Planet ‘NIBIRU’ Is Heading Towards Earth And This May Be End Of Life!!!!

 It is being claimed by the Conspiracy theorist that the End of the world is arriving in the form of a Mystery Planet named Nibiru. This planet is also called as ‘Planet X’. This planet Nibiru is expected to hit the Earth in the month of October this year which may cause the end of human lives. This assumption was made by the Conspiracy theorist David Meade He said that this mysterious huge planet will collide with the Earth which he considers the doomsday of Humanity.

David Meade had mentioned this in his book “Planet X- The 2017 Arrival”. He claims that this planet is one of the planets of the binary twin of the Sun. He states that the orbit path of this planet heads towards to the South Pole of Our Earth directly. Nibiru is believed to be a huge blue planet. He states that the sun’s twin has nearly seven Orbiting bodies around it and Nibiru, the planet X is one of the seven orbiting bodies. It is considered that the planet X is found to be at the far edge of our Solar System.

The disruption in the orbits of other planets is thought to be caused due to the Gravitational pull by the rogue planet. This was found to be happen hundred years before. Meade believes that this planet Nibiru is going to hit on the surface of the Earth due to the gravitational pull of the twin star of the sun, though there is not any evidence found for the existence of the binary star which is assumed to be twinned with the Sun. He also justifies that this star could not be evidenced as the angle at which the star approaching the earth is difficult to do so.

Planet 'NIBIRU' Is Heading Towards Earth And This May Be End Of Life !!!!

Though the solar system of the twin star is seemed not to be aligned with the ecliptic of our solar system, but the planet comes towards us at an oblique angle which heads towards the South Pole of our earth- which is said by the author David Meade. The above factor makes it difficult to observe the planet X and also gives a solution that it could be done if by flying at the highest altitude above the South America using a high-quality Camera.


                   Many of the people who are seemed to be commenting on this book argue that this book doesn’t have any scientific evidence related to the stuff said in that book and states it to be a religious view by the author. Many of them didn’t believe in this and consider it as a usual rumor which we can find at the end of every year. Though, some of the people do believe in this Mysterious Planet.


                   Until now, NASA is found to be dumb in this regards but once it said that Nibiru and other stories related to it is an Internet Hoax which means that there is no existence of the Nibiru. Though, it was classified as a different planet to the Planet Nine (Planet X) which is proposed by the astronomers at the California Institute of Technology.

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