Everything You Need To Know About Muslim Divorce & Triple Talaq

  Talaq would be a familiar word among everyone, but the logic behind Talaq is totally unfamiliar.  Isn’t it weird to know that a marital relationship can be broken just by saying a word thrice!  Yes, according to Muslim culture, a man who is not satisfied with his wife and the marriage relationship can end it by saying “Talaq” three times.  Even though it is abided by the law, there is strong opposition from the women society for this culture.  It is surprising to know that this custom is in practice only in India, even though they have gone astray in Islamic countries.

Everything You Need To Know About Muslim Divorce & Triple Talaq

The logic behind Triple Talaq-

What is Triple Talaq?

The word Talaq is derived from Arabic which means ‘freeing or undoing the knot.’ In Islamic terms, it refers to divorce. The Quran’s message is very clear about divorce.  It states that marriage should be more concerned towards safeguarding it rather than dissolving it abruptly. If the man says “I divorce you”, “I divorce you”, “I divorce you”, to his wife, it effusively considered being divorce.

Quran commands:

“And if you fear a breach between the two, appoint an arbiter from his people and an arbiter from her people. If they both desire agreement, Allah will effect harmony between them”. (4.35)

Requisites for Talaq:

  • Husbands intending to divorce their wives should wait for four months. This time gap is given for them to change their mind if they will too.
  • The husband can give Talaq only during her clean period
  • Also, only once Talaq must be given
  • Even after Talaq, the wife can remain in the house as usual with all privileges and duties except intimacy. If they happen to be intimate, Talaq will be canceled automatically.

Some Islamic scholars believe that it isn’t right to do this in one sitting. They say that there should be a period of time between the “three strikes.”

Against Talaq:

Women’s rights groups in the Muslim world are wiggling an uphill battle to prevent Governments from recognizing the triple Talaq. Under Islamic law, once a marriage is complete, a wife has no right to divorce her husband without his permission, even though she may be thrown out at will for any reason.

It is very advisable to seize the opportunity to abolish this un-Islamic practice of triple Talaq instead of blaming the Government and the Supreme Court. They must know that there is nothing divine about triple Talaq in one sitting. In fact, even the Quran does not permit it. Moreover, it ruins the future of many women without any logical cause.

Many Muslim-majority countries have reformed their laws and consider three Talaqs in one sitting to be just one. Indian Muslims must suspend to bring reforms without pretending to be victims.

By abolishing triple Talaq, the Supreme Court of India will merely enforce the Quranic ban with regard to divorce as protected in the holy book of Islam. Being a secular country it is each and everyone’s duty and pride to safeguard the women’s rights.

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