Understand The Logic Behind Google Search Engine And How Does It Work?

 Google, the most visited website for every doubt everyone has it is of no surprise that Google is ranked as the best search engine in the world. This is because of the speed and informative base it has.

Understand The Logic Behind Google Search Engine And How Does It Work

The Logic Behind Google Search Engine-

Have you wondered how come Google knows everything we are searching for? Even, many jokes have been thrown about Google’s suggestions.  However, we should know the logic behind the working of Google search Engine. This article will let you understand the algorithms used and the reason of the auto suggestions appearing in the search box.

Logic Behind Google Search Engine

We use Google search engine to get answers for anything that we are uncertain about.  We can also see that the Search Engine tries to suggest some opinions when we keep on typing the statement or question.  It is like Auto-correct which completes the word before we type it fully.  Okay, now the question is how is it possible to make it work?  How the Search Engine puts forward its suggestions before we complete the search question?  Let us have a glance about the logic behind this working.

How does it work?

How Google Work

Google uses a special algorithm to generate the results within less time.  The automated programs used by Google called as “Spiders” or “Crawlers”.  It has a large set of data where those words are found.  Also, it depends on “Ranking” of the sentences.  That means the more number of time the word or phrase is repeated the more possibility of appearing in the top of the suggestion.  Also, the brand named algorithm used by Google called as Page Rank has influence on these words by assigning it to each web page with relevancy score.

If you want to search for a particular diet, then the search engine suggest with all possible results that are related to diet.  This is based on the Google Ranking algorithm.  And last step is the “Google Data servers”  where all the information related to the websites are stored in the data servers such as videos, images, audio, etc will be shown when a user find the way to a search result. The shocking fact is that all these steps and process takes place within a second (Amazing!!)  Each and every action is monitored by crawlers.

Google Search Engine And How Does It Work

Factors determining the Page Rank of Web page are as follows:

  • If the keyword appears on the search engine for only once or less instance, then it has more possibility of having low score which leads it to appear at the last.
  • Another factor that is taken into consideration is the number of web links that are linked to the particular website. If the site is linked to many websites then, it is considered to be the main site to be displayed in the search bar.
  • Web pages that have been used for a longer time or visited more number of times is also a key factor for the Page Rank.


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