature condition is little tricky and requires more work and expensive. Since this superconductor is thought to work at even room temperature, the electrical conduction with zero resistance is going to happen without any temperature conscious preparations. At most, every superconductor would conduct electricity when it is brought to the temperature nearly absolute zero.


It is known that Hydrogen Sulfide-the chemical compound is found to conduct electricity with no resistance at high temperatures up to 203 kelvin, which around -70°C. The currently used superconductors are used in applications like creating high and powerful magnetic fields for MRI machines and Maglev Trains. In these applications, the temperature to make it superconductive is below -269°C which is expensive and hard in some cases.



  • The superconductors can be used in electric power transmission lines without any loss as it has zero resistance.
  • Magnetic Levitation High-speed trains can be efficient as it can be activated at room temperatures. So the expense of implementing this transportation can be reduced to a fine extent.
  • It can also be used in energy storage and production process due to its high conducting levels. So, we can assume that we can store more energy without any loss of energy since its zero resistance characteristics.