What Is The Target Return Policy? Return, Refund, Exchange & Much More!

Target Return Policy: One of the popular American retail corporations ‘Target’ is considered to be the 8th largest retailer in the United States. With more than 100 years of history, Target Corporation was founded back in 1902 and has 1,904 stores, as of 2020. Being one of the top corporations in the US, the company has maintained its good reputation throughout all these years. Many of their customers also find the company very trustworthy due to their best services and great offers such as return policy.

The buyers can return the products that they have recently purchased from Target, however, the time limit is for 90 days. The Target Return Policy displays certain guidelines as well which the customers need to follow in order to return the products and that’s what we are going to discuss here. If you are a new customer or have recently brought some items from Target which you want to return but don’t know about its policies then you are at the perfect place. With the help of this article, the readers will get to know all the important details about Target Return Policy.

Target’s Return Policy Overview

As per Target’s Return Policy, the customer can return most of their sold items to the nearest Target store, however, it should be within 90 days of the time period. There are some conditions related to this return policy and the most usual one is that the product should be unopened and in new condition.

Also, the possibility of returning the product will be very less, if the item has been opened. If the customers are going to return the products in sealed and in new condition within 90 days then the company will provide them a refund or exchange offer.

  • Target Owned Brands

When it comes to Target Owned Brands, which the store sells under its 48 private labels, the customers get a 1-year return guarantee on the same. While returning Target Owned Brands at the store, you will be required to provide the receipt of that item in order to get a full refund within one year of the purchase date of the product.

  • Target Plus Partners

Additionally, there are also some products that have a modified return policy which has been noted on the receipt, or in their packing slip.

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As per Target’s website, if the customers have purchased the items through third-party companies which are termed as Target Plus Partners, then the products may be subject to “modified” return policies. In the meantime, there is no indication on Target’s website regarding the difference related to its standard policy.

You can also find these modified return policies at their policy board or its official site at Target.com. Such items that are already opened or damaged after purchase will not be refunded or exchanged. A receipt is also very necessary when it comes to refunding the purchased items from Target.

  • During Covid-19 Pandemic

Last year we all witnessed a worldwide pandemic due to which several changes have been made by the government and many business corporations. As the Covid-19 situation is still going on, there are many companies and retailers that have altered their several plans, including return policies. Just like other companies, Target Corporation has also curtailed its return policies in March 2020.

Target retail stores didn’t accept any in-store returns and exchanges during these three weeks of time periods due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, after making the announcement last year, the store has now lifted the policy and things are getting back on track like the earlier usual days. On the other hand, the covid-19 precaution is still taking place in every Target store such as masks are necessary to wear, Social distancing, increased sanitization metering and monitoring the customers at the entrance, and a few more.

  • Without Receipt

In this case, Target will only allow returns based on these some criteria such as:

  1. If the item is purchased online, and the customer has the product’s barcode or an email for its shipping confirmation
  2. If the product is still within the eligible date or time frame of return
  3. If the product was purchased with a debit card, credit card, or Target gift card.
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target return policy

Target’s Return Policy Exceptions

  1. Any video game, audio, or movie CD purchased from Target can be exchanged for the same title product or the same video game for different platforms. Opened or damaged items will not be exchanged.
  2. Collectible or special edition items will not be acceptable for return if it is opened or gets defective.
  3. The personalized items along with the digital downloads are not eligible for Target’s return policy.
  4. Airbeds can also be exchanged for the same item but it is not going to be eligible if the product is already opened.
  5. International country products that are purchased online cannot be returned at any of the Target stores.

Target’s 90-Day Return Policy: Time Frame For Different Items

Most of the products are eligible for a 90-Day Return Policy, however, Target Owned Brands gets a 1-year return guarantee while some other products get a different time frame.

  • For Electronics products, customers will get 30 Days
  • For Entertainment related items, customers will get 30 Days
  • For Apple products, customers will get 15 Days
  • Mobile Phones, customers will get 14 Days (added $35 for restocking unless unopened)

Target’s Return Process

There are several ways through which you can return the purchased products from Target to their official store. You can either do it by visiting the store, its official site, or by mail and we are going to discuss all these methods below here.

Method 1: Visiting at Target Store

If you liked an item and have brought it recently from Target but didn’t like it that much after returning home, then don’t worry as you can easily return it on your next visit to the store within 90 days. Make sure not to open its packaging and keep it in a safe place in order to avoid any damage to the purchased item. Visit your nearest Target Store where the representative will exchange the product or refund you. One must take note that the receipt and the barcode on the product’s packing are required while returning your product to the store.

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Method 2: Return via Mail

In order to return the product through mail, you have to visit the official site and login into your Target account. After that, you will see the “View Order” option, click on that, and then select the product you are planning to return. Now print the return label and attach it to your mail and then send it to them at the address given on the website. The shipping charges are going to be free and you will be informed regarding the same through the mail.

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