What Are Top Effects Of Quantum Physics We Can Observe In Day To Day Life ?

   Quantum Physics – Is it a rocket science?

We don’t have to learn space science or rocket science to know the basic quantum mechanics that can be experienced in our day to day life.  It is very naturally seen with simple logic and basic science knowledge.  This article will provide various scenarios as examples where we see quantum effect without knowing it.  We have made sure that we put it in a simpler way to make everyone understand Quantum Physics.

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Effects Of Quantum Physics In Our Daily Life-

Below are few examples for quantum physics effects that can be observed in our daily life.

#Cell Phones:

Cell phone usage has become inevitable, and we forgot to think about the hidden science in these mobile phones.  Have you ever wondered what makes you to be connected with your loved ones, despite of the distance?  It’s the quantum theory that is termed as “Diffusion”.  Radio waves are normally huge; they spread their waves in and around.  They possess any space regardless of the size, however their nature varies accordingly.  i.e., they “raise and lower” their tendency consequently.

#Cell Phones

#Thin Film Interference:

Have you observed the colorful pattern appearing in the soap bubbles, diesel spills etc?  This is because of the bounce back of the light from the surface.  The pattern differs from each phenomenon based on the density and darkness.

#Thin Film Interference


This is very hard to notice, but the light has polarization capacity in addition to its waviness.  Due to polarization the incoming light diverges from the surface of water.  Quantum of light will decrease with increasing mass.



The name may sound strange for those who aren’t well versed in science; however we can put it in simpler term too.  Ferromagnetism is what we experience in our daily life.  It is how the material gets converted into magnet by the process Ferromagnetism.  The electrons in the material on friction, comes in contact with the magnet interaction and converts the metal into magnet.



Quantum physics is everywhere, even in basket ball.  The bouncing of basket ball is also a quantum effect, which obeys the quantum rule.  The ball is filled with air molecules and due to the push and pulls effect of the gravity.  The molecules play a vital role in this effect.


#LED Lights:

As we have seen many simpler examples of quantum physics effect, LED lights also follows this list.  This Light Emitting Diodes (LED) passes the light through it acting as a semi-conductor.  Here the electron gains and losses energy in smaller amount which is called as “quanta”. This makes the LED bulbs emit any color.

LED Lights

#CD Players:

CD Players precisely uses the Quantum Physics by emitting photons through the laser with same energy.

CD Players

#Flash Memory in Mobiles:

Flash Lights in Mobile is also a good example of quantum effect.  This falls under the category that cannot be sorted under the classical physics.  When the Flash light is switched on, the photons are created.  It acts as a semi conductor and emits the light.

Flash Memory in Mobiles

We may not be aware that we are amidst of science and theories that we deny to get to know.  The above mentioned examples are also of same kind.  We have been practicing with those, without knowing that we experience quantum-physics effect. Also Read—————-> Sarkari Naukri