MyMedicalMe Login: Make Online Medical Payments At

MyMedicalMe Login: Mymedicalme is a well-known online patient service provider company. It lets the patients make their payments online with the help of their self-service portal. If in case, you have recently received a medical billing statement then you can use this online platform for making your payment online.

If you are an account holder of MyMedicalMe at then you can easily log in to your account online for managing as well as paying medical bills, view statement, payment history and so much more.

You can use My medical me if your hospital or doctor accepts the medical bill payment through

For logging in, you have to enter My Medical Me username or password. We have discussed the process to sign in & pay the bill below.

If you want to know more about MyMedicalMe login, then you are in the right place. Read the following article completely in order to get a clear picture of MyMedicalMe. Today, with the help of this article we are going to share the method, login process and so on about the MyMedicalMe patient portal, so without wasting any time let’s get started….


Paying medical bills sometimes seems to be a very hectic job and is the perfect solution for that. It is an online portal that offers patients their personalized and secure online access to some important details of their medical records. Mymedicalme is very simple and easy to understand. It lets you to securely manage your account, plan, payment and so on.

This very useful online platform lets you manage your account, plan, payment, etc. very securely. After you get the hospital bills in the mail or billing centre, you can pay it through this portal.

After getting access to your MyMedicalMe Account, you can check prescriptions, keep track of appointments, view health records, payment history, balance among so much more.

Here are some important features of MyMedicalMe that you can get after successfully signing in to this online portal: You can print your medical statement; View and print your charge as well as the payment history; Set up payment arrangements; Make your medical bill payment; You can add or update your Insurance information; Edit your notification preferences; Edit your contact information and at last, you can also add, update, or change an auto-debit payment method.

Benefits of

  • It is a very useful online platform that lets its customers to take medical payments, or to view their recent activity, also view payment and transaction history along with viewing their billing statements details.
  • When the hospital or doctor refers to payment through My Medical Me Payment deposition, then one can easily pay through
  • This website, on the other hand, offers you all these services for 24 hours to its customers who log in with their username as well as password. But at the same time, you can also make your payments without signing in.
  • If in case you have received a medical billing statement from your doctor or pharmacist, then you can easily make your payment within a few minutes by simply visiting at
  • Users can easily change or modify their notification settings, on the basis of the type of device or data updates or transaction status as Safe or Fake.
  • You can also select the payment method as per the options available. On top of that, Payment options can also be changed.

MyMedicalMe Login

MyMedicalMe Login Portal is the Online Web Portal which helps members to Manage their Medical Bills Online. MyMedicalMe Portal require some information to track Your Hospital Bills. You can easily Make Hospital and treatment Payment through the web portal including Online Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and much more. there is also the facility for Making and set the Auto-debit method. through this portal users are able to Take the Medical Payments, View their Recent Activity, view Transaction and Payment History and View Details of their Billing Statements and much more. Mymedicalme is one of the easy Bill Payment Online Portal that is controlled and directed by MedDirect inc. in order to Make Payment across the USA. MyMedicalMe Login Portal also gives 24 hours service to all its guarantors for Paying the Medical Bills from their respective Doctors. MyMedicalMe is the Online Web Portal which allows customers to Make Medical Payments, View Payments, check the Account Activity, check transaction history and more.

Mymedicalme Registration Method

One must make sure, especially if you are new to My medical me, that you have to create an account online very easily in a few minutes. If you want to create an account then simply follow the steps that are listed below:

  • Step 1: To start the process, you have to first open your browser and go to and then click on “Register”
  • Step 2: After that, you have to provide the required information also including your last name, Social security number or date of birth and ID number or even the last four digits of your phone number.
  • Step 3: Follow all the above-mentioned steps carefully and at last click on “Validate.”

MyMedicalMe Login: Make Online Medical Payments At

Mymedicalme Account Login- Pay Bill Online

If in case you are a new user and have never used My Medical Me Pay Online service, in that case, you have to first need to sign up for an account. Just follow these below-mentioned guidelines for successful login to this online portal:

  • Step 1: At first, you have to go to the official website, the link for which is
  • Step 2: After that click on “Make My Payment”.
  • Step 3: Now select the option that you are intent on like with the account or without account payment
  • Step 4: After that, you will be directed to the new page. On this screen, if you choose without an account, then you will have to enter ID Number, ID Number, Guarantor first name, Guarantor last name. But, if you choose with an account, then you will have to only fill in the username or password. All option is compulsory to fill. Make sure to fill each detail carefully before pressing on the payment button.
  • Step 5: That’s it, just click on Continue Icon and you have made the payment that have you received.

Mymedicalme: Make Online Payment & Transaction

If you have the Mymedicalme account and want to start making payments then follow the steps mentioned below for making online transactions from your account.

  • Step 1: At first, you have to visit the official site at
  • Step 2: After that type your login credentials in order to get access to your account.
  • Step 3: On your dashboard, you are going to see an option that states “Make Payment”.
  • Step 4: After that select a payment mode and then fill the requirements with all the asked information like your account number, zip code, and billing statement ID.
  • Step 5: At last, after filling in all the necessary information, you just simply have to click on the “Make Payment” button.

Final Verdict

In case of any queries or issues regarding Mymedicalme, you can call their support team at the Toll-Free number: 1-866-770-2116. I hope this article has helped you to know more about Mymedicalme Account Login. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with Mymedicalme goes for you.

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