Malwarebytes For Mac Reviews & Features: Top Best Mac Antivirus 2021!

Malwarebytes For Mac: If you are looking for simple and easy-to-use antivirus software providing decent protection of your system or device against malware, then Malwarebytes is one of the best choices for you. It not only scans virus in your device but also it provides the feature of web protection which is a great functionality of Malwarebytes. You can also get the free plan of Malwarebytes but it will only offer minimal features. On the other hand, it’s one of the two paid plans that also includes VPN, which you can get only after buying its subscription.

Is Malwarebytes Compatible with Mac?

Yes, Malwarebytes is an excellent antivirus software and program that is best suitable for Mac users. In order to enjoy this facility, the user must download Malwarebytes for Mac. Malwarebytes for Mac is very user-friendly due to its easy-to-use interface design. Malwarebytes for Mac consists of a small installer as well as it requires quick and easy setup. It also scans thoroughly and very instantly. With the help of Malwarebytes, you can easily eliminate all the infected files in your device. If it will detect some suspicious websites, this antivirus program will block them immediately.

Malwarebytes For Mac

What are the Plans & Pricing of Malwarebytes?

There are mainly three types of plans that have been offered by Malwarebytes and these are as follows:

1) Malwarebytes Free: As you can guess it from its name, this type of Malwarebytes plan is free of cost and its main feature is virus scan. Even though, it scans your device along with eliminating the threats that are already present in your device but the real-time protection feature is still missing. For any antivirus software, real-time protection is one of the key features which Malwarebytes Free lacks. However, Malwarebytes Free is a good option for those whose device is already infected for cost-free.

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2) Malwarebytes Premium: This type of Malwarebytes plan will charge you some money but in return, it will also offer you several beneficial features such as virus scans, exploit protection, ransomware prevention, and real-time protection. It is basically the software’s full version which you can also test it in its trial period. This is one of the best things about this software that its users get a 14-day free trial throughout which they can test whether it is the best choice for their device or not. After which if the user continues to use this software, they will have to pay charges for the same in order to continue its services for protecting your device.

Malwarebytes Premium is currently available for $23.99 per year from its actual price of $39.99 a year as it is currently on discount. In addition to that, Malwarebytes Premium is accessible for several platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome and it covers only one device.

Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy: This high-level Malwarebytes plan comes with a VPN, which helps in protecting your privacy at the time of browsing. Along with VPN, it also features several features such as Virus scans, real-time protection, exploit protection, and ransomware prevention. One must also take note that the VPN is only accessible for some platforms such as macOS, iOS, and Windows, while the versions for platforms like Android and Chrome might possibly come anytime soon in the near future. Talking about its price, this antivirus software package along with a VPN comes with a discounted price of $59.99 and its actual price is $99.99 (without a discount).

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Malwarebytes For Mac

Does Malwarebytes Free Plan Is Useful?

Malwarebytes also offers a free plan to its users, but it offers very limited services. The users will get only a malware scanner feature along with a browser extension that is going to offer anti-phishing protection as well as ad blocking. However, it is also not that useful when it comes to ad blocking. There is other antivirus software that offers a number of beneficial functionalities free of cost which is quite better than Malwarebytes such as Avira. However, if your objective is only limited to detecting or scan the virus in your device then Malwarebytes free plan is good for you. However, we will suggest you go for the paid plans of Malwarebytes that will offer several features and functionalities such as real-time protection, exploit protection, VPN, etc.

Is Malwarebytes Safe to Use?

Of course, there’s no doubt about the security Features of Malwarebytes. It comes with an antivirus scanner, real-time protection which helps in providing a number of protection layers against malware, system exposures, as well as online threats. Overall, it helps in offering extra protection against phishing along with malicious sites as well. But, it is still not one of the best options for some high-tech or experienced users but for beginners, it is the best choice. You will also get a VPN in Malwarebytes paid plans such as Premium + Privacy and it is also very safe to use there because it comes with high-security features along with 256-bit AES encryption that keeps your data and system security.

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Final Verdict

Overall, Malwarebytes is one of the best choices for individuals who are looking for top and secured antivirus software. Furthermore, the users must take note that all the paid plans of Malwarebytes consist of a money-back guarantee of 60 days. As compared to many of the competitors of Malwarebytes, this risk-free guarantee plan of this antivirus software is much better than others that offer only a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Another best part of Malwarebytes is that it offers fix price rate for which the user has bought it at its initial price.

In simple words, at the time of auto-renewing the subscription, the user will have to pay the same amount on its next renewal which they have paid initially. It will also imply even if the prices have increased for new renewal. There are only few antivirus brands other than Malwarebytes, that offers such kind of facilities or services to its users and that’s why it is one of the best antivirus software that includes beneficial offerings. However, it should be considered by beginners, or some non-tech users who are looking for just a good antivirus function program and nothing more than that as it’s decent antivirus software.

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