What Is Kissanime ? Reasons Why It’s Getting Popularity These Days!!!

   Animated video entertainment has been around for a long long time. From highly popular cartoon shows that began in the 50’s and 60’s like Mickey mouse, to modern high tech VFX films like Transformers and avengers, Animation has come a long way. But apart from these modern VFX and animated technologies, the good old feeling of watching a cartoon or an animated show/movie still remains the same. The grown-ups of today grew up watching these all through our childhood, and now the coming generations are watching them, and they’re not going anywhere for a long while.

Smartphones and Internet

Ever since the rise of the internet and smartphones the broadcasting and online streaming industry has become insanely popular as well as very easily accessible. Today almost everyone has a smartphone, and the access to unlimited streaming options that come with it. Therefore with this the rise in video content has also been clearly evident, as people are spending more time in watching their favorite media online, including animes.


While it is true that streaming portals and services have become really popular given the increase in internet and smartphones, but affordability still remains an issue. Major big time streaming service like Netflix and Amazon Prime charge you a good subscriptionfee to access their content, which is not affordable to everyone, especially the millennial and students. Ironically, these are also the biggest audience for all of this digital content. In recent surveys it was found out that more than half of the viewers of online anime were from the 18-25 age group. Therefore online third party servers like Kissanime, Uanime, Onlinewatchseries, etc are getting quite popular as all the content available on these servers is totally free of cost.

Content Availability

With big names like Netflix, copyright issues are a major problem. Owing to certain legal aspects like rights, broadcasting permissions, etc., these servers can only share a selected few content like movies and shows on their pages. But with third party sites and apps like Uanime and Kissanime, these problems fade away. Because instead of taking the content directly from its producers, these servers actually take it from all around the internet from multiple servers, and bring it all to you under one roof for free. Think of Kissanime as the Trivago of Animated movies and TV shows. Therefore they have huge content databases, and you can find even the rarest if shows which you won’t easily find everywhere. On a major app like Kissanime, you can find hundreds or even thousands of animated movies and shows, from the 70’s and 80’s till the latest ones releasing currently, all at once place, and all for free.

What Is Kissanime Reasons Why It's Getting Popularity

Why Kissanime ?

As you may have realised by reading up to this point, that there are quite a few reasons because of which streaming services like Kisaano me have become popular among anime fans. But it’s noteworthy that no other anime streaming site/app has been as popular as Kissanime itself. The website as well as the app have been seeing immense traffic, although many others offer the content they do. Why is it so ? It’s because of the cool featured that Kissanime has. Both the site as well as the app have a really great interface and run really smoothly, with their inbuilt player, as well as the ability to choose to play with flash player on PC.

The app has a huge database, is free, and has three servers of its own, which mean there is not going to be any downtime and you can always watch your favourite anime on the site even if on reserved isn’t working properly. It also has a cool night mode feature accessible right on the homepage. It’s also almost totally tax-free so you can watch your content without being bothered with stupid ads every now and then.