MyPrepaidCenter Login, Card Activation And Check Account Balance

MyPrepaidCenter is an online portal that is owned and distributed by Blackhawk NetworkHolding Inc. which is a major traded company that offers prepaid, gift card services as well as supports various additional technological development distributions. In addition to that, they also distribute cards to many private banks and other insurance agencies, or directly to customers.

At the present date, there is digitalization involved in the world, therefore, the users can make use of the portal for various uses relating to the cards.

It is compulsory for all users to activate their cards at first. Therefore, this is also taken care of by the MyPrepaidCenter Activate Card portal. Usually, after the activation, the users can easily manage their cards and their use directly through the portal services.

Online monetary transactions have turn out to be more prominent as well as easier. Beginning from large MNCs and bus businesses to individuals, nowadays almost everyone prefers online transactions over cash.

The reason behind this is due to money in cash is not always readily accessible to us. In addition to that, through online transactions, payments can also be done and received to and from any part of the world where cashless transactions are being made accessible. With prepaid cards, our pockets stay light and on the other hand, it is also safe to travel.

The users can also get different kinds of benefits that you shall witness with the use of the online portal of Check MyPrepaidCenter Card Balance (Visa or Mastercard) or else you can also directly activate MyPrepaidCenter. There are many users who prefer to make use of the Prepaid debit, credit and Gift cards these days.

These days, there is a lot of use of Prepaid gift cards as well as credit/debit cards as a substitute for hard cash. In order to support the card services, there are many online portals that offer information on the same and My Prepaid Center is one of those.

If you are one of those who are searching to get more information on MyPrepaidCenter, then you must read the following article to the end. You are perfectly at the right place as today with the help of this article, we are going to provide you with major details regarding MyPrepaidCenter. So, without wasting any time let’s get started….


MyPrepaidCenter Details

Website Name:
Provides: Gift Cards, Prepaid Cards
Languages: English, Spanish
Issued By: MetaBank
Trademark: Blackhawk
Features: Instant Activation

What Is Myprepaidcenter?

Myprepaidcenter is the web portal designed for Prepaid Card Activation, Check Balance, and Tracking Process. InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions have developed Myprepaidcenter services for Employee recognition, sales incentives, business gifts, corporate expense management, corporate wellness incentives, and consumer promotions. The Company was established on the very basic Idea of Having an Easier Payment Method and the Idea is patient as DirectSpend. It manages the multiple Prepaid Cards and automatically chooses which one to pay through. The decision is made keeping in view that what is the Acceptable Prepaid card for the merchant and which one has got the best discount deal with that particular vendor.

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Myprepaidcenter is the Portal for the Cardholders to deal with their debit cards. With the exception of ATM and gas pumps, you can use your My PrePaid Center card anywhere in the United States. This provider has worked closely with a long list of popular merchants, shops and services, which also provide you 5% on your purchases. You are also capable of swiping as myprepaidcenter card, not as a debit card. However, note that some accepted virtually anywhere, while some are accepted only on certain merchants.

About InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions

InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions has developed the Myprepaidcenter Services for Employee Recognition, Sales Incentives, Business Gifts, Corporate Cost Management, Corporate Wellness Incentives, and Customer Promotions. These Cards are often Found in the Regular Life. Prepaid Cards are Much More Than Just a Gift when it comes to Increasing Sales from the Company and Making the Payment Easier. InteliSpend Solutions has established a very Basic Ideas of Having the Similar Method. It Manages Prepaid Cards and Selects which one to cover through. InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions is the Private Owned Company formed as a joint venture by American Express and Maritz, Inc in 1997. InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions provides incentive programs for 76% of Fortune 500 companies. In 2010, Maritz bought out American Express’ interest in the company to obtain 100% ownership. One of the primary selling points for InteliSpend is the patented DirectSpend technology that gives clients the ability to restrict the spending on the reward cards to specific retail locations. Through the Persona product, InteliSpend’s clients are able to choose which retail outlets the card will be accepted. Additionally, cards can be co-branded and personalized through the Custom Card and DirectSpend/Persona products. For non-restricted Programs, the Encompass card is provided

MyPrepaidCenter Card Activation Process

In order to enjoy the benefits of MyPrepaidCenter, you have to first activate your card online on its official account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get access to MyPrepaidCenter. Here are some easy and quick steps that you can follow in order to activate your MyPrepaidCenter card.

  • Step 1: At first, you have to keep the card ready beside you along with that launch the browser on your PC/Android device.
  • Step 2: After that, you need to reach the MyPrepaidCenter portal website.
  • Step 3: Now you have entered your card details as on the Activation side of the screen. Simply enter the Card Number, Expiration Date that is already on the card and the Security code.
  • Step 4: After that simply tick mark the “I’m not a Robot” option and then select the “LOG IN” option.
  • Step 5: Now, you are going to be directed to the “Create a profile” page. You need to enter the rest of the details on the page. These comprise of Name, preferred username, password, email address, and security questions.
  • Step 6: Submit all these details correctly and your account activation key is going to be sent to you by email.
  • Step 7: At last, verify the same and your card will be ready for the usage.

After this, the card is all set for use. All the users might possibly use the card according to the credit limit for the time stipulated. In addition to that, there are also monthly minimum dues that they have to pay. There are several methods for making payment for the monthly card statements. After that, we are going to move on with the other significant aspect of the MyPrepaidCenter Balance check.

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Benefits of MyPrepaidCenter

There are many great advantages of MyPrepaidCenter that you can get when you log in to your account of My Prepaid Center. Here is the list of some of the benefits that My Prepaid Center offers us, so here is a list of points that will define it for you, let’s have a look….

  • The users will be able to handle many service actions very easily through the portal.
  • Your monthly balance statements can easily be found in the accounts of every cardholder.
  • Users, on the other hand, can enrol to grab 5% cashback offers in different deals or payments services.
  • The portal is secure for users for entering their personal details, as well as the details of the card.
  • Several MyPrepaidCenter Merchants offers are applicable as on the credit or debit card use.
  • In addition to that, the users can check their card balance, dues on payments, and other major details.

Steps To Create Your Myprepaidcenter Account At

If you want to create a profile at, then follow these simple instructions to create your account:

  1. Visit the Official Website or Go through the following link
  2. Now You need to Provide your Name and cardholder information.
  3. Now You need to Choose a Myprepaidcenter Username and enter your Email address.
  4. Now Choose a security question and submit the answer.
  5. Now You have to enter a password and confirmation.
  6. Choose your prefered alert notification language (English, Spanish, or French).
  7. Tick the “I’m Not a Robot” box.
  8. Click on “Create Profile”.

MyPrepaidCenter: Login and Check Balance Online

  • Firstly, access the page of the official website to login at
  • You will see the Sign In block, on the home page, enter your Username and Password in the blanks provided.
  • If in case you have forgotten any of the two credentials, just simply select the “Forgot username/password” tab.
  • In order to recover your username, you have to enter the email address that you had provided. For the password, you need to enter the username for your account.
  • Now, enter the correct details in the blanks and select the “LOG IN” tab there.
  • Users, on the other hand, can also opt to sign in using the card number. For that, the user has to just enter the details of the card and submit it.
  • At last, the portal will load the details of your credit or debit card on the screen from where you can check your balance.

Check Balance Now

Top Companies that provide Prepaid Card Services

Companies Website Portal
VCA myprepaidcenter MasterCard ®
my prepaid center Prepaid by EZ Shop
myprepaidcenter Rewards Visa ® Prepaid by the MasterTech
my prepaid center OpenTable Reward Card
myprepaidcenter Prepaid Discover by Kohls
my prepaid center Exclusively Yours Prepaid Visa and MasterCard by Eycardonline
myprepaidcenter Visa® Prepaid by Firestone
my prepaid center Visa® Prepaid by the South & Western
myprepaidcenter Reward Performance by Mazda Visa ®
my prepaid center card Prepaid Debit MasterCard® by Moen
myprepaidcenter Card Bridgestone Prepaid Visa
my prepaid center Financial Visa ® by John Deere
myprepaidcenter Verizon Visa ®
my prepaid center card Multi Merchant Prepaid Visa
myprepaidcenter Card Pier1 Prepaid Visa
my prepaid center Card Prepaid by Healthfirst
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Myprepaidcenter Contact Details

Credit Card Company Support Phone Number
American Express 888-900-2347
Discover 888-842-0336
MasterCard 888-371-2109
Visa 877-610-1075

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Providing My Personal Details to MyPrepaidCenter is safe or not?

Answer: yes, It’s Completly Safe to Provide Your Personal Details to MyPrepaidCenter. The Official Web Portal of MyPrepaidCenter is highly Encrypted.

Question 2: I am Facing Issues while Accessing MyPrepaidCenter Web Portal, what to Do Now?

Answer: You are able to Freely Contact the Customer Support of MyPrepaidCenter Portal in Case of any Issues.

Question 3: What are the Methods to Use MyPrepaidCenter Card?

Answer: You can Use MyPrepaidCenter Card effectively in order to Check Your Account Balance, Monitor the Transactions, Make Payments of the Purchase Made and much more.

Question 4: How to Check My Transactions?

Answer: In Order to Check the Transactions You need to Sign In to Your MyPrepaidCenter Account.

Question 5: Will I Lose My Money after MyPrepaidCenter Card Expiration? 

Answer: Yes, a Small Amount to be Paid when Your MyPrepaidCenter Card will Expire. Kindly Have a Look at the Terms and Conditions in order to Prevent the monetary Loss.

Question 6: How to Activate MyPrepaidCenter Card?

Answer: In Order to Register or Activate Your Card, You need to Visit Web Portal. After That, you need to Enter the 16-Digit Card Number, On the Top Right side of the Portal. Also, You need to Submit the Expiry Date of the Card, along with the 3-Digit CVV Number which is given on the Backside of the Card. Then You need to Submit the Captcha Verification then Login To Your Account.

Question 7: How Do I Contact MyPrepaidCenter?

Answer: If You have Lost or misplaced Your MyPrepaidCenter Card then You need to dial 877-227-0956. If You are the Discover Cardholder Then You need to Dial 888-842-0336 in The USA and 801-744-9918 outside the USA. If You are the MasterCard Holders then You need to Dial 888-371-2109 In the USA and 339-234-6415 in the resident of Canada. If You are the VISA Cardholders then you need to Dial 877-610-1075 For USA resident and dial 801-214-8892 For Canada resident.

The Wrap-Up

In this article, we have discussed many things about My Prepaid Center to give you a clear picture of this prepaid card service provider. Hopefully, this information will be beneficial for you. I hope this article has helped you to know more about My Prepaid Center. Let us know in the comments section how the experience with My Prepaid Center goes for you.