US Presidential Election: Why Donald Trump Won The Presidential Campaign?

                   The United States presidential election of 2016 was held on 8th November of 2016. This was the 58th quadrennial American presidential election. The major parties considered most in this election were the Republican and the Democratic Party. Donald Trump of Republican defeated the former secretary of States Hillary Clinton belonging to Democratic Party. He was elected as the 45th president of America. The Victory of Donald trump stunned the America. Despite being hindered in the presidential debate, he became the President of America. This brought a lot of questions among the rest of the world. I would like to share some of the reasons for his victory in the presidential campaign.

US Presidential Election 2016 Why Donald Trump Won The Presidential Campaign


                   Though gender equality established there is far better than the other countries, many of them couldn’t digest the idea of a woman as the president of their country. Many guessed that this could be one of the reasons for Trump’s victory. Hillary Clinton was considered to be the first woman presidential nominee of a major political party of America. Donald Trump’s victory really fed the ravenous stomachs of male supremacy.


                   Many of the people considered that Trump’s victory is closely related to racism. White dominance was one of the most important factors responsible for his victory. They predicted that white men were only 19 percent, which counts about 40 million voters. This prediction really worked out in his case.


                   Trump captured the hearts of Clinton haters which helped him to overcome barriers in the election. He dived in the Midwestern states namely Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Democratic Party was dominant in these states but lost this time due to the trade policies. Trump won their hearts by giving them what they exactly needed. The middle-class people of these states were found to be struggling. Donald’s promises really attracted them in a good way. His promises told them that he would diminish the unemployment problem.


                   It has only been ruled by one instance of a party holding the White House for three terms since the end of 2nd World war.  As the already Democratic Party held the presidency for the past 2 terms, it brought out the hunger for the change among the voters. They thought that the Democratic Party had failed in bringing the desired change. This time they changed their vision to another who promised to bring out changes.


                   Even though Trump had some scandal issues, he handled and managed to escape this scandalous situation very easily.  But in Clinton’s case, it was not like that. She couldn’t handle this crash that much efficiently. This email scandal is about the confidential emails which she sent through her private mail account instead of using government mail account during the period of serving as the Secretary of State. This was one of the biggest issues throughout the campaign. The information in the mail was owned and managed by the United States government. These issues were found during the FBI investigation. Though she was cleared from any type of criminal wrongdoing, it brought a bad impression on her.

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