How To Check Barnes And Noble Gift Card Balance & Redeem Gift Card!

Barnes and Noble offer Barnes and Noble Gift Card to its customers through which their users can рurсhаѕе аnу product or services whichever they want but it should be аѕѕосіаtеd wіth thе соmраnу that offered in thе gіft саrd as well.

People who are new to Barnes and Noble Gift Card, don’t know much about it and therefore face many problems. But you don’t have to worry about it as we are going to help you out with this process in order to check the balance of your Barnes and Noble Gift Card. We will provide you with the right sources and information in order to check the balance on your Barnes and Noble Gift Card so that you can easily check and use it on your next Barnes and Noble purchase.

How To Check Barnes And Noble Gift Card Balance & Redeem Gift Card!

Barnes and Noble Gift Cards 

Barnes & Noble, Inc., is a well-known American bookseller. It is basically a Fortune 1000 company and the bookseller with the major number of retail outlets located in the United States. The headquarters of the company is located at 122 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The company is known by its customers for large retail outlets, several of which comprises of a café serving Starbucks coffee as well as other consumables. Most of the stores sell books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, graphic novels, gifts, games, toys, music, as well as Nook e‑readers and tablets. The operations of Barnes & Noble mainly operate through its Barnes & Noble Booksellers chain of bookstores.

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The company has expanded the business by getting many firms over the years, comprising SparkNotes, an educational website and publishing company, in the year 2001 as well as Sterling Publishing in 2003.

The company operates 627 retail stores in all 50 U.S. states, as of March 7, 2019. In August 2019, Elliott Management Corporation acquired the company.

The company was also considered to be one of the largest managers of the nation of college textbook stores located on or near many college campuses when that division was spun off as a separate public company named Barnes & Noble Education in the year 2015.

How To Check Barnes and Noble Gift Card Balance?

Checking your Barnes and Noble card balance is a very simple task, in order to check your Barnes and Noble Gift Card Balance, you have to follow these given below instructions. If you want you can check your card balance by any of these options i.e., online, over the phone or else by visiting the store.

The online method is considered to be the easiest way in order to check your Barnes and Noble Gift Card balance by just simply visiting their official website. In order to check the balance online, you have to first visit the official site of Barnes and Noble and enter your 15 or 19 digit number from your Gift Card and the 4 digit PIN number available on the front of the card, at the login page. Please check the reCAPTCHA checkbox to continue. After that, Click on “Check Balance”. That’s it…. You are All Done! Now you can check your card balance online.

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If in any case, you don’t want to check your balance through online, then hеrе is an alternative орtіоn as well which is quite еаѕіеr in order for сhесking уоur Barnes and Noble gіft саrdѕ balance. In addition to that, the number is also provided оn the official wеbѕіtе. You can also call at the helpline number in order to check your Barnes and Noble Gift Card Balance. The phone number through which one can easily check their gift card balance is 800-295-3029.

Another easy and best method to check Barnes and Noble Gift Card balance are by just simply visiting any nearby theatre that has been operated by the company. Visit your nearest store location and then ask the sales associate for providing you information regarding your gift card.

How To Check Barnes And Noble Gift Card Balance & Redeem Gift Card!

Barnes & Noble Gift Card Program Terms and Conditions 

If you also want to enjoy the benefits of Barnes & Noble Gift Card, then you must follow these below-given terms and conditions that have been laid down by the company.

Your use or purchase of a Barnes & Noble branded Gift Card, eGiftCard, Gift Certificate or other stored value product (collectively, “Gift Cards”) point out your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Except as or else provided by law, these some of the Terms and Conditions apply to all Gift Cards, whether purchased at store locations, online or else received from third parties.

  • Gift Cards can be used at any Barnes & Noble store all around the nation and at In addition to that, they can also be used at any Barnes & Noble College or Bookstar location.
  • Maintenance, dormancy or service fees do not apply to balances on Gift Cards and also it does not have any expiration dates.
  • Gift Cards may be used to purchase yearly memberships in the Barnes & Noble Membership program (nonstop billing memberships need a valid credit card).
  • Gift Cards are not redeemable or else not refundable for cash, except to the extent required by law. Gift Cards may be reloaded with extra funds.
  • From time to time, you may be awarded or receive “rewards,” “promotional gift cards”, “credits”, “vouchers”, “Groupons” or any similar physical or else the electronic gift cards (collectively, “Promotional Cards”).
  • Purchase amounts that go beyond the value of the tendered Gift Card are going to require an additional payment for the balance due.
  • Gift Cards purchased online are also delivered separately from other purchases.
  • In order to obtain your Gift Card balance call toll-free number at 1-800-295-3029.
  • Gift Cards will not be redeemed if the card number is invalid or else it cannot be identified within Barnes & Noble systems.
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With the help of this article, we have discussed many things about Barnes and Noble gift card and its balance check and other information. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you. I hope this article has helped you to know more about Barnes and Noble gift card balance. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with Barnes and Noble gift card goes for you.

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