What Are The Cost of Living In Utah In 2022; Here Are The Full Details!

Cost of Living In Utah: Do you want to know about the Cost of Living in Utah (2022)? Here we are going to provide you with the current details on the same, so read this article carefully. Utah is a wonderful state located in the Western United States’ Mountain West sub-region. In the southeast, it also touches a corner of New Mexico. Among fifty U.S. states, Utah is considered to be the 13th-largest by area, having a population of more than three million residents. Utah’s capital city is Salt Lake City and it is popular for its amazing vacation destinations. Other than its famous tourist attractions, Utah also has several other incredible features that attract people to this state.

Overall, Utah has a diverse economy, but the people living there are very kind-hearted and welcoming. Because of its attractive features and warm-hearted people, many visitors want to live in Utah. But, is it worth living in Utah? Can you comfortably live in Utah? Let’s look at the cost of living in Utah (2022) to find the answer.

Apartment Cost and Monthly Rent

When it comes to affordability, Utah is generally ranked in 28th position in the United States. This is a simple term that means that there are 27 other U.S. states that are more affordable than Utah. Currently, home pricing is gradually rising in the state, which makes it difficult for the residents to buy their own homes.

There’s no fixed home pricing in Utah as it varies from its city to city. But, if we look at the average home cost in Utah, it is $338,200. It is quite expensive compared to the average home cost across the United States which is $231,200. In Salt Lake City, the housing costs around $320,281 which are 8 percent lower than the rest of the nation.

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Now talking about the rent in Utah, it is about $1,003 for a two-bedroom on monthly basis. If it is a three-bedroom home for rent in Utah, then it will cost you $1,537 a month. You can get a rented four-bedroom home for just under $1,800 monthly, however, you will have to pay a monthly rent of $1,563 for the same in Utah.

Food Cost

Groceries in Utah usually run around 2% lower than the national average. If you want to reside in Salt Lake City, then for a bread loaf, a gallon of milk, an egg carton, bananas, and a hamburger is going to cost you $3.25, $1.89, $1.76, $3.28, and $4.13 respectively. For a lunch at Salt Lake City restaurant will cost you $14, but if you want to visit the local fast-food joint for a meal then you have to pay about $8.

Public Transportation

There are a lot of public transportation options available in Utah; however, the cost may vary in different cities. If we talk about Ogden, a public transit pass in the city is going to cost you $84 per month. Meanwhile, Salt Lake Cities’ public transportation is also going to charge you the same for a month.

As you can see above that Utah is quite expensive when it comes to housing costs, but you can save around $1,000 every year by using public transport. There are many benefits related to public transport and some are having less or no parking costs, lower auto insurance costs, you don’t have to spend much on gas and there are fewer chances of any damage on your car.

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Your employer may also provide you public transportation discounts, if it is available, as this feature will depend on the area where you reside and work.

Do you know? Only 76 percent of Utah residents use their own vehicles, while only 2.5 percent use public transportation.

Cost of Living In Utah

Healthcare Cost

Healthcare in Utah can be very expensive that it can adversely affect your overall cost of living. Overall, Utah is ranked number 32 when it comes to healthcare accessibility and if you didn’t get healthcare at an affordable premium then your budget may go out of control. In Salt Lake City, an average doctor visit will cost you $102.63 and you have to pay around $88 for a visit to the dentist. On the other hand, the most expensive cost will be your prescriptions, which on average cost you $408 in the Salt Lake City area because the healthcare is around 7 percent below the national average.

Utility Costs

In Utah, the utility costs have been falling down and the energy rates fluctuate based on the demand. From the last year, the utility costs have seen a downfall of 7%, making it 22 percent lower as compared to the national average.

At present, Utah mines more coal and due to this, they are producing more energy which is even greater than the extent their residents use. Utah also is working on producing wind and solar power along with constructing a nuclear power plant which will bring down the utility cost to another lower level.

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If you are planning to live in Salt Lake City, then you will have to pay only $130 for your energy per month, and for gas, it will cost you $2.80 a gallon. Additionally, your average phone bill is going to cost you $139.40 a month.

Tax Rates

Utah is a quite tax-friendly state where the government is trying to lower the tax burden for its residents for the past few years. The sales tax in Utah is 4.7 percent and based on your location in the state, the local taxes vary from 5.9 to 8.7 percent.

Average Salary

In Utah, the average living wage is $14.52 per hour. This is the basic income required to pay for essentials like your housing cost, food, and other necessities for an individual adult. Meanwhile, the average salary index is $66,000 annually in Utah, which is approximately $17.58 an hour.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to inform you about the Cost of Living in Utah (2022). If you are planning to live in Utah, you can take the help of this information so that you can live comfortably in the state. Overall, Utah is a beautiful place to live; you can enjoy its fluctuating climates, attractive mountains, and comparatively low cost of living. If you manage your budget accordingly, then you can enjoy a beautiful life there.

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