Top 6 Awesome Star Wars Games For PC 2021 You Must Play!

There are plenty of Star Wars Games available online which can be run on a personal computer. The quality which is found in each game is also found to be wildly varied from one another. There is a huge collection of star wars video games though some of them are created by hobbyists and freeware games. The first game on Star Wars was released in the year of 1999. Today in this post, I’m going to list out some of the best Star Wars game which you can download it for playing it on the personal computer.

Best Star Wars Games For PC

Star Wars Battlefront:


This game is known to be one of the latest versions of this game series. This game is an action shooter game. This was developed by EA DICE and also some contribution from Criterion Games. Star wars Battlefront was published by Electronic arts. It is found to be initially released on 17th November of 2015. This game can be played not only in window PC but also in Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

Star Wars The Old Republic:


This game was released in December of 2011. It is a huge multiplayer role-playing online game which is illustrated to be happening in the star wars universe. It was developed by BioWare coordinating with Electronic Arts and Bioware Austin LLC. This game was designed by James Ohlen. This game can be played only in windows PC.

 Star Wars- The Force Unleashed:


It is an action cum adventure video game which is found to be a part of the project called the force unleashed. This game was released in September of 2008. The developers of this game are compiled of the following: LucasArts, THQ, Aspyr media, Krome studios, Universomo, and n-Space. It is awarded the “Writers Guild of America Award” for the wonderful achievement in the video game writing. It can be played on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Computer, and Mobile phones.

Star Wars- Empire At War:


It is a real-time strategy video game which is released in the year of 2006. This game shows the fledgling struggles between the Rebels and the Empire. This game was designed and developed by Petroglyph Games. It was published by LucasArts and Aspyr Media. It can be played in both Microsoft and Macintosh Operation system powered PCs.

Star Wars – Knights Of The Old Republic:


It is a game which is illustrated to be happening in the star wars universe. It is a role-playing video game which is released in the year of 2003. It won BAFTA Games Awards for Xbox Games and much more. It was developed by Bioware and Aspyr Media which is composed by Jeremy Soule. It is supported in platforms like MS windows, Mac OS, Xbox and also in the Android devices.

Lego Star Wars- The Complete Saga:


It is one of the Lego-themed actions cum adventure games. It is based on the Lego toys of star wars line. It was released in the year of 2007, which can be played on windows PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Bottom Lines:

With the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker now over and done with, the hype surrounding the Star Wars universe shows no sign of slowing down. With more films, TV shows and no doubt games on the way, now seems like a perfect time to list a few of our Star Wars games to play in 2021.