Follow These 7 Dream League Soccer 2020 Tips To Become A Pro

Dream League Soccer 2020 Tips: Football is one of the most interesting games. The digital world has taken football from feet to smartphones. There are thousands of football applications and games available on different app stores. The wide variety of football games have attracted a lot of users to play and enjoy. However, Dream League Soccer 2020 is one game which stands out of the crowd. It has been listed as one of the most famous football games of 2020 because of its unbeatable features.

It is basically a soccer management Game Nandu 2020 version is finally out. The new hey I’m version is even more exciting and people are going crazy to download and play it. Hence, we have come up with a number of Dream League Soccer 2020 tips and tricks. These gaming tips will help you to get through the game easily and gain the top position soon. So simply follow the simple steps given below.

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Dream League Soccer 2020 Tips & Tricks

1. Defending

The most basic tip about soccer is defending. You have to defend your goals in order to take your team in a better position. There auto buttons which are used for defending in the game. Button A is for sideways defending and button B is for standard defending. It is completely the discretion of the play to select the type of defending he wants to go for. Make sure that you don’t define the ball from the back because it will lead to a yellow card.

2. Offending

Offending is equally important like defending. However, you must have good knowledge about the functions of button A and B. These buttons are mostly used for causing offence in the game. Using Button A quite often will cause wild passes. Similarly, using the B button means that there is a high probability that the defender player will take the ball from your feet.

3. Continue From Where You Left

Continuing the game from where you left is very important. This is a great feature for those players who have played the 2019 title quite often. We know that the new version of the game is quite different from the 2019 version, but it is quite a significant thing to get started from where you left.

4. Don’t Lose Focus

Focusing is very important in these games. The ball will slip out of your feet even if your focus is shaken for a second. Additionally, there is a common mistake that most players do in the game. They only focus on the movement of the ball, which is completely wrong. You must observe the movement of each and every player around you so that the ball cannot be taken easily.

5. Watch Ad Videos After The Game

Adding new players to the game regularly is very important to increase the efficiency of your team. However, you need sufficient gold for buying players. Watching advertisements in the form of videos after every game will help you in earning free gold coins. These gold coins can be later used for the purpose of buying players.

6. Choose Players Wisely

If you want to master dream League Soccer 2020 Game, it is very important for you to select the right players in your team. You must go through the details of each and every player in order to understand who is fit for your squad.

7. Change Your Tactics

Bringing variation in the tactics is very important in a soccer game. This is because using the same tactic will be allowed the opponent to understand them. Hence, the opponent will easily find a way to get rid of your tactics. But, this will not be the case if you bring variations and change them quite often.

Dream League Soccer 2020 Game Reviews

Dream League Soccer 2020 is the Multiplayer Game makes the Game pretty challenging. the game has excellent graphics and great gameplay. the AI Opponent in the League Gets more complicated once we progress through the Game. there is no Manual Difficulty selection. Dream League Soccer 2020 is the excellent Game which has great Graphics and Gameplay and arguably the Best Football Simulation Game For the Android And iOS Devices.


  • Great Graphics.
  • Excellent Gameplay.
  • Introduction of Agents and Scouts.


  • Coins and Gems are hard to Earn.
  • AI player movement is Poor.

Review Breakdown:

  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Performance: 7/10
  • Graphics: 9/10
  • Innovation: 8/10
  • Popularity: 8/10

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