Create A Bootable USB Using These Four ISO To USB Tools

How To Create The Bootable USB: Buying a compact disc in order to flash a particular software has become very traditional. Nowadays you can directly make your USB a flash drive. It is very easy to create a Bootable USB use ISO files. There Ramani advantages of using USB as a flashing device. The very basic advantage is is that the USB device is easily portable. Moreover, you can also convert the USB flash drive into a storage device again after completing the boot loading process. It is one of the best options if you want to flash windows 10 or any other software on your PC or another device.

ISO to USB Terminology

create a bootable usb


It allows you to load the operating system. Some ISO burners allow you to choose the desired bootloader in order to get the desirable operating system.


It is basically the option to select between the multiple operating systems available on a particular flash device. It helps to distinguish between the multiple operating system installation files available on the device.


It is a lightweight bootloader of the package which allows the users to select between multiple Linux or Unix Linux.

File System

It controls how the data is stored and organized on the device. There are various file systems available and it depends upon the ISO.

ISO to USB Tools


create a bootable usb

Rufus is one of the best tools for creating a bootable USB. It is very simple to use application and can be downloaded easily from the internet. Moreover, it has got all the features from formatting the USB to converting it into to USB bootable device. You can also select partitions in this particular tool. It has been one of the best tools for flashing windows 10 in different dos laptops. It is completely automatic and scans all the files of the ISO. There is no need to manually select any settings for making the bootable flash drive. There are some hidden advanced settings available in the tool as well.

Windows USB/DVD Download Tool

create a bootable usb

Microsoft has its own official ISO to USB tool. This tool is specially designed for making the USB ready for flashing windows on a dos laptop or PC. You can make a windows 10 bootable Pendrive for a DVD using this amazing tool. It also comes with the essential files and lets you download any version of windows 10 for others. It is the best file for the beginners because it guides you through the steps to make a bootable flash drive. You will also find the video tutorial for doing so.


create a bootable usb

This is one of the most advanced tools that you will find. It has got all the conversion features and it also has partitions. Besides, the tool has got some advanced features which include testing speed and disk doctor. It compact with a host of bootloaders. There are a number of additional settings that you will find on this tool in comparison with Rufus. The timing is also quite optimum and is similar to Rufus. Hence, it is one of the best tools.


create a bootable usb

This is yet another ISO to USB tool. It is a multiboot tool. YUMI allows you to make multiple fash devices. It supports Linux, windows as well as other flash devices. Hence, it is a perfect tool if you are planning to flash multiple devices including Linux and windows. There is an auto-download future virtual set out the files without you doing anything. The settings will also be applied automatically. All you need to do is format the device by going to my desktop and then clicking on the quick format option.

Why You need a Bootable USB?

There are a lot of uses for bootable USB. the most Important is booting your PC if it will no longer start itself because of the Viruses or Serious System Failure, Defective Hard Drive, or the Partition problem. So the small piece of Hardware is the Standard Solution for Hosting the Entire Operating System and Recovery. Here below are some of the Possible uses of the Bootable USB Drive:

  1. You can Boot after a PC emergency
  2. Use the Recovery System for repairing your PC
  3. Store an image of the Operating System
  4. Upgrade the Old Operating system to Windows 10
  5. “Clean” reinstallation of the operating system
  6. Use a “portal operating system” on a foreign computer

How To Start Your Windows With the Bootable USB Drive?

After the successful creation of bootable USB drive, this is also a necessary step to preconfigure BIOS or UEFI for a possible emergency situation. for this you need to change the Boot Order in the Boot Menu:

  • At First, Start your PC or Computer’s Boot Menu. its depends on the Mainboard function and done by Pushing the different keys on the Keyboard. If you are using the “Del” Pc or Laptop then the “F1”, “F2”, “F8”, or “F10” keys can be used for this Function. Which Button you need to Push is usually displayed at the Margin of the Screen where the Manufacturer Logo Appears.
  • If you have recently purchased a Newer PC then it may be possible that UEFI is Installed of BIOS as firmware. If this is the case then it is also possible that there is no Button for Starting the Boot Menu will be displayed. For that you need to Follow: Click on “Update and recovery” under “System settings”. Then click on “Recovery” and under “Extended start” select “Restart now”. your PC will restart now. then on the Following Screen click on “Troubleshooting”, then “Extended options” and finally on “UEFI firmware settings” to get to the UEFI.
  • BIOS and UEFI can look different based on your PC or Laptop model and also have different names for the Individual Menu Items.
  • Now with the Arrows Keys Navigate through the BIOS/UEFI then go to the “Boot menu”, or “Boot manager”.
  • Now you have to select your USB drive so that the Next system Startup will boot for it.
  • Also, you are able to permanently change the Boot Order by pushing the [Image↑] or [Image↓] keys to change the order of Boot Drives.
  • Now set your USB Drive on the Top of the List to Start From it as Soon as it is Plugged into the Computer.
  • Now press the [Esc] key to leave BIOS/UEFI.

Bottom Lines

A Bootable USB is super convenient to have on hand if you need to Install or Repair the Operating System on your Computer. We have covered the Full Guidelines on making the Bootable USB drive. And after the Following the above Boot process, You still have to set up Your Operating System on the USB Drive easily.

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