Top #5 World’s Best Shopping Destination For All Shopping Lovers

  In this post, I’m going to describe some of the best destination for shopping around the world. Many of you might be addicted to shopping, in other words, they are called as a shopaholic. This article would guide you to know about some of the best places where you can fulfill your addiction. These are the best and popular places which you might have heard before. Also, some of the places in the following list may not be known to you. Just go through this guide and book a travel ticket to the place where you have chosen after reading this article.



                   It is one of the most populated cities in the United States of America. Though this city has many places for the tourists to visit, it is also considered one of the best places for shopping. It has a vast variety of shops and specialty stores. It could be a favorite place for those people who are looking for the outfits and clothes. You can find everything from cheaper jeans to a high range Italian wrist watches on the Manhattan street. You can find any clothes from every corner of the world at one place.



                   London is known to be the most populous city in England and the United Kingdom. It is the leading global city for arts, commerce, fashion, and Entertainment. It contains a large number of shops at every corner of the city which is apart from our imaginations. The Liberty Mall is one of the best places in London to experience the best in shopping. It contains a lot of unique things which you could buy to feel the culture of the city.



                   This is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This city is known to be the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. The Dubai Mall is found be the greatest mall in the world. This city is newly formed and contains a lot of grand things to attract the tourists towards it. This is the finest place for a shopping addicted person in the world. This mall contains everything which you might think of buying. This mall is filled with a lot of decorations like fountains and attraction activities.



                   It is the administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. It is the place which offers the best value to the international shoppers. Hong Kong Mall is the best place in here and contains vast collections of the famous and well-known brand items and also the locally made brands. You can find every accessory here from outfits to the electronic gadgets. The hip Fang Hong outlet is the place where you can find the local items.



Tokyo’s electric Town known as AKIHABARA is considered as the heaven of gadgets. You can find a lot of departmental stores and Market stalls which would be seen with Neon-lit entrances. This place is exclusively for the sales of electronic gadgets like small cameras to large gadgets like computers and flat-screen televisions. You can get best quality things at a cheaper rate than the actual. So if you love shopping electronic gadgets, this place is going to be the heaven for you.

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