Everything You Need To Know About Top #10 Universities In The World

 The universities in the world are ranked based on many factors like the attractive infrastructure of the campus, extra-curricular activity benefits, students and alumni satisfaction, and affordable tuition fee for a good quality teaching system. This post is going to be useful for readers who are searching for the top universities in the world. We have listed out some of the best universities around the world. Along with it, we are providing a small container for each university describing them.

Top Universities Around The World-

If you want to Study in the world’s top universities, then here we have covered the 2021 Edition of top World’s University with their brief description.

Harvard University:


Harvard University was established in the year 1636. It is located in Cambridge, USA. It is known to be the oldest school which is found in the world’s richest nation. It produced a lot of achievers like Nobel Laureates, Heads of state, and Pulitzer Prize winners. Largest academic library- Widener Library, some law, medical, and business schools are under this university. The alumni association of this University is networked throughout the globe.

Stanford University:


Stanford University is officially called Leland Stanford Junior University. It is a private university for research located at Stanford, California, USA. It contains a 150 feet radio telescope named “The Dish” for studying the Ionosphere. It contains high-tech laboratories and research centres inside.

University Of Oxford:

This university is located at Oxford city in England, UK. It is a collegiate university for research. Famous people like Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, and more are considered to be the notable alumni of this University. The University of Oxford has a total enrollment of nearly 24,000 Students including 11,930 Undergraduates and 11,813 Postgraduates. The majority of Undergraduate students studying at Oxford University come from State Schools and the University also offers 350 different Graduate Degree Programs. A world-class, modern, and research-driven university, Oxford is also ranked in the top six globally in engineering, life sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology:

It is denoted shortly as MIT. This university is a private research university which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts of the United States of America. Janet Hsieh, Kofi Annan, and Raghuram Rajan, etc. are considered to be the notable Alumni of it. Massachusetts University is set in a campus of 168 Acres, which is situated between Central and Kendall Squares, and across the Charles River from Boston’s Back Bay, comprising of 26 acres of playing fields, more than 20 gardens and green spaces, 18 student residences and around 50 publicly cited works of art.

University Of California:

University of California Los Angeles
The University of California in Berkley is a public university for research located at California, USA. Aaron Rodgers, Chris Pine, and Alex Morgan are some of the notable alumni of this university.

University Of Cambridge:

This is one of the best universities in the world which is founded in the year 1209. It is a public university for research in Cambridge, England. It is known to be the second oldest university in the world. King Henry III had given the royal charter status to this university in the year of 1231. Stephen Hawking, Stephen Fry are some of the notable Alumni of it.

Yale University:


It is a private Ivy League research university in New Haven of the USA. It is founded in the year 1701 and known to be the 3rd oldest University in the US. Hillary Clinton and Isha Ambani are the alumni of this University.

Princeton University:


It is also a private Ivy League University for research located at Princeton city of New Jersey, USA. Jeff Bezos is one of the notable alumni of this university.

California Institute Of Technology:


Caltech is a private university for granting doctorates. It is located in Pasadena, California of USA. Kip Thorne is one of the notable alumni of this university.

Columbia University:


It is also a private Ivy League University for research located at the upper Manhattan, New York City established in the year 1754. Barack Obama is known to be one of the notable alumni of this university.

The Wrap-Up

In this section of Article, We have covered the 2020 World University Ranking of the top recognized higher-education institutions in the world.  If you have any question or query about Top World’s University feel free to comment below on the comment box.