Zulily Credit Card Login, Customer Support, Online Payment And Other Details!

Zulily Credit Card Login: Today, in this article we are going to discuss the things that are related to the Zulily credit card. Like Zulily credit card login, customer support, and other information. You will also get information on how to contact them via Zulily’s phone number, email address, and live chat option, as well as how to pay your bill via mail. Also, you will get Zulily customer support information as well. Let us continue.

Some of the similar reasons for contacting Zulily’s Customer Service are:

  • 9% Payments and charges
  • 13% Information request
  • 15% shipping and delivery
  • 13% return/replacement
  • 51% of the rest

There are lots of parents who want the best and fashionable clothes for their children but they don’t have enough time to go outside. That’s why they use the internet, to save their time and get the best clothes and accessories. For this one can look for the Zulily, from where one can get the best collection. Today we are going to discuss Zulily customer service, credit card login, and other information. So, continue to read the article and get information about Zulily and do shopping with it.

One can make a call to the customer service number and get information. Even many people stay in touch with customer service for many reasons some of them are:

  1. To know about shipping and delivery of their product
  2. How one can make payment and what are their other charges
  3. For the information request for credit card
  4. About the replacement or return for any product
  5. And lots of other reasons.

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About Zulily

Zulily is a company which is started by Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens in 2009, together. This idea is conveyed by Mark aftermath of his wife’s pregnancy. He thinks that we have to think about the things we don’t think about and are necessary. So, in January 2010, they started Zulily, to help mothers to get the best stylish and branded clothes for their children. And from that time this company will change into a multi-million dollar company. 

Zulily Credit Card Login

Zulily Credit Card Login

Zulily Credit Card Login Portal helps individuals to Manage and Access their Account. The Zulily Credit Cardholders need to Login to Access their Online Account. Zulily Credit Card comes with a Large Range of benefits that can be availed by its users. This is also the reason why the Cards are becoming most popular among Users. The Online mode of Payment of Zulily Credit Card is the Most Popular and convenient way and anyone can make the Payment of the Bill from anywhere on the Date of Payment. Zulily credit card is the store-branded that is Issued by a Bank exclusively for this Store. The User will not be able to use the Card with another network as it is only linked to Zulily. This Credit Card is not a Part of a Large Networks like MasterCard or VISA. You can Only use this Credit Card only at the website and Stores of Zulily. any User is able to Purchase anything with Zulily Credit Card, however, the Purchase will have to be done on the Website and Stores of Zulily.

What Are The Zulily Credit Card Online Benefits?

  • You can pay the card bills Online.
  • You can easily autopay the bills.
  • Set account preferences.
  • Choose email or text alerts.
  • Sign up for a paperless statement.
  • You can check your FICO Score.
  • Easily update the Credit card billing address.

How to Connect With the Live Person of Zulily Customer Service?

If someone wants to connect with Zulily customer service’s live person, then they can make a call on the dial (877)779-5615. And talk with the live representative of Zulily.

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Zulily Credit Card Support Representative Hours

One can contact the live representatives any time which means 24*7. But they can contact them after 9:30 am which is the best time to solve any query or to get any information.

The Phone Number for Zulily

For making parent’s life easy and to get the best cloth collection for their kids, they can call on Zulily’s contact number and get all types of information about the new collection, delivery locations, what type of cloth you want, and lots of more. The contact numbers are given below:

  • Contact to headquarters: dial (877) 779-5614
  • Contact to customer service: dial (888) 826-6564
  • Customer service number: (877) 779-5615
  • Toll-free number: (877) 779-5615

Zulily Credit Card Login: How to Sign in for a Zulily Credit Card?

To access your Zulily Account Online, follow the steps:

  • Visit: zulilycreditcard.com, to get to the Zulily credit card login page.
  • Click on the login option and enter the user id and password.
  • Then click on “Remember User ID”.
  • Click on the button “Secure Login”, finally.

How To Apply For a Zulily Credit Card?

To Apply For a Zulily Credit Card, follow the steps:

  1. Visit the website: www.zulily.com.
  1. Login or create your account on the site.
  1. Then you will see the option of the credit card.
  1. Click on the button “Apply Now”.
  1. Then enter your details in the application form that appears on your screen.
  1. Click to continue.

Zulily Credit Card Login

How to Make Zulily Credit Card Payments?

It is easy to use the Zulily Credit Card to make payments in different ways, and those ways are mentioned here:

Via Phone Call

Just call Zulily customer service at 855-597-4790 to make a payment on the call. Then you connect with a live representative and follow the steps and your work will be complete with ease.

Through The Mail

Send money directly to the given address.

  • 30353-0993 Atlanta, Georgia
  • PO Box 530993Synchrony Bank
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By Using Online

You have to do a Zulily Credit Card Payment Login, where you will get a payment option online.

Zulily Customer Support Website

You will get all the detailed information about Zulily merchandise that it carries. You will also get a solution if your package has not arrived yet, how to return the product to Zulily, how to apply the Zulily discount code, and more.

Email Address for Zulily

Zulily always wants their customers to get hassle-free shopping, and if they have a query, then they will get the answer quickly by accessing the different channels. If you are a parent in a hurry and want to respond without making any phone calls, you can mail at the given address and receive a response very quickly.

Zulily Mobile Application

To give the Best Customer Service and sales services to its customers, Zulily centered the mobile program heavily. In two or three years, it will have a huge majority because the tech-savvy parents use the mobile app more than the website.

Zulily Social Media Details

Zulily has a network with lots of social networking sites, and with this, they deliver info about their collection, so busy parents will get information about Zulily from every social networking platform.

Zulily Blog Details

On Zulily’s site, one can visit daily and get info about the new collection, recalls, other details. Because there, each day a new article is updated to help the customers and parents buy new clothes for their children.

Final Verdict

Zulily Credit Card Members are provided the Secure and Safe Login Portal for Accessing and Managing Zulily card account online. By Logging into Zulily Credit Card Online Account they will be able to Check their Card Status, Pay online Bills, Check Transaction History, and other details. Not only Login, Using the Web Portal, but they are also able to Register and Activate Zulily Credit card for first-time use.

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