MyVanillaDebitCard: Vanilla Debit Card Login, Activation, Balance At

MyVanillaDebitCard Login Guide: Vanilla Prepaid Card is issued by Credit One Bank for those customers who deal with their money transactions as well as take care of providing their customers with the best and suitable simplest and easy way among all the additional things that are related to the customer.

The best part is, Vanilla Debit MasterCard can be accepted anywhere and anytime in the world. Nowadays, funding has become quite easier with the use of this card, with the help of vanilla load, you are able to directly deposit money deprived of facing any problem.

Anytime, you can reload your MyVanillaDebitCard very easily in order to get access to your account for making several payments with the help of this card. If you want, you can even connect this card to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay as well as with other available payment options. For getting access to this card, you have to first apply for this card.

If you are one of those who are searching to get more information on MyVanillaCard, then you must read the following article until the end. You are perfectly at the right place as today with the help of this article, we are going to provide you major details regarding MyVanillaDebitCard sign up, Activation and so on at MyVanillaDebitCard. So, without wasting any time let’s get started….

What is Myvanilladebitcard?

Vanilla Prepaid Card is the best and convenient way to provide customers to take care of their money easily. MyVanillaDebitCard including Vanilla prepaid visa card or Vanilla debit MasterCard can be used anywhere in the United States of America. by using this Card funding is easier. users are able to reload MyVanillaDebitCard to deposit money directly without any problem. Users are also able to Reload MyVanillaDebitCard anytime and can access their Account easily to make different Payments by using this card. MyVanillacard function is similar to the Credit card or Debit Cards as well as and used as a reloadable and prepaid card. By using this Card Users can make payments of their Bills, also receive a Direct Deposit and Others. There is no Application Procedure to check Your Credit or has Approval because these cards are not Credit Cards.

Benefits Of Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card

There are many amazing benefits that one can get with Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card, some of those are listed below:

  • One will get a cashback of 1% for important supplies which also consist of mobile, TV connection, gas as well as web access.
  • The authorized customers will also get a cashback of 1% on all other verified purchases.
  • For restaurants, you are going to get a cashback of 11%.
  • For all other purchases, you will get 1% cashback.
  • If you want then you can also add your card in the mobile wallet.
  • You will also get Notifications and email alerts

MyVanillaDebitCard Login

MyVanillaDebitCard Login Portal have its own official website For Login, Register and Activate Your Prepaid Gift Cards. Through this website You are able to Register Your Account and Activate Vanilla Prepaid Gift Cards. Before Using Your Card you need to Activate it through its official website. Because If Your Card will not Active then You can not use it anymore. there are Many Cards in the Market but Myvanilladebitcard is best. there are a lot of Benefits of this Card and If You have Credit Card than You are able to Use it According to their Limit but If You can Not pay Credit Card Amount on time then You can Pay Extra Money in Interest but on the other side Myvanilladebitcard is best one. There are many Advantages of using this Card and it can be the Best Gift Options fort Your beloved Friends, Relatives and near and dear ones.

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Vanilla Debit Card Sign Up & Application Process

Users are able to Sign Up an Account for MyVanillaCard to turn on the Notifications for the Text Alert. So In order to make a purchase or When your Card Balance is Low You can get some notification through it. MyVanillaDebitCard is a simple and convenient way for Managing your money. You also reload your MyVanillaDebitCard easily. Also, You don’t need to go through any paperwork to get a MyVanillaDebitCard. also you don’t have need any bank account either. You can use these prepaid cards anywhere. There are two types of prepaid cards available, Visa Debit Card or Debit Mastercard. If you want to apply for the MyVanillaDebitCard Or want to Register Your Account, then you need to follow these instructions: 

  • Step 1: At first, Go through the official website of MyVanillaDebitCard by following the link
  • Step 2:  Now here You will be redirected to the Homepage where you need to tap on the button “Get My Vanilla Card”.
  • Step 3:  Now in the next step, you need to Select the Card brand. Make sure you are a new user for getting the Vanilla Card and do not have it before. If you already have a card then you have to sign in.
  • Step 4:  Now, you need to choose two options that will be placed in front of you, and you have to select the card you want.
  • Step 5:  After selecting the desired card you need to click on the “Submit” button to move towards the application form.
  • Step 6:  Now, you need to Provide Your Required Information such as your Personal Details and Your Contact Details.
  • Step 7:  Now, You need to create a PIN and Verify it.
  • Step 8:  After Verifying the PIN Code, you need to click on the “Next” button.
  • Step 9:  Another step is to Register and Sign up for an Online Account to deal with Your Card Activities.
  • Step 10:  Now In Order to Complete the Vanilla Debit Card Application form, you need to follow the Given Instructions.

How To Activate Your MyVanillaCard?

MyVanilla Debit cards are an easy and effective way to manage all your funds. these cards provide you with the flexibility of spending worldwide while also keeping your account safe and secure. You are able to buy a card, activate it and use it like any other prepaid card. If you are wondering whether this card is best suited for your financial needs, we are here to help you in making the correct decision. In order to activate your MyVanillaCard, you have to simply follow these below-mentioned steps which are as follows:

  • Step 1: To begin the process, you have to first visit the official website, the link for which is
  • Step 2: After that, you are going to be directed to another page where you will have to enter your user id.
  • Step 3: Now, just simply enter your card account.
  • Step 4: If in case you don’t have an account yet for some reason, then you have to first set up your card and then click on the link below for signing sign up as well as to create an account.
  • Step 5: For creating a creative, you have to select two options and those are that you want to go with MyVanillaCard or else with Mio Money Card.
  • Step 6: After that, you have to select the card, you have to enter your card number in the given section.
  • Step 7: Now simply provide your three-digit CCV in the blank space that has been provided and click on the submit button.
  • Step 8: With the help of this way your card will become fully activated.
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MyVanillaDebitCard: Vanilla Debit Card Login, Activation, Balance At

Vanilla Debit Card Login Guidelines

After you have created and activated your MyVanillaCard account, then you have to simply follow these below-mentioned steps for login procedure:

  • Step 1: To begin the process, you have to first visit the official portal of MyVanillaPrepaid, the ink for which is
  • Step 2: After that, you have to see the option of the login page.
  • Step 3: Now you will have to enter your email id and username in the given fields
  • Step 4: After that simply enter the password correctly.
  • Step 5: At last, you have successfully logged on to MyVanilla Prepaid.

Steps To Reset Forgotten Password

If you lost your MyVanillaDebitCard Account Password, then you need to follow these below steps, In order to recover your MyVanilla Account Password: 

  • Step 1: First, Go through the Official Website of the MyVanilla Card, or By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to your account. 
  • Step 2: Now there, you need to click on the “Forgot Password” option, under the Sign In button. 
  • Step 3: Now Enter your Username on the first field. 
  • Step 4: Now Tick the box, I’m not a robot. 
  • Step 5: After that, you have to click on the Submit button. 
  • Step 6: Then, follow these instructions to recover your forgotten password. 

Recharge MyVanilla Debit Card

This Card is quite different from any other card. In order to use this card, you have to pay money or recharge it first for buying things or transact money online or offline. If in case you have a MyVanilla Prepaid Debit Card, then you must recharge it first otherwise you won’t be able to utilize its benefits.

For doing the same, you have to go to the official website. When you visit the official site, you have to log in to your account of Vanilla Visa or MasterCard debit card. Entering this, it is going to activate your Prepaid Debit Card. For accomplishing this process, you only need My Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card Account Username or User ID as well as My Vanilla Prepaid Debit Card Account Password.

MyVanilla Debit Card Balance Check

If in case you want to check your card balance, then all you have to do is to go to By visiting the website, you can simply check your balance which will help you to know when to recharge. Not only this, but it also helps in drawing money, when you can know that your account has money. For any issue or concern, you can also call the Customer Support a call at 1-855-686-9513, if you ever need assistance.

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Steps To Check MyVanilla Debit Card Balance 

  • Step 1: At first, you need to Open your PC/Computer, then Connect your device with the internet connection.
  • Step 2: After connecting your device with the internet, now you need to open your Web Browser and go through the provided link At
  • Step 3: After visiting at the Main Page of the Website, then on that page, you need to Enter Your Username and Password and then you have to simply click on the “Sign in” Button to for the Vanilla Debit Card Account Login.
  • Step 4: If you are a Vanilla Debit Cardholder and you are the first time user for the card, then you need to simply click on the provided button “Set up Your Card” to proceed further.
  • Step 5: After clicking the button you will be redirected on the next page, there you have to choose the option either you are having Mio Money Card or MyVanilla Card. You have to choose any one of them which you have.
  • Step 6: After that, you need to Enter Your Vanilla Gift Card Number in the given column, and CCV in the second field and then simply click on the “Submit” button.
  • Step 7: Now Here you can check MyVanilla Debit Card Balance Online.

Check Balance Now

How To Check Balance At

After Purchasing Vanilla Prepaid Gift Card Users need to Login Account For Checking the Current Balance. Customers need to Use this Official Website In Order to Check Vanilla Gift Card Balance, Reload their Cards with additional credit and Assign a Zip Code for Online Purchases as per the Procedures. For this Users need to visit the Official Website at and visit the “Manage your One Vanilla Card” section. Then Enter their Relevant Data From Debit Card. Then Enter Your Vanilla Gift Card Number which has 16 Digit. Then Enter the CVV number which is available at the Back of the Card. After Entering this Data Click on “My Account Details” Section And Check Your Account Balance. After Finishing all the Suitable Tasks Click on the ‘Sign Out’ from the above Right Corner.

My Vanilla Debit Card Customer Service Number

If any of the authorized customers are dealing with any issue or problem or simply have any question regarding My Vanilla Debit Card, then contact the customer service number and dial 1855-686-9513.

If in case you want to contact the live customer agent, then simply press 1 and then 3. Wait for a little while to get the response via message then after that press 4 as well as provide the phone number you want to register for making a live call.

MyVanillaCard Mobile Apps

  • Free mobile app for money management on the go.
  • Users Can Check Card balance, view Transaction Details, find Vanilla Reload locations.
  • Quick and convenient account access in the palm of your hand.

For Android

Android Users are able to use this link to download the mobile application:


IOS Users are able to use this link to download a mobile application:

Reference Link

Final Verdict

With the help of this post, we have discussed several things regarding MyVanillaDebitCard and its login. I hope this article has helped you to know more about MyVanillaDebitCard and also about how to sign in, activate and check the balance of the card at Let us know in the comments section how your experience with MyVanillaDebitCard goes for you.

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