5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Metabolism & Burn Calories!

Boost Your Metabolism: The term Metabolism defines the set of life-sustaining chemical reactions which are involved in retaining the cells in the living organisms. In simple words, the metabolism of an individual is the rate at which their body burns out the calories in order to produce energy. One must take note that the speed of metabolism is determined on several factors, which includes your age, gender, body fat, genetics among many.

The metabolic rate of every individual differs from one another due to a range of factors but if you have a slow metabolism, then you can easily boost your Metabolism by following certain guidelines that we are going to present you with the help of this post. Today, we are going to cover important details about metabolism and how you can boost your Metabolism and Lose belly fat by following simple steps.

What is Metabolism? Why it is Necessary?

As we have also stated above, Metabolism is basically a combination of biochemical procedures of an organism that helps in converting food into energy. For those who are not aware of what is the main purpose of metabolism in our body then you should know that metabolism helps in converting food to energy in order to run cellular processes. It also helps in converting the food into constructing blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, as well as carbohydrates along with removing nitrogenous wastes.

The metabolic processes mainly consist of breathing, eating and digesting food. It also includes the process of delivering nutrients to your cells through the blood, the utilization of energy by our muscles, nerves, as well as cells, and as a final point the removal of waste products from our body.

Boost Your Metabolism

Why Metabolic Rate Differs in Individuals?   

The metabolic rate is different from one person to another and the reason behind it is due to many factors. Some have a fast metabolism and some have slow, and those factors that affect metabolism are as follows:

Age and Gender

It has been noted that as we age, our metabolism slows down and as compared to women, men usually have a higher metabolism. However, women with pregnancy tend to have a faster metabolism.

Body Size and Temperature

Studies revealed that bigger bodies tend to burn more calories as compared to normal or lean bodies. However, lean muscle mass also burns more calories as compared to fat. As far as the body temperature is concerned, whenever the body is exposed to extreme temperatures, the Metabolism also increases as well.

Intake of Food

If your food intake is less than your body requires, then your metabolism also slows down, therefore, you should take enough food. In addition to that, if in case you consume a stimulant like caffeine, then also your metabolism might tend to increase.

Activity Level and Hormones

Whether you are exercising vigorously or simply having daily body movements, your body burns calories, so you must perform some daily or routine activities to burn the calories to boost your metabolism. Hormones also affect the metabolism as it may increase or decrease by the level or amount of thyroid hormones produced by your body.

Boost Your Metabolism

How To Boost Your Metabolism And Burn More Fat?

When your metabolic rate is slow, there are certain ways through which you can boost your metabolism in simple ways, so let’s have a look….

Consistent Timing for Eating

Our body depends on balance and consistency, if you keep a balance in your eating routine then it will help in boosting your metabolism. Eating at regular timings might help your body for sustaining metabolic balance. An individual should eat snacks or small meals around 3 or 4 hours apart to maintain the metabolic rate in the body.

If you eat a lot and that too in irregular timings then this might not help your body to burn more calories, instead, the process will become too slow and your body will end up storing more fat cells. Only consuming the food at regular times will help the individual’s body to boost their metabolic rate.

Daily Body Movement and Heavy Workout

Whenever you work out or do exercises, your metabolic rate increases than your normal rate. Therefore, a high level or high intensity of your workout will help in burning more calories. Even if you don’t have time for workouts or heavy exercises, then you must increase your body movements on a daily basis. This is a simple way to burn calories without putting many efforts, you just have to perform daily tasks such as walking, standing, housework, climbing stairs, lifting things, and so on. The more your body will work hard the more calories you will burn.

Don’t Skip Meals, Eat Enough Calories

Skipping meal for losing weight is not a right idea, however, eating too many calories can definitely increase your weight but eating nothing will cause a negative effect. Therefore, you must maintain the balance of calories intake in your body as fewer calories will slow down your metabolism and more calories will increase your weight. In order to know what is the balanced amount of calories that you must intake check out the following: 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day is enough for adult women and calories between 2,000 and 3,000 are enough for men, though, it also depends on the level of your physical activities.

Drink Plenty of Water and Green Tea

If you want your body to function best then you must stay hydrated and water is essential for ideal metabolism, and not only this it may also help in losing weight. A study revealed that if you add more 1.5 litres of water to your normal daily water consumption then it helps in reducing the body mass of women aged between 18 and 23.

On the other hand, Green tea is also turned out to be an important element for boosting metabolism in a study. In spite of drinking sugary drinks and juices, you must intake water or green tea to get more metabolic benefits.

Restful Sleep and Less Stress

As we have above mentioned that hormones are one of the factors affecting our metabolic rate therefore we should take enough sleep and should take less stress as these directly affect our hormones. Due to stress, your body produces more cortisol than its normal rate which directly affects your appetite. At least 7 to 8 hours restful sleep each night helps in maintaining the balance of hormones in your body and prevents you from overeating as less sleep produces ghrelin hormone which is responsible for making you feel hungry. Therefore, sleep enough and take less stress in order to boost metabolism.

Bottom Lines

In this section of the article, we have covered the each and everything related to Metabolism and how you can Boost Your Metabolism and burn calories.

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