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MyPremierCreditCard: If you are addicted to shopping but don’t have a good credit score to apply for a credit card, then we will suggest you My Premier Credit Card. However, it is a bank card but it functions just like a credit card. This bank card is easy to apply which doesn’t even charge you high fees. In addition to that, you also get a list of rewards that every credit cardholder would love to enjoy. So, if you are looking for such a credit card that charges less fee along with offering you the best offers and rewards then you must go for Mypremiercreditcard.

This card is basically associated with and provided by the Premier Bank. It not only functions like a credit card but also offers more benefits than a traditional credit card. It is a perfect choice even for those who don’t have a perfect credit score and wanted to build their credit history. If you want to explore more about MyPremierCreditCard then read this article till the end.

Registration procedure for Mypremiercreditcard Online Account 

In order to register your Mypremiercreditcard to create an online account, you’ll have to follow these guided steps that are provided below:

  • Step 1: In the first step, you have to first visit the official online site, the link for which is
  • Step 2: On the next page, you will be directed to the homepage of the site and at the top of that page you will see the “ENROLL” link, click on that.
  • Step 3: After you have clicked on that option, you will be asked to enter your account and card details in the individual fields.
  • Step 4: As you have entered the right details, you can now click on the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Step 5: Now, in this next step you have to create your username and password, both of 8 to 12 characters. Make sure to produce a strong password and should not reveal it to anyone.
  • Step 6: As soon as you have set both of the credentials for your online account, you can now submit it.
  • Step 7: Once your username and password have been set, an email or a message will be sent to you for the confirmation of your online account at your email address or mobile number.
  • Step 8: That’s it… You have successfully created your online account and its login credentials. Now, you can perform several online actions whether to make an online transaction or to check the activities of your card.
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MyPremierCreditCard Online Account Login Process  

After you are done with the enrolment process for creating your online account, you can now easily log in to your account without putting any much effort. All you need is your login credentials and you will be easily logged in. For the detailed instructions, follow these below-listed steps that are given below:

  • Step 1: Start the login process, by visiting the login site at
  • Step 2: You are going to be directed to the login page of the site, you have to now fill in the Username and the password in the given fields.
  • Step 3: In the last step, click on the “Sign In” button after you have filled your login credentials correctly and now you will get access to your card account data.

As you have logged in to your My Premier Credit Card, you can easily get access to your online account from where you can check and manage your card very easily. Some of the activities that you can perform while having an online account are: Check your Current balance; Paying monthly Bills Online; View current or previous transactions; Check your available Credit and current Balance, and so much more.

Recover Your Password at

Forgetting your password is a very common mistake that most of cardholders do. However, there are simple steps that you can follow in order to reset your password. You just have to follow these instructions in order to retrieve the login credential of your online account.

  • In the first step, you have to open the official site of the First Premier Credit Card at
  • In the second step, you will be directed to the official login page. Right below the sign-in button, you will see the “Forgot Username/Password” option. Click on that button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you have to enter your account number as well as the social security number that has been asked on that page.
  • Answer the details correctly and then submit the details and your password will be recovered soon and for that, you will get a mail or a message at your email address or mobile number.
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Benefits Of Having MyPremierCreditCard

Nowadays, there are a lot of brands or banking companies that are providing a range of credit cards to their customers. This makes a new customer totally confused and they can’t decide which banking companies or credit cards to choose. Therefore, we have provided you with a list of benefits that you are going to get if you get MyPremierCreditCard so that it becomes easy for you to make your decision if you are deciding to apply for the same card.

The customer gets a lot of benefits and rewards as compared to traditional credit cards. In addition, their customer service is also very good and you are going to get the service from their representatives to go through the login or registration process.

  1. The processes that you have to follow to get yourself registered or to activate your card are very user-friendly.
  2. It charges a very low fee as compared to most of the credit card companies that charge a high fee and less reward.
  3. You get free text and email alerts whenever any activity takes place through your card.
  4. The MyPremierCreditCard helps in increasing your credit limit and you can also apply for it even if you have less credit score.
  5. The cardholders get several bill payment options such as through online, by phone, by sending mail, or through an automated program on monthly basis, among many other options.

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