Liquid Diet For Weight Loss: Are Liquid Diet Good Option For Fat Burn? And How Is Works?

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss: There’s been a lot of trend going on between the health-conscious people, especially for the ones who are looking for different methods for losing weight. A liquid diet is very simple as well as the quick technique used for losing weight loss which only involves in-taking foods in the liquid form.

Though it is an effective way of losing weight but, it is not a long-lasting weight loss plan. However, Liquid Diet helps in detoxifying your system which directly helps at the beginning of your weight loss process. On the other hand, make sure that you do not follow this weight loss technique without consulting your dietician or else don’t follow it more than one day. Today, we are going to discuss everything about Liquid Diet which is very popular these days for losing weight.

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

What is a Liquid Diet?

Before starting anything further we must know what liquid diet really is, so let’s start with its explanation. A Liquid Diet is basically a diet that is mainly based on liquid low-calorie nutrition. There are different ways to follow this diet, you can swap one or two meals of your day with the liquid foods or else you can totally go for an entirely liquid diet where you just intake calories in liquid form. The liquid diet mainly helps your body to get all the nutrients that are required for daily functioning with the help of fruits and veggies fluids such as shakes, broths etc.

In liquid diet, basically, you eat nothing, all you have to consume or drink is just fluids in terms of fruit or vegetable juice. A liquid diet mainly comprises of Fruit Juices, Vegetable Juices, Soup Broth, Shakes, Coconut water, Sports drinks and Strained gelatin water.

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

What Are the Types of Liquid Diets For Weight Loss?

If you are a beginner and don’t know much about liquid diets for weight loss then we will guide you about the same by giving you the proper knowledge about it. Liquid diets are not just of one type but include few categories which you can adapt if you don’t want to go for a complete liquid diet.

Note: One must take note to discuss liquid diet to your doctor or dietician before going for it. This will help you to make the best decision as per to your body requirements.

Type 1: Detox/Cleansing Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

Detox Liquid Diet which is also known as cleansing liquid diets tends to detoxify your body in an effective way within a small span of the time period. This type of liquid diets has been very popular from quite some time and still these days people follow it. In order to get the result, you have to go on a detox liquid diet one time a week for a month. You have to drink vegetable or fruit juices with herbs for a complete one day. It will give you a new refreshing experience but still, you need to consult your doctor first before starting anything new as these type of diets react differently on person to person, therefore, you should take your time to think about it before starting the process.

Type 2: Meal Replacement Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

For the weight loss, another liquid diet type which is popular for its good results is meal replacement liquid diet which comprises such foods or shakes that are low in calories which directly help in weight loss. There are some studies regarding the same liquid diet which says that liquid meal replacement diets may possibly be as satisfying as compared to the solid meal replacement diets.

The liquid in terms of shakes or juices that you intake in spite of full breakfast or lunch are mainly low in calories and contains a good amount of protein, carbs, and fat along with vitamins and minerals. There are some liquid meal replacement products that are high in protein as well as rich in fibre but also low in fat. These might be more operative in modifying your craving and limiting hunger cramps.

Type 3: Medical Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet For Weight Loss

This type of liquid diet is only prescribed by the doctor and should be performed under supervision. Mainly doctors prescribe this type of diets in order to prep a patient for surgery that might take place in the near future or sometimes for those patients who are dealing with some injury which needed to recover through these diets. This diet might also be recommended in order to ease the digestion issues. This type of diet requires the patients to be on a clear liquid diet and they can only have water, broth, apple juice, popsicle, syrup, and teas.

Note: It is recommended to the people to follow the meal replacement diet or Cleansing Liquid Diet if your main goal is to lose the weight.

Are Liquid Diets Good For Your Health?

Though losing extra weight is a good thing but we should not go for everything blindly that it might later cause several problems for our body and overall health. We should take our time to know regarding your diet plan and must ask your doctor or dietician about your plan.

When we talk about a liquid diet, then you need to become more careful. We are not saying that this diet is harmful to your body or is not effective, but, all you need is to have is the right prescription and practice. You should not follow a liquid diet more than one day, try to do it once a week or once in two weeks or as per to the prescription of the doctor.

Liquid diet ignores Carbohydrates and fibres and also consists of less protein and all these lead to malnutrition and low metabolism or immune system, however, it is only implied when you follow excessive of liquid diet. Your doctor/ dietician views or recommendation is very important in this type of diet as they will guide you correctly taking your body and metabolism/immune in consideration. A liquid diet is very useful in maintaining your weight and good health of your body but only when it is followed correctly or with a doctor’s prescription.

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