Life Insurance: Top Best Life Insurance Companies in USA 2020

Everyone should have a good life insurance policy, especially when someone depends on you, at that time it is a must. The benefit of taking such a life insurance policy is that even if you died or something uncertain happens, they will take care of your family no matter what happens.

Today, with the help of this article we are going to provide you with the list of top best life insurance companies in 2020. If you are one of those who are planning to search for life insurance companies then you are at the perfect place. Read the following article till the end and choose the right one for you as per your preference from our list of best life insurance companies in 2020.

Haven Life

Life Insurance: Top Best Life Insurance Companies in USA 2020

HavenLife is not a very old insurance company, but they are a part of MassMutual, which is popularly known for its long and rich history. MassMutual was started more than 160 years ago. This company is considered to be one of the top best life insurance companies.

Haven Life comprises a diverse team of professionals that are dedicated to making a better experience for anyone who ever wants the life insurance.

The best part is that the team has taken the life insurance proceeds to all digital. Customers can easily buy life insurance all-online, deprived of having to go into an insurance office, call an agent, or else take a medical exam, mainly in most of the cases.

The main aim of the Haven Life is to make the whole life insurance buying faster as well as easier. On the other hand, the founder of Haven Life had to wait for weeks in order to get life insurance, but he knew it may possibly be better.



Prudential Financial provides retirement plans, health insurance, workplace benefits, along with college savings as well as other 529 plans in addition to life insurance.

Prudential Life is considered to be the best choice for you if you are one of those who are dealing with some complicated medical history with conditions such as diabetes or cancer.

They also offer some of the policies that make some of the death benefits easily reached if you’ve been limited to a nursing home or have been diagnosed with a fatal illness. Additionally, this is known as living needs assistance.

One must also take note that Prudential’s insurance premium rates are quite higher as compared to other companies on our list.

AIG Direct

AIG Direct life insurance is considered to be the best and one of the oldest insurance companies. The company has provided life insurance policies for around 160 years, paying out $34 billion in claims. The company offers great rates to its customers in the best way possible.

They offer an open-door policy for applicants with diabetes as well as other pre-existing conditions and have been also A-rated.

They offer weight classes which tend to be much more favorable as compared to the most other top life insurance companies.


Protective Life claims credentials that are quite similar to Banner Life’s, but Protective Life, on the other hand, has been in the business since the year 1907.

The company comprises more than $427 billion in life insurance policies in force, an A.M. They also got the best A+ rating, along with some of the lowest life insurance rates as well.

Protective Life sells a wide range of plans that consists of:

  • Basic Term Plans
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Universal
  • Whole Life

State Farm

State Farm is considered to be one of the well-known insurance companies on our list. The reason behind this is because the company offers a wide range of insurance products such as renters insurance, home insurance, supplemental health plans, along with identity restoration insurance, among many others.

While the State Farm’s life insurance policies might not be as popular as the home as well as auto plans are, but it is still worth taking them into deliberation. State Farm also offers term life, whole life, as well as universal life policies.

One can easily get a term life insurance policy for about 10, 20, or 30 years with State Farm which depends on your situation, these are also renewable up to the age of 95.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha basically specializes in Medicare supplement plans as well as life insurance policies. It offers great selection choices for those who are seeking term life, whole life, or else the universal life plans.

Some of the policies let the individuals get the access portions of their death benefits while also gets the benefits when they are still alive but have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

It is also a great option for considering the people with changing health conditions. On the other hand, it is not the best insurance carrier for tobacco users. If you are a smoker or use any other kind of tobacco products, then you must expect your rates with Mutual of Omaha to be much higher.

The application process of Mutual of Omaha is a bit slow as compared to other companies on our list, which can be considered its potential drawback.

Banner has been providing its insurance policies around since the year 1949. Initially, they were called GELICO, but later in the year 1981, Legal & General bought GELICO led to change in the name to Banner Life Insurance.

The company comprises of more than $456 billion active life insurance policies, and have received a consistent A+ rating by A.M.

Overall, Banner sells two kinds of policies such as Term Life Insurance and Universal Life Insurance. Both of these policies can give you the flexible protection that you required.

Bottom Lines

This was our list of top best life insurance companies in 2020, if you have any question or queries regarding these, then you can write down your queries in the comment section below. Otherwise, you can also directly contact to the official customer helpline numbers or websites of these above-mentioned companies. We hope that this information will be beneficial for you at the time of choosing the right life insurance company for you.

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